Posted on May 23, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Kali Kratom Review – Starlight Kratom

Kalimantan kratom — also simply called Kali — has earned a significant population for its whole-body effects. With benefits that envelope both mind and body in a blanket of pure comfort and relaxation, Kali kratom serves a worthy purpose as a nighttime strain or a go-to for those moments when stress and problems might get out of hand.

At just the right dose, Kali kratom touts some impressively long legs. So whether you’re hoping to wind down at the end of the day, or if you need a timeout in the middle of a mountain of work, Kali’s got you covered.


What is Kali Kratom?

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The Kalimantan region of the Island of Borneo designates the part of the island that falls within the Indonesian territory. This area is home to rich biodiversity and a hot and humid climate that provides the perfect environment for lush kratom growth.

Kalimantan kratom specifically grows near the rivers and tributaries that flow through the island. This gives the variety access to mineral-rich waters that contribute to its alkaloid profile and distinct effects.

According to those who enjoy Kalimantan kratom, the variety delivers a truly immersive, whole-body experience. Leaning more closely to the sedative end of the kratom-effect spectrum, this variety blesses its users’ bodies with a warm, fuzzy feeling of wellness that resonates from within.

Because of its relaxed overall effect, Kali kratom typically sells most as a red vein variety. This elevates the strain’s benefits and brings forward its calming, soothing, holistic effects.

And of course, since Kali kratom is quite balanced and controlled, it’s an ideal strain for beginners who might not be used to kratom yet. Nonetheless, it’s still important to consider the proper dose, despite the subtle experience that the variety provides.


Benefits and Effects of Kalimantan Kratom

It’s not really possible to put a pin on the exact effects of a specific kratom strain. That’s because several factors contribute to the experience that a user might get out of a dose. Things like body chemistry and tolerance as well as product quality and alkaloid content can never be the same across the board.

What all of this means is that the experience other people get out of Kali kratom might not perfectly reflect your own. Nonetheless, there are some benefits that are more commonly associated with Kali, and these include:

  • Fuzzy mental disposition – The best way to describe the cognitive space that Kali provides is ‘fuzzy.’ Quite the opposite of alert, awakening strains that improve mental acuity, Kalimantan might make you feel a little cloudy and carefree.

Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. According to users, Kalimantan’s effects on cognition make it a wonderful choice for those who prefer to not have their minds preoccupied during a dose. The easygoing experience can be dreamy, to say the least, and works well against stress.

  • Warm, relaxed physical disposition – That same feeling of lighthearted relaxation that you feel cognitively after a Kali does trickles its way into the rest of your body. This saturates the body with a warm, fuzzy feeling that almost brings it to a dull numbness.

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With your body and limbs feeling more relaxed than ever, there may be a tendency to sit back and take a load off. In general, Kalimantan kratom might make you want to just rest the day away, which could be helpful for individuals dealing with stress and too much work.

  • Physical relief – Just like any other kratom strain, Kali kratom works wonders against physical discomfort, aches, and tension. The variety works faster than many others and may provide slightly more profound relief thanks to its ability to slightly numb out the limbs.

In traditional Southeast Asian folk medicine, kratom has long been used as an alternative solution against muscular discomfort. As a hot new herbal remedy in the United States, the botanical wonder has found significant popularity for both acute and chronic aches.

  • Mood lift – Although it might not be too pronounced, the mood lift that comes with a dose of Kalimantan kratom might be more than enough to get you out of a slump.

The gentle and controlled elevation probably won’t get you to chat up a storm. You probably also won’t consider yourself too stimulated to go out and party. But even then, the mild mood lift can clear away sour feelings and get you to giggle and smile a little more than you typically do.


Dosage for Kali Kratom

Anyone starting a new strain regardless of their previous experience with kratom should make it a point to exercise caution when measuring a dose. An initial trial dose tells you how your body might respond to the new strain and should help you determine the quality of the product you’re using.

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Generally, a trial dose should max out at just 2g. Once you’ve taken your dose, consider your body’s response. How do you feel after the dose? Are there any side effects or negative reactions that might indicate a slightly more cautious approach?

If all goes well, you can gradually increase future doses in increments of 1g to 2g. Once you reach your therapeutic threshold, however, you can stick to it for the rest of your usage. If possible, you can also decrease your dose or rotate your strains to avoid increasing your tolerance.

Like most other strains, Kali kratom provides a more stimulating response if you take less. If you want to get knocked out cold, however, a dose that exceeds your threshold may be necessary. Keep in mind though that it is not typically recommended that you consistently take doses that exceed your limit.


Similar Strains

No two kratom strains are ever exactly the same. In fact, you could buy Kali kratom from two different vendors and get different results. The obvious reason for these changes of course is the fact that no two batches of kratom ever get the exact same sun, soil, and water quality.

But even then, kratom strains — despite their differences — all come from the same plant. So just as there are distinctions, there are also similarities between varieties. And if Kali kratom is right up your alley, these alternatives might provide you with a slightly different experience than still hits all of the right notes.

Bali Kratom

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Regarded as the ultimate strain for relaxation, Bali kratom’s effects closely resemble those of Kalimantan kratom. Both share benefits in the relaxation and discomfort relief department which makes both solid choices for those with aches and tension.

Bali kratom differs slightly from Kali however in that it might not be quite as fuzzy and dreamy. Alert and collected, Bali sharpens its users’ minds with a sense of mental acuity that could help with productivity and work.

Indo Kratom

The standard go-to for most kratom buyers, Indo kratom has earned significant prominence simply because it’s widely available. The staff has never been in short supply, especially since Indonesia — where it grows native — is the main supplier of kratom across the United States.

Indo kratom possesses qualities that make it an easy choice for most users. Relaxing, mood-enhancing, and relieving, this pick offers a slightly more soothing experience than most. Of course, the main difference again is that it lacks that deep, spiritual experience that Kalimantan is known for.

Sumatra Kratom

The sleepy Sumatra kratom strain is slow, easy, and effortless. Soothing its user in both mind and body, the variety is highly regarded as an effective nighttime strain with superior benefits against discomfort and tension.

Unlike Kali, however, Sumatra doesn’t stimulate the mind into a warm and fuzzy state of well-being. Instead, this variety numbs out cognitive performance to achieve a sleepy, drowsy disposition that cradles the user off into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

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