Posted on July 31, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Gold Bali vs Red Bali

And so, we arrive at the battle of the Bali. Often recognized as one of the most powerful, soothing strains of the known kratom universe, Bali kratom possesses properties that calm the entire being. But with various colors under its belt, choosing the right Bali isn’t quite as straightforward as you might think.

While red Bali has often received praise for its reliable calming effects, gold Bali has gained ground as a viable alternative. But what exactly sets these two strains apart? Here’s what you need to know about red Bali and gold Bali.


What is Red Bali?

image of red bali kratom

A part of the Indonesian territory, Bali is a small landmass off the southern coast of the mainland. The island proudly calls itself home to a rich array of plants and wildlife that bring remarkable biodiversity into its borders.

Within its untouched forests, Bali island grows lush wild kratom that locals use for various folk medicinal treatments. Farmers here cultivate Bali kratom for export to US vendors, providing a steady supply of the high-demand commodity for American customers.

Bali in general offers soothing benefits that relax the body and subdue negative feelings and sensations. Red Bali in particular has earned particular popularity for highlighting the inherent effects of the Bali variety.

Effects of Red Bali Kratom

Again, red Bali delivers a spread of tranquilizing and soothing benefits that follow a gentle crescendo. The blissful effects can calm the most stressful dispositions and guide its user into a state of untroubled serenity that’s restful and quiet.

For the record, it’s important to mention that slight variations exist between the experiences detailed by red Bali kratom users. That’s mainly the result of variables that are outside of anyone’s control. Nonetheless, here are some effects that you’re most likely to develop after taking a dose of red Bali:

  • Sleep support – It’s common for people to turn to red Bali when in search of reliable sleep support. As the strain’s effects continue to progress after a dose, it cradles the user off into a sleepy disposition that might stay that way or may evolve into an undisturbed, dreamless slumber.
  • Discomfort relief – Of course, you probably won’t feel too relaxed and sleepy if your body is aching. Red Bali helps to resolve physical discomfort in all of its forms — whether it’s an aching muscle or a tired back. This strain has thus earned respect among blue-collar workers and gym buffs.

image of red bali kratom effects

  • Relaxation – At smaller doses, red Bali can simply help you relax — whatever it might be that you need to escape from. Its benefits uproot all forms of distress and discomfort so you can unwind and simply enjoy being for the duration of its effects.
  • Mental clarity – Struggling with cognitive clutter and noise? Every hour of the day, there’s probably something pestering your mind. Red Bali helps to relieve mental static, clearing up your head space and slowing down your thought processes to encourage blissful clarity and silence.


What is Gold Bali Kratom?

As its name suggests, gold Bali kratom also comes from the humble island of Bali. But that’s not really the point of contention here. Gold kratom in general isn’t as easy to define as other forms of kratom. And the simple explanation for that is that cultivators and vendors have varying descriptions of what makes ‘gold’ kratom.

On one end, cultivators claim that gold kratom comes from mature leaves that develop a yellowish tinge at the end of their lifespan. These leaves are then sun-dried to highlight their effects and bolster the power of the alkaloid contained therein.

And then there are others who claim that gold kratom is a mixture or combination of other color veins. Thus, the gold variety of Bali varies from vendor to vendor, depending on the ratios they use and the specific color veins they incorporate into the gold Bali mix.

image of gold bali kratom

Effects of Gold Bali Kratom

Since there’s no definite description of what gold Bali kratom actually is, effects of this variety tend to fluctuate across the board. Depending on where you purchase your gold Bali, your experience could be entirely different from that described by other kratom users.

Interestingly, however, several effects bubble up to the surface and get more mentions across gold Bali discussions. So just to give you an idea of what you can expect, here are some benefits of gold Bali that receive the most mentions throughout the web:

  • Discomfort relief – Most often, gold Bali receives recognition for its profound benefits against discomfort. The strain effectively soothes physical aches and tension to help you overcome bodily stress. In effect, it helps its user feel more relaxed and relieved from the usual discomforts.
  • Increased appetite – If you’re struggling with a situation that suppresses your appetite, gold Bali could help. The staff encourages a healthy appetite and makes it easier to support your body’s nutritional needs amid issues that could prevent you from wanting to eat.
  • Mood lift – The effects on mood that come with a dose of gold Bali can be described best as elevating. Slow, giggly, and overall carefree, these effects come together to create a heady experience that’s light and easy. In many ways, you might say the effects border on a mild, controlled elation.
  • Full body calm – As though quenching any desire to get up and moving, gold Bali may make you want nothing more than to simply lie around and rest. The strain decreases productivity and replaces motivation with deep-seated relaxation that could keep you glued to your bed for hours.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

image of different kratom strains

The environmental conditions in different places present distinct qualities that directly impact the chemical profile of the kratom that grows there. Thus, a batch of kratom from the island of Bali would be different from a harvest taken from Borneo.

These changes are so inevitable in fact, that even kratom that’s grown on the same farm but at different times of the year may manifest alkaloid profile distinctions. Thus, the explanation behind all of these different kratom strains.

It’s also important to consider color veins. Some colors come as the result of leaf maturity, while others describe unique processes and handling techniques that farmers use to elevate the batch’s effects. Generally, however, red vein kratom is the most mature and provides soothing benefits.

On the other end, immature white vein leaves deliver stimulating effects. For those hoping to enjoy a balance and the best of both worlds, green vein kratom offers a mix of both ends of the spectrum.