Posted on July 27, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Super Green Maeng Da vs Green Maeng Da

Maeng Da exists in its own league — figuratively and literally. Aside from being recognized as perhaps the strongest strain on the shelf, Maeng Da often gets its own separate category on kratom vendor websites.

So it comes as no surprise that super green Maeng Da rattled the kratom market when it first arrived. What made it so super, and why hasn’t it phased out the basic green MD altogether? Here’s what you need to know.


What is Super Green Maeng Da?

image of super green maeng da kratom

Kratom products get tagged ‘super’ when they use only the largest kratom leaves that grow at the top of the trees. According to experienced farmers, harvesting these top leaves means that you get kratom that’s most exposed to the sun.

Unless you didn’t already know, kratom’s alkaloid expression can change depending on the amount of sun it gets, the quality and amount of watering, and the composition of the soil where it grows.

By taking just the top most leaves, kratom farmers believe they produce kratom powder or products with a much higher alkaloid concentration. And thus, super kratom is believed to be notably stronger than just regular kratom.

Then, of course, there’s the herculean task of collecting super kratom leaves. Unbeknownst to many, kratom trees grow to a height of about 25 meters or 82 feet up into the air. Therefore collecting just the topmost leaves means putting in extra legwork to produce a big enough harvest.

That said, when you buy super green Maeng Da, you’re not only paying for the kratom itself, but for the extra effort that farmers put in to produce that specific variety. That’s also why super strains tend to cost more versus standards.


What is Green Maeng Da?

Essentially, the difference between green Maeng Da and super green Maeng Da is that the standard strain uses leaves from anywhere on the tree. So it doesn’t matter if they sprouted along the bottom branches or if they came from the top — it’s all green Maeng Da.

Standard green Maeng Da pays no mind to the size or location of the leaves on the tree and will use all of the available leaves — given that they’re green veins. That entails waiting a few days after they come out to give the veins to turn from white to green.

All of that said, green Maeng Da and the super green variety tout the same leaf maturity and come from the same tree. The sole difference is that the super variety uses just the topmost leaves.

image of green maeng da kratom

Do They Have Different Effects?

The answer is not necessarily. The thing that differentiates super green from standard green MD is that the alkaloid profile might be slightly more complex. That means you get more potent results after a dose of super green versus the standard green.

But in terms of the actual benefits, they tend to remain the same between the two. So choosing between super green and standard green Maeng Da has more to do with your tolerance level than anything else.

Their effects may include:

  • Increased energy – Maeng Da is generally an energetic, electrifying strain that delivers an added portion of energy and zeal. So the strain might help you stay awake at your desk as opposed to the usual midday snooze you enjoy.
  • Mood lift – It’s hard to stay productive or to collaborate with workmates when you feel bogged down by the blues. Green and super green both work to improve mood so you feel more happy and willing to power through your day.
  • Discomfort relief – Although green Maeng Da provides some discomfort relieving properties, super green takes it to the next level. The strains both offer excellent physical comfort that helps reduces aches, soreness, and tension in all of their forms.
  • Mental clarity – Mental static and clutter make it tough to move through the day. Super green and green Maeng Da both help to boost your cognitive processes and improve mental acuity by clearing out your mental bandwidth of unnecessary noise.

Keep in mind that it’s possible for you to experience effects that aren’t on this list. That’s because your body chemistry and tolerance play a role in how your body responds to the alkaloids in kratom.

Another thing that can alter the experience is the quality of the product you’re using. Needless to say, lower-quality kratom from shady, seedy vendors might produce a less pleasant experience, and may even have you feeling sick.


Proper Dose for Super Green vs Green Maeng Da

image of dose for super green maeng da vs green maeng da

It’s important to measure the proper dose because it helps you achieve the optimal effects without conjuring any negative reactions from your system. After all, too much of a good thing can cause some problems.

As a general rule, it’s ideal that you take a starting dose. Usually amounting to just 1g to 2g, this trial dose lets you get a feel of your body’s unique reaction to the kratom you’re trying. It also gives you a perspective of your possible therapeutic threshold.

After that trial dose, you can start increasing your succeeding doses gradually. Adding 1g to 2g for every new dose until you reach your tolerance can help you measure your ideal amount without overwhelming your body

Since super green Maeng Da tends to be stronger than green MD, exercise extra caution when measuring your proper dose. Instead of incremental increases of up to 2g, stick to just 1g especially if it’s your first time using such a strong variety.

Remember that once you reach your therapeutic threshold — or the amount that lets you experience optimal effects — you’re going to want to avoid exceeding it. You might also want to rotate strains and take routine weekly kratom usage breaks to avoid increasing your tolerance.