Posted on May 18, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Indo Kratom Review – Starlight Kratom

If availability was the name of the game, Indo kratom might just take the crown. This kratom variety is among the most prolific strains you’ll find, lining every store shelf on the market — whether online or in person.

Easy to find, accessible, and typically more affordable than other kratom strains, Indo kratom has all the trappings of a go-to. But what really makes it such a popular variety is the fact that this kratom pick presents the perfect solution against stress and discomfort.


What is Indo Kratom?

From the name itself, you can kind of already guess where Indo kratom comes from. Cultivated in and harvested from the lush forests of Indonesia, this strain is one of the most widely available choices across the entire kratom market, and the reason is simple.

Remember that across all of the countries that boast kratom as one of their naturally occurring foliage, Indonesia is one of the few that doesn’t place a ban or restriction on the plant. That’s why any kratom you find today — regardless of its true origins based on its name — was probably grown in Indonesia for legal reasons.

What is Indo Kratom

So unlike other strains like Thai, Malay, and Vietnam that have had their supply chains interrupted by changes in legislature, Indo kratom has never had to put a hold on exports. That’s why every vendor in the US will often have Indo in stock all year round.

You’ll notice that when you shop for Indo kratom (or any kratom for that matter), you’ll find varieties based on the color vein. Now, these colors don’t tell you the color of the end product but of the veins underneath the leaves when the batch was harvested.

Less mature batches (known as white vein kratom) were harvested before the plant was fully grown. Green vein kratom is slightly more mature, while red and yellow or gold approach the end stage of the live leaves’ viability.

All Indo kratom tends to be pretty popular. However, since its effects are more relaxed and laidback, the red variety gets the most recognition as it works to highlight Indo’s natural benefits.


Benefits and Effects of Indo Kratom

For the record — it’s unlikely that you’ll get exactly the same experience out of Indo as what people detail on the internet. That’s because there are a number of factors that contribute to the effects that the variety provides.

These include things like your tolerance, body chemistry, the quality of the kratom being used, its alkaloid profile, and the amount you take. And that’s not even an exhaustive list. So it’s possible that the things one user identifies as part of their Indo experience might not be part of yours.

On the plus side, there are some effects that are more commonly associated with Indo. Thus, although your experience might be different, it’s likely that you’ll encounter a few of these possible benefits:

  • Relaxation and calm – Feeling like you are always on the edge? A dose of Indo might do you some good. Calming and soothing, Indo kratom will have you breathing slower and feeling lighter. The sedating strain helps to relieve cognitive stress and place the body into a comfortably collected disposition.

At lower doses, the relaxing effects might not be too profound, allowing you to operate and function as you normally would. But in larger doses, Indo’s effects may cradle you off into a dreamless sleep.

  • Stress relief – It’s hard to think when you’re riddled with apprehension and worry. Fortunately, Indo works against that too. Aside from relaxing your system overall, Indo also helps relieve the mind of burdens that make everyday cognitive functionality a struggle.


Giving you a clear mind that’s virtually impenetrable to stress and worry, Indo encourages healthy decision-making and rapid problem-solving skills. It also helps relieve throbbing temples that might hurt after ruminating about your daily woes.

  • Elevated mood – Although virtually every kratom strain has effects on mood, Indo’s benefits are far more subdued. The variety inspires a cheerful disposition that isn’t too forward or ‘in your face.’

Encouraging its user to feel a little more smiley and reasonably sociable, Indo’s mood benefits don’t tread into the jittery territory. So while you still might not become the life of the party, the variety’s effects may help extend your willingness to socialize and chat.

  • Discomfort management – Back in Southeast Asia, locals would chew kratom leaves like gum to relieve physical discomfort. The practice is common among farmers and fisherfolk with no access to other methods for relieving muscle soreness and tension.

Indo’s effects in this department might not necessarily be quite as profound as other varieties, but it does put up a worthy fight. If anything, the strain’s benefits against physical aches provide longer-lasting relief despite the milder overall effect.


Similar Strains

Every kratom strain is different, but since they all come from the same plant, it’s only normal that some of these picks mimic each other’s overall profile. For those who enjoy Indo kratom, these alternative strains might provide a similar yet distinct experience that’s equally satisfying:

Bali Kratom

In the relaxation department, Bali and Indo kind of battle it out for the top spot. Both varieties are lauded for their intense effects that calm and soothe their users in both mind and body.

The difference however is that Bali brings with it a more clearheaded experience. Unlike Indo which has a tendency to put its user in a sleepy stupor, Bali’s effects dwell more on the side of alertness and acuity.

Borneo Kratom

Another calming variety, Borneo can get you in a fairly calm headspace with its subduing effects. The strain relieves both mind and body of stress and discomfort, allowing them to feel a little less on edge.

Red Borneo Kratom

However, it’s not entirely the same experience as Indo kratom. For the most part, Borneo is a little more upbeat and giddy. While Indo might have you calm, cool, and collected, Borneo’s a little more smiley, talkative, and energetic.

Thai Kratom

If Indo pushes all the right buttons except for the fact that it makes you feel sleepy and drowsy, then Thai might be the way to go. Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish one from the other, especially since they provide almost exactly the same benefits.

But you will notice that with Thai kratom, the cognitive effects tend to be clearer and more active. So instead of putting you into a sleepy stupor, Thai will have you performing mental acrobatics behind a calm, collected facade.