Posted on July 29, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Bali vs Red Kali

Struggling to relax even when you’re feeling tired and drained? That’s not something some red vein kratom can’t fix. There are loads of reds out there that aim to provide a relaxing experience, but in this guide, we’re zeroing in on two cult favorites.

It’s hard to pick a supreme strain between red Bali vs red Kali. Both works to achieve the same end of soothing, fuzzy, sleepy tranquility, both varieties reach this end in different ways. So to help you choose the right strain for your nighttime kratom dose, here’s a complete comparison.


What is Bali Kratom?

image of red bali kratom

Right along the southern border of the Indonesian territory is a tiny island called Bali. Home to picturesque landscapes, turquoise waters, and immaculately white beach fronts, the island gets tons of tourist attention all year round.

And the main reason why tourists flock to the island of Bali is that it feels like an untouched, virgin paradise — which it is. And thus throughout the island, flora and fauna thrive with the blessing and encouragement of mother nature herself.

Across the humble landmass, kratom grows freely in the wild but also exists on controlled farms where cultivators carefully protect and guide the plants to maturity. With well-established logistics systems serving the island, shipping Bali kratom out of the country and overseas has proven to be more systematic than ever.

That also explains why Bali kratom is rarely ever in short supply. Red Bali in particular enjoys special attention as a hard-working red vein variety. Soothing and tranquilizing, the nighttime favorite works wonders to encourage better sleep patterns.

Effects of Red Bali Kratom

Known for its ability to calm the body and lull its user off into a blissfully restful sleep, red Bali stands as a favorite among users who struggle with nighttime distractions. The powerful strain also offers effects that act against discomfort and stress.

Remember though that for you, the experience might be different. Everyone responds differently to kratom depending on their body chemistry and tolerance. Product quality and doses also play a role.

  • Sleep support – Sleeplessness can result in a whole lot of frustration, stress, and decreased productivity. So to prevent these issues from popping up, start healthy sleep patterns with red Bali. Even at low doses, the strain has been known to weigh down the eyelids and induce uninterrupted sleep.
  • Discomfort relief – Various forms of physical stress, tension, and soreness are no match for red Bali. The strain acts powerfully and rapidly to eliminate discomfort in all of its forms so you can truly enjoy the sleep that it encourages.
  • Full body relaxation – As the strain’s effects power through your bloodstream, it seems to numb the extremities. The body falls limp (in a good way), forcing the user to sit back, relax, and just let the strain run its course as you revel in complete body serenity.
  • Mood enhancement – At the height of the effects, and while you’re still awake, the strain uplifts your mood and inspires a general sense of well-being. The delightful effect improves disposition and eases away cognitive stress and apprehension that could get in the way of perfect relaxation.


What is Kali Kratom?

image of kali kratom

Perfectly dividing the island of Borneo into northern and southern halves, the Kapuas River supplies the island with mineral-rich waters that flow freely through its lush rainforests.

In the Kalimantan region on the Indonesian territory of Borneo Island, tributaries that supply this powerful river reach far and wide. Thus, kratom that grows in the area demonstrates unique alkaloid profiles that make them especially potent in their own right.

Kalimantan kratom — or simply Kali — receives significant recognition for its inherently soothing benefits. The red variety in particular, brings these properties to a brighter light, allowing users to enjoy and experience the fullness of the variety’s effects.

Interestingly, however, while larger doses of red Kali will definitely lull you off to dreamland, the effects of the strain at low doses remain somewhat wakeful. But even then, it’s not likely to have you powering through work and other tasks.

Effects of Red Kali Kratom

Soothing and uplifting, red Kali’s effects may keep you awake, but their impact on the body and mind make them tranquilizing nonetheless. The dream-like state that the strain induces can have you sitting for hours, exploring possibilities and potentials as your mind playfully jumps from thought to thought.

Again, the effects you get out of a red Kali dose might not be exactly the same as the benefits that other people encounter. It still depends on your body’s reaction to the alkaloids and the quality of the specific product you’re using.

image of effects of red kali kratom

  • Fuzzy mental state – The effects of red Kali seem to happen all at once. While you might not feel the benefits right after the dose, the strain climbs up to a rapid crescendo with you feeling the full force of its properties in one go. The fuzzy mental state silences noise but also leaves you feeling blissfully clouded.
  • Creative cognition – As the strain blocks out noise and any semblance of formal thought process, it enables your brain to conjure up creative thoughts from the recesses of your mind. The colorful, seemingly non-directional thought content can be described as dream-like.
  • Discomfort relief – While your mind is busy playing with colorful images and thoughts, the strain gets to work on soothing your body. It exterminates any and all aches and soreness to help you achieve a level of comfort you’ve probably never reached before.
  • Warm body relaxation – Although it won’t have you feeling limp, the strain will elicit a sense of warmth that seems to emanate from the core. The sensation should make you feel fully relaxed and tranquil, as though enveloped in the warm embrace of pseudo-sedation.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

Some people tend to think that the concept of kratom strains is nothing but smoke and mirrors. But there’s some very specific science and logic that aims to explain their reality and their existence.

Naturally farmed and cultivated kratom will be exposed to a number of elements that are outside of any farmer’s control. For instance, sun exposure, water quality, and soil composition can only be controlled to a certain extent.

And since there’s no way to normalize these elements across Southeast Asia, it’s only normal for kratom plants to manifest different alkaloid profiles once grown. So you can’t expect a strain from Bali to bear the same alkaloid content as a strain from Borneo.

Another thing worth remembering is that the age of the kratom leaves at harvest plays a role in its effects. Younger white vein leaves tend to be more stimulating. As they age and turn green, they combine stimulation with relaxation.

But as you might have noticed in this comparison, red-veined kratom showcases purely soothing benefits, doing away with any sense of truly stimulating effects.

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