Posted on May 3, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Bali Kratom Review – Uses and more

Anyone looking to calm down and ease away discomfort would do well to talk a dose of Bali kratom. Beloved for its relaxing benefits, Bali kratom is a fixture across the market. And because it’s so widespread, it’s also recognized as one of the most accessible in terms of cost.

Easy, collected, and touting a pair of long, long legs, Bali kratom comes with all the trappings of the perfect nighttime strain. So whether you were hoping to dial down after a long day or to ease into a peaceful sleep, Bali might be the right strain for the job.


What is Bali Kratom?

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A province of Indonesia, Bali is a lush island rich with diverse foliage. The hot, humid region offers the perfect conditions for wild Mitragyna speciosa to thrive and grow without limits — and that’s actually what happens.

Kratom has long been used across Bali by locals, leveraged for its properties against discomfort and aches. After a long day tilling the soil and working on farms, locals would pluck fresh leaves off of kratom plants and chew them as is.

As they discovered, kratom on the island worked particularly well against physical aches and discomfort. That’s why today, Bali kratom is often hailed for its ability to soothe soreness after a long, physically demanding day.

More than that however, users also discovered that Bali kratom may have significantly more palpable effects when it comes to cognitive relief. The particular variety offers intense relaxation and mental clarity that can help you overcome stress and apprehension.

Today, Bali kratom is one of the most widely distributed varieties of speciosa. The reason for that is because Bali islands has expansive room for kratom farms to cultivate their herb. What’s more, Indonesia is well-known for their relaxed kratom laws that allow locals to export the product without much red tape.


Benefits and Effects of Bali Kratom

For the record, not everyon experiences the same thing even if they use the same kratom. Different tolerances, variations in alkaloid content across batches, and even body chemistry can get in the way of a homogeneous experience.

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That said, you probably won’t have the exact same experience as the next guy if you ever decide to use Bali kratom. Nonetheless, there are a few effects that are more commonly reported across the landscape. These include:

  • Relaxation

    – Bali is often considered one of the most relaxing kratom varieties available on the market. The strain offers excellent calming benefits that work on both mind and body.

Soothing its user into a sense of serenity and sedation, Bali makes for a wonderful nighttime strain. As it lulls the user into a deep state of relaxation, larger doses can trail off into a dreamless sleep.

  • Discomfort relief

    – Southeast Asian locals have used kratom for centuries, not only for its relaxing effects, but also because it can physically relieve discomfort. Tired farmers and fisherfolk would chew on the leaves to dissipate muscular tension after a long day of work.

All kratom varieties possess some ache-relieving properties, to a certain extent. However Bali kratom has often been tagged one of the most profoundly effective in addressing physical discomfort.

  • Mental clarity

    – Feeling cluttered in the head?  A dose of Bali should help. Overwhelming anecdotal evidence supports the idea that Bali can disperse cognitive static and noise.

Although it might not be particularly energizing, the fact that Bali offers to clear your headspace may help to keep you concentrated. The relaxation paired with the cognitive coherence may also pave the way for some rumination and perhaps a more spiritually attuned experience.

  • Mood enhancement

    – You’re probably not going to be the center of attention or the life of the party with a dose of Bali. But even then, the variety may make you just a little more accommodating of social advances and interactions.

Bali’s mood enhancing effects can’t be described as upbeat or giddy. But even then, the strain’s effects can take you out of a crusty disposition to make you feel a little less annoyed and unpleasant.


Dosage for Bali Kratom

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There is no single recommended dose for Bali kratom, or any kratom for that matter. That’s because everyone has different tolerances and body chemistry. So while some people might do well with a low dose, others might have to take more to experience the fullness of the herb’s effects.

To start, take between 1g and 2g to acclimate your system to the new variety. Obviously, you’re not going to feel much at this point. But the small starting dose should be just enough to let you pick up on any unwanted reactions that your body might have to the variety or the specific product you purchased.

As you go along, increase your dose by 1g to 2g gradually until you reach your therapeutic threshold. Generally, the lower limit of your threshold should highlight more stimulating effects, while higher doses that max out your limit bring about sedative effects.


Similar Strains

Kratom veterans will tell you that no two kratom varieties are ever exactly the same. Nonetheless, some are pretty similar. If you enjoy Bali kratom and its benefits, then there are a couple other kratom choices you might want to give a try.

Thai Kratom

image of thai kratom

Certain batches of Thai and Bali might be hard to distinguish from one another. The reason is because their effects often look quite similar. However, with high quality kratom, Thai and Bali’s distinctions come to better light.

In general, Thai kratom tends to be slightly more cognitively active. Although equally relaxing and tranquil versus Bali, Thai tends to get the mental juices going a little more vividly for a more cognitively engaged experience.

Borneo Kratom

Here’s another relaxing variety for those who want to get away from it all. Borneo kratom calms both mind and body to help you release tension and stress after a long day of work. So in a lot of ways, it bears significant similarities to good ol’ Bali.

They differ however when it comes to their mood related effects. In general, Borneo provides a more upbeat, elevated mood experience. So aside from calming the nerves, it may get you in a positive, sociable disposition that’s not always present in the Bali experience.

Hulu Kratom

For some folks, Hulu kratom is similar to a cup of tea in the morning. It’s not entirely as potent or hard-hitting as other kratom varieties, but it resonates with a sense of calm that’s neither overpowering nor tranquilizing.

Relative to Bali, Hulu might be slightly less forward. But even then, it offers to clear the mind, uplift the mood, and take away your stress so you can go about your day with a skip in your step. All things considered, Hulu might be the daytime equivalent of the Bali variety.

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