Posted on June 23, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Indo vs Red Bali

Beloved for its effects that wash away all forms of distress, red kratom boasts nighttime benefits that make every evening worth looking forward to. But with so many strains on the market, which one should you cop?

Between red Indo and red Bali, there might not seem to be a lot of differences. However, despite their shared objective of bringing you to a deeper level of relaxation, these two strains achieve their ends through entirely different means.


What is Indo Kratom?

image of indo kratom

As you might have already gleaned from its name, Indo kratom comes from the country of Indonesia. This landrace grows on the mainland and doesn’t come exclusively from specific regions or islands of the massive archipelago.

Today, Indonesia is recognized as the single most active supplier of kratom products to the US. However there are numerous other regions and countries in Southeast Asia that contribute as well, their supply pales in comparison to Indonesia’s effort.

The reason for Indonesia’s remarkable participation in the kratom trade is its relaxed laws that permit the cultivation and sale of the coveted plant. That said, you can expect Indo kratom to be in constant supply across the United States.

While most users would describe Indo as well-rounded, the red variety specifically hops over the edge into full-on relaxation. Void of any stimulating effects, this strain places emphasis on head-centric effects to calm and soothe your system.


Effects of Red Indo Kratom

The drowsy effects of red Indo might make you feel lightheaded and dreamy, but that’s all part of the experience. Easing away physical discomfort, red Indo targets the mind to banish stress and apprehension and to inspire slow, easy, and creative thought processes.

image of red indo kratom effects

Remember though your experience with red Indo might be different from what’s described here. Body chemistry, tolerance, and product quality make it impossible for users to get the same experience across the board. Nonetheless, these effects are most common among red Indo enthusiasts.

  • General sense of well-being – As the plant’s chemistry plows through your system, you’ll start to feel better than ever before. It slows down breathing and silences rushing thoughts, inspiring a sense of wellness and comfort that should make you feel perfectly contented.
  • Discomfort relief – Feeling tired and achy? Red Indo can help. The alkaloids in the strain work rapidly to relieve discomfort and tension so you can enjoy true relaxation. It lifts away muscular soreness and aches and provides lasting comfort that endures for hours after the dose.
  • Fuzzy mentality – Now that your body is taken to a higher level of wellness, the strain gets to work on your mind. But instead of just clearing out negative clutter, it clouds the mind with pleasant daydreams. The dream-like disposition causes most users to space out entirely.
  • Mood lift – With both mind and body under the blissful spell of red Indo’s effects, the users may start to experience a modest lift in mood. Sure, you probably won’t want to go out and party. But the effects are more than enough to keep you content and giggly.


What is Bali Kratom?

image of bali kratom

Another staple on kratom store shelves, Bali kratom is equally prominent in supply. Of course, that’s also because the Bali strain comes from Indonesia. But unlike Indo which comes from the mainland, Bali grows specifically on the island of Bali.

Bordering the southern edge of the massive archipelago, Bali Island is a pristine paradise that’s home to untouched wonders. The beautifully preserved natural resources on the island make it the ideal cultivating ground for high-quality kratom.

Bali in particular receives major props for its soothing effects. The red vein variety elevates the strain’s natural benefits, which is why most kratom vendors that carry limited strains make it a point to stock up on red Bali — usually considered the standard-bearer for relaxing reds.


Effects of Red Bali

Unlike red Indo which flourishes with a dreamy disposition, red Bali takes it a step further. The strain knocks its user out with a dreamless sleep that lasts for hours. While that might not seem too exciting, the reliable effects have won the hearts of users wanting to combat sleep disturbances and problems.

image of red bali kratom effects

Again, your experience with red Bali might be different. So you may or may not experience the exact same list of benefits as described in this guide.

  • Discomfort relief – True to Bali kratom form, red Bali’s first and most noticeable effect is its impact on discomfort. The strain almost instantly relieves aches and soreness, lifting away bodily stress to pave the way for the rest of its effects.
  • Full body relaxation – With your body completely spared from every known discomfort and ache, the strain works to relax the entire system. The arms and legs fall limp as the user is ushered to the nearest seat so the strain can grasp the body with the fullness of its effects.
  • Mood lift – Now that you’re comfortably positioned on your chair or bed, the strain gets to work on recalibrating your mood. It induces a giggly, happy disposition that’s just enough to have you feeling upbeat yet calm and collected.
  • Sleep support – As the effects reach their glorious crescendo, the alkaloids slow down your breathing and empty the mind of all productive thought. Instead, the strain silences your headspace so you can doze off into a peaceful, dreamless, relaxing sleep.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

When plants’ needs are optimally met, you can expect them to grow healthy and strong. Enough sunlight, water, and soil all support proper plant growth. But there’s so much more to plants than just being healthy versus not healthy.

Inside the leaves, chemical expressions can change depending on how much of a certain element they receive. For instance, more sun, cleaner water, and rich, fertile soil can produce significant change within the plant’s leaves.


Because conditions on kratom farms change from region to region, it’s only natural for specific areas to produce kratom with distinct alkaloid profiles. This ultimately explains why we have kratom strains.

Aside from that, the age of the leaves when they’re plucked off of the tree makes a difference in how it affects the human body. The youngest kratom leaves, taken when their veins are still white, produce stimulating effects.

Let them age to full maturity, right before they voluntarily fall off of the stems, and you’ve got relaxing red veins. In the middle, when the leaves are neither entirely young nor fully mature, you have green vein kratom which combines both ends of the spectrum.