Posted on July 2, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Papua Kratom Strain Review

Considered a kratom rarity, Papua kratom is a strain that not everyone has the privilege to try. This particular variety comes in short supply, so vendors don’t always have the chance to stock their shelves with the curious kratom strain.

That said, it comes as no surprise that information about Papua kratom and its effects remains limited online. Nonetheless, the lucky few who claim to have had the privilege of trying the elusive strain claim that it provides a mellow experience that wraps the whole body in calm and relaxation.


What is Papua Kratom?

Don’t let its name fool you — Papua kratom doesn’t come from Papua New Guinea. While kratom definitely grows on the island nation of Papua New Guinea, the namesake for this kratom variety is actually Papua — a province of Indonesia.


But just to make things a little more specific, the province of Papua sits to the west of Papua New Guinea, and both the Indonesian province and the country share the same island. Essentially, kratom with the Papua name gets harvested from the western side of the island.

The soil of the province of Papua boasts a rich mineral profile and lush vegetation. With rivers flowing through the island and a hot, humid climate, Papua provides the idyllic conditions to grow fat, potent kratom plants.

However, despite the rich growth of speciosa on the island, Papua kratom isn’t easy to come by. And the reason is logistics. Much of the kratom that comes from Indonesia is exported from the mainland.

Supplying US vendors with authentic Papua kratom entails shipping the tons across miles of land and water. Why not ship it from the island itself? Well, despite being Indonesia’s largest province, Papua is the least developed. So accessibility to and from the island proves to be a major obstacle.

All of that said, suppliers who attempt to ship authentic Papua kratom out of the island have to do so in small batches. That’s why the supply that reaches the US rarely provides enough to fill up the shelves of even just a single vendor.


Benefits and Effects of Papua Kratom

Remember that not everyone gets the same experience with kratom. Numerous factors can change the overall results of a dose, and these include things like body chemistry, tolerance, product quality, and alkaloid content.

image of papua kratom effects and benefits

This ultimately just means that what one person experiences with Papua kratom might not be exactly the same as your personal experience. Nevertheless, Papua kratom often gets associated with a handful of benefits that you’re more likely to feel after a dose, and these are:

  • Mellow mood – The mood lift that comes with a dose of Papua kratom can be described as mellow and uplifting. Sure, it’s not going to make you talkative or sociable. But the mild elevation makes the perfect solution to relieve the stresses of a bad day.
  • Full body calm – A potent relaxation agent, Papua kratom creeps through the system to release tension and physical stress. This fast-acting variety places its user in a state of full-body calm that might make you want to just kick back to truly enjoy the variety’s effects.
  • Discomfort relief – Since the strain already works to calm the body, it also provides moderate benefits against discomfort. As your body slips into a state of full relaxation, the variety then gets to work on aches that could hinder the full experience.
  • Improved sleep quality – At just the right dose, Papua kratom can help you drift off into effortless sleep. Typically leveraged by kratom users who struggle to nod off, this variety seems to slow down both mind and body to encourage carefree drowsiness that trails off into a peaceful sleep.


Dosage for Papua Kratom

As a general rule, any user trying a new strain for the first time should make it a point to measure out their proper dose. And this isn’t something you can do by using a mathematical formula some stranger posted online.

The right dose for you is something that you have to discover for yourself. And by starting with a trial dose, you can start the process safely and give your body a chance to register the effects of the strain in case it doesn’t agree with your system.

image of papua kratom dosages

If you’re trying Papua kratom for the first time (or any kratom, for that matter) start off with a dose of 1g or 2g — regardless of whether you’re a regular kratom user. The purpose of this small trial dose is to assess your body’s response and to determine the quality of the kratom product you’ve purchased. If the initial dose goes by without a hitch, then you can move on to increasing

your succeeding doses. Only increase the amount you take by increments of 1g to 2g with each new dose. These incremental, gradual increases should go on until you reach your therapeutic threshold.

Experts recommend sticking to your lowest dose to prevent developing a tolerance. You might also want to rotate Papua with other strains for the same reason. If you’re looking for slightly more sedative effects, you can increase your dose by a few grams, but it’s not recommended that you attempt that too often.


Similar Strains

Papua kratom is a rarity indeed. Offering a cocktail of relaxing effects, this variety’s limited supply only adds to its overall appeal. But that also means you might not be able to find Papua through most kratom vendors.

So if you want to experience these soothing effects, but can’t find any Papua in stock, here are some alternative varieties you might want to give a try:

Bali Kratom

image of bali kratom

The most prominent in the relaxation department, Bali is a highly accessible variety that almost every kratom vendor carries. That’s because supply from the island of Bali is much easier to export versus kratom that’s grown on the island of Papua.

Bali provides soothing, relaxing benefits that can help you wind down after a long tiring day. The main distinction however is that Bali also provides mental clarity, which may encourage some creativity and production versus Papua’s drowsy, mellow overall effect.

Borneo Kratom

A slightly more energetic variety, Borneo is yet another easily accessible kratom variety that you’ll find through almost any vendor. This choice provides its user a sense of vigor and clarity that might work well to increase motivation and productivity.

Now, before you say that sounds nothing like Papua, it pays to know that Borneo has powerful stress-relieving benefits. Wiping away your worries in the twinkling of an eye, this often potent strain works similarly to Papua in keeping cognitive troubles at bay.

Vietnam Kratom

image of vietnam kratom

If you enjoy Papua kratom’s holistic effects that make the body feel generally well and problem-free, then Vietnam might be a sound alternative. Similar to Papua, this choice can make you feel good, to say the least. Its effects uplift every facet of your disposition to inspire a general sense of well-being.

Keep in mind though that Vietnam isn’t quite as slow and mellow as Papua. So it will still keep you up and running so you can accomplish your daily tasks without giving in to drowsiness or cognitive slowing.