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Discover the magical properties of Mitragyna Speciosa. A natural form of medicine, that can improve your life’s overall quality in drastic ways all within its rooted state.

Posted on June 19, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

White Indo vs White Maeng Da

Electrifying and stimulating, white vein kratom offers to overhaul your mind and body so you can accomplish more. But aside from supporting productivity, white vein kratom strains also find purpose as recreational varieties for experienced kratom users. There’s a whole host of white vein kratom picks on the market, but in this particular guide, we’re…

Posted on June 17, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Green Borneo vs Green Malay

It’s not hard to find stock of green Borneo or green Malay through your favorite kratom vendors. These prolific strains hardly ever run out, and that’s not because nobody buys them. On the contrary, these strains are so highly sought after that vendors need to make sure they’re constantly on hand. Considered staples throughout various…

Posted on June 16, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Green Bali vs Green Malay

In the battle of the greens, Bali and Malay often find themselves neck and neck. Well, that’s really not much of a surprise considering how these two strains are some of the most widely available on the kratom market. Sharing common ground in various aspects of the experience they provide, green Bali and green Malay…

Posted on June 15, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Super Green Malay vs Green Maeng Da

Both Super green Malay and green Maeng Da have received major props for their profound, stimulating benefits. Recognized as two of the most powerful greens on the market, kratom vendors who want to draw in the crowds often find it necessary to keep these kratom picks in stock. However, despite both of these strains being…

Posted on June 14, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Green Indo vs Green Maeng Da

In the green kratom department, strains battle it out for supremacy, especially since effects can be so widely varied. There’s no one way to combine relaxation and stimulation. So strains end up demonstrating particularly distinct profiles. On your quest for the best green, it’s impossible not to consider green Indo vs green Maeng Da. Often…

Posted on June 13, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Green Borneo vs Green Maeng Da

Both remarkable greens, green Borneo and green Maeng Da impart stimulating yet balanced effects to energize your system. However, despite their striking similarities, these strains provide distinct experiences that could affect your satisfaction. So, it pays to know how they differ so you can make the right choice. While one focuses on discomfort relief, the…

Posted on June 12, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

White Borneo vs Green Borneo

Hailed as one of the best kratom strains to combat discomfort and stress, Borneo enjoys go-to status throughout the kratom market. The high demand for this particular variety has forced kratom vendors to guarantee an unwavering supply. So, wherever you turn, you’re likely to find Borneo in all its available colors. While red Borneo definitely…

Posted on June 11, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Maeng Da vs Red Bali

Both formidable strains on the US kratom market, Maeng Da and Bali are set apart by distinct effects that are unique to each strain. And while both of their red varieties aim for the same soothing experience, the way by which the strains achieve this can completely change the way you enjoy their effects. With…

Posted on June 10, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Thai vs Red Borneo

Looking for the perfect red to add to your kratom strain rotation? It might be one of these two. Red Thai and red Borneo have both established themselves as relevant options on the red kratom scene, and for good reasons. These two strains possess unique qualities that add a distinct twist to the red experience….

Posted on June 9, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

White Borneo vs Red Maeng Da

Interested in exploring the wide and wonderful world of kratom? There’s really no better way to do it than by testing out the two extremes of the kratom spectrum. Whites and reds produce immensely different experiences, allowing users to fully appreciate the encompassing benefits of the miracle herb. If you’re looking to really see how…