Posted on May 3, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Borneo Kratom Review – Effects and Dosage

If your throbbing head is getting in the way of productivity, then it might be time to take a few grams of Borneo. Grown in the lush forests of the rugged island of Borneo, this particular kratom variety offers unmatched benefits for aches and discomfort.

But aside from simply soothing away the soreness, Borneo doubles up with a profound sense of cognitive clarity. So much so that the herb might just send you into a productivity trance that could help you catch up on all the work you’ve been missing out on.


What is Borneo Kratom?

image of borneo kratom

Borneo is a giant island bordering the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. This gargantuan territory is shared by Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei and is best known for its untouched, natural tourist attractions.

But more than just its reputation as a world-class tourist spot, Borneo Island also find itself as the focal point of kratom cultivation. Here, under the heat of the tropical paradise’s humid climate, there thrives a community of local farmers who grow and harvest Mitragyna speciosa in the island’s Indonesian territory.

Today, Borneo kratom is one of the most widely distributed kratom strains across all of the United States. In fact, vendors who don’t really sell too many kratom varieties will most likely have Borneo stocked up on their shelves.

And the reason for that is because the island itself provides the perfect conditions for kratom cultivation. With such an optimal growing climate, the island allows kratom to propagate and mature rapidly, paving the way for a constant supply to meet and exceed western demands.

Due to legislative restrictions in Malaysia and limited space in the Brunei territory, most Borneo kratom that reaches US soil is grown and harvested from farms within the Indonesian borders of the island.


Benefits and Effects of Borneo Kratom

For the record, not everyone will experience the same thing using Borneo. In fact, there’s no such thing as kratom with effects that are ever consistently, exactly the same. That’s because there are a number of factors that can affect the experience, including the quality of the product, its alkaloid content, and your distinct response.

image of borneo kratom benefits and effects

Even then, there are some effects that are most commonly associated with the use of Borneo kratom. Again, the experience might be slightly different for you, but you might expect some of these benefits with your Borneo dose:

  • Discomfort relief

    – Borneo is often associated with strong properties that work against discomfort and physical aches. Locals who live on the island of Borneo would pluck fresh leaves from mature plants and chew them to soothe their tired muscles.

While all kratom strains possess this specific quality to a certain limit, Borneo’s ability to relieve physical discomfort may be slightly more profound than what other varieties offer.

  • Cognitive stimulation

    – Most strains that relieve physical aches usually come hand in hand with a slowing of mental functions. But the same can’t be said for Borneo.

This variety stimulates cognitive processes, putting you in a sharper, more dynamic mental state. In some ways, you might say that Borneo conjures creativity and beefs up the brain to participate in what you might usually qualify as mental exercise.

  • Stress relief

    – According to anecdotal evidence, Borneo kratom works wonders as a stress relieving agent. The strain’s fast acting chemistry dissolves apprehension and worry so you can take a breather from the usual troubles of everyday life.

Individuals struggling with mental clouding and poor judgement due to cognitive stress may do themselves a favor by taking a Borneo dose.

  • Increased energy

    – Caught in a slump or just feeling a little more sluggish than usual? Borneo can help. Offering a jolt of vigor and zest, Borneo increases energy levels to make you feel more productive and motivated.

Combined with its discomfort relieving properties, Borneo’s effects on vitality makes it a viable choice for right before you hit the gym. As it works to soothe the body of physical aches, it also heightens your zeal to make the most of every workout.


Dose for Borneo Kratom

As with any other variety of kratom, dosing is particularly important when using Borneo. Too much of the stuff can have you throbbing with side effects, while too little might douse your confidence in kratom and its benefits altogether.

image of kratom dosages

Practicing prudence with dosage measurements should help you maximize the benefits of the plant without pushing your tolerance and overwhelming your system.

If you’re using Borneo kratom for the first time, it’s imperative that you start out with a low dose of about 1g to 2g. Of course, no one really expects you to feel any of the variety’s effects with such a low dose. But the starting dose should introduce your body to the new herb and help you identify any possible reactions.

After the initial dose, you can go ahead and increase your succeeding doses by 1g to 2g until you finally reach your therapeutic threshold. Experts recommend against exceeding your bare minimum to avoid side effects. But if you want to feel Borneo’s more sedative effects, a slightly larger dose may be necessary.


Similar Strains

There’s no denying that every strain brings something unique to the table — including Borneo. But since these are varieties of all the same plant, it’s no surprise that some kratom strains mirror each other’s benefits.

If you’re enjoying Borneo so far, here are a few other similar strains that might find a place on your stash shelf:

Bali Kratom

image of bali kratom

Typically regarded as a relaxing kratom strain, Bali’s effects on stress are challenged only by Borneo. Both varieties imbue their users with a deep sense of calm that can take away even the most deeply ingrained worries.

The main difference between the two however is that while Borneo encourages a more positive, upbeat overall experience, Bali’s tends to be more subdued and relaxed.

Sumatra Kratom

If you enjoy Borneo kratom for its effects against physical aches and discomfort, then Sumatra kratom might be worth a check. The variety delivers a truly comforting experience that dissolves muscular tension to help you feel much less tight.

Unlike Borneo however, Sumatra doesn’t clear mental clouding quite as well. In fact, the variety has been noted to slow down thought processes and cause users to feel a little less sharp than they were before the dose.


Sulawesi Kratom

Another beloved discomfort-relieving variety, Sulawesi works similarly to Borneo in that it can soothe physical aches and relax your system at the same time. But unlike Borneo which produces obvious changes in mood, Sulawesi might take you down a different route.

According to most users, Sulawesi may cause some degree of emotional blunting. While Borneo could have you feeling a little upbeat and positive, Sulawesi increases inhibitions and puts its user in a more introverted state of functioning.