Posted on July 30, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Dark Sumatran Kratom Review

There’s close to zero published information on the web about dark Sumatran kratom. Rare and elusive, this interesting entity hardly ever shows up on store shelves. So there are very few people around who can tell you what dark Sumatran kratom is all about.

Similar to Sumatra kratom (in case you didn’t already know), dark Sumatran kratom delivers soothing benefits that work best for nighttime use. Relaxing and slow, dark Sumatran’s effects can help tranquilize a tired, weary, and worn-out body and mind.


What is Dark Sumatran?

image of dark sumatran kratom

There are about 17,000 islands across Indonesia, and one of them is called Sumatra. This untouched natural gem serves as home to thousands of plant species, including the coveted kratom tree.

Rich with kratom growth, the island has a kratom strain named after it, which many consider a rarity. Sumatra kratom itself is already hard to find due to the limited supply and the difficulty of logistics which makes shipping the product to the US a big challenge.

So it really comes as no surprise that dark Sumatran is even harder to get a hold of. According to experts, dark Sumatran actually uses the same kratom from Sumatra island. What makes it ‘dark’ is the added fermentation step that cultivators perform to heighten the effects of the strain’s alkaloids.

Aside from simply escalating the benefits of the strain, fermentation also darkens the resulting product. As a result, dark Sumatra may appear a few shades darker and may demonstrate a slightly yellowish tinge.

Dark Sumatran’s elevated alkaloid content delivers a slightly more intense experience versus plain old Sumatra. In a way, you might also say that dark Sumatra takes inspiration from the ever-popular Bentuangie variety that does the same step to intensify its benefits.


Benefits of Dark Sumatra Kratom

Generally, dark Sumatra gets attention for its effects as a reliable nighttime variety. Soothing and relaxing, the strain impacts both mind and body to relieve negative feelings, thoughts, and sensations so you can fully enjoy a restful, peaceful evening.

Just like any other variety, however, dark Sumatran does come in several color veins. Thus, its effects may change depending on the specific vein color you choose.

Another thing to remember is that the kratom experience is hardly ever exactly the same between users. Your own tolerance and body chemistry will affect your encounter. So while dark Sumatran has been known to deliver these effects, it’s possible for you to experience others entirely.

image of dark sumatra kratom benefits

  • Discomfort relief – Kratom has long been used for its benefits against physical discomforts. Dark Sumatran offers profound properties that disintegrate bodily aches and soreness in a snap. The fast-acting effects work great after workouts or a hard day’s work.
  • Fuzzy mentality – Unlike most strains that clear the mind and improve brain power, dark Sumatran inspires a sense of cognitive numbness. This makes the user impervious to stress, placing them in a dream-like state that eliminates any chances of mental discomfort.
  • Gentle mood boost – Dark Sumatra might feel slow and easy, but that doesn’t stop it from lifting up your mood. The strain elevates your disposition to help raise you out of the dumps. People who constantly feel paralyzed by a bad mood have lots to gain out from a dark Sumatra dose.
  • Sleep support – Once all of the swirling benefits of dark Sumatra impact your system, you are left with a feeling of deep calm and relief that will relax the entirety of your body. The end result is slowed breathing and total relaxation that induces drowsiness you probably won’t be able to fight back.


Dosage of Dark Sumatran Kratom

There’s no magic number or formula that tells us exactly how much kratom a person needs. That’s because everyone has a different tolerance and body chemistry that dictates how much their bodies need.

With any new kratom strain, it’s important to start off with a trial dose — regardless of how much experience you’ve previously had using kratom. The purpose of the trial dose is to give you a better understanding of the quality of the product and to let you perceive any negative reactions you might have to the particular strain.

A trial dose measures between 1g and 2g. If you experience any side effects or unpleasant reactions to this small beginning dose, it would be wise to check your product.

image of dark sumatran kratom dose

You can try another dose of the same amount after the effects have waned. But if you get the same response, then the specific product you’re using might not be for you.

In the event however that the trial dose presents zero problems for you, then you can try to increase it with your succeeding doses. Incremental additions of 1g to 2g would be the safest way to go about reaching your threshold.

Once you get to a dose that provides the perfect intensity of benefits, you’re going to want to stick to it. Experts advise against constantly increasing doses beyond your therapeutic threshold as this may risk the development of a stronger tolerance.

To keep your tolerance low, rotate your favorite strains regularly and schedule routine kratom breaks every few weeks so your body doesn’t get used to constant kratom exposure.


Similar Strains

It’s no doubt that dark Sumatran is an incredibly interesting strain. But because it’s constantly low in supply, you might want to check out other strains that behave almost the same as this powerfully soothing choice.

Sumatra Kratom

The reason why Sumatra and dark Sumatran are so similar is that they’re pretty much the same variety — just processed differently. Sumatra kratom delivers the same experience as dark Sumatra, only at a much milder, more controlled level which may make it a better choice for less experienced kratom users.

Bali Kratom

image of red bali kratom

Considered the king of soothing strains, Bali kratom offers equally relaxing effects that help relieve various forms of discomfort. What sets Bali apart however is that its drowsiness tends to settle in closer to the opening of the experience, so you might nod off before all of the other effects kick in.

Java Kratom

Like dark Sumatra, but minus the sleepiness. Java kratom soothes the mind and body and clears out the mind of stress and worry. But instead of trailing off into a sleepy stupor, the strain elevates motivation and lets you work at a steady, relaxed pace that’s perfect for keeping you moving minus the jitters.