Posted on June 30, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Horn Kratom Review

Considered a kratom rarity, Horned or Horn kratom refers to a special variety of speciosa that’s produced from a distinct type of leaf. And because these leaves are so hard to find, you shouldn’t expect to see Horned kratom too often on the market.

While it might not be quite as popular as veteran picks like Maeng Da, Horned kratom delivers a wealth of stimulating effects that prove that just because a strain isn’t particularly prominent, doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive.


What is Horn Kratom?

image of horn kratom

‘Horned’ kratom gets its name from the fact that the leaves used for the specific variety showcase a set of small ‘horns’ along the top edge of the leaf. It’s not entirely clear why the horns grow, but some experts and farmers suggest that the minor morphological distinction contributes to the strain’s effects.

Talk to old-school kratom heads and you’ll discover that Horned kratom is actually a sub-category of Maeng Da. According to farmers and kratom veterans, only the Maeng Da variety grows horns, so they mimic each other in terms of effects and potency.

Just like other kratom varieties, Horn kratom comes in different color veins. These colors tell you when the specific batch was harvested relative to the maturity of the plant. As the plant approaches full maturity, its effects tend to become more subdued and sedating.

Across all the different colors that Horn kratom is sold as the white variety has become the most popular. Generally, white vein kratom is known to be more stimulating and energetic. And since Horned kratom delivers a more upbeat, invigorating experience, the white variety tends to emphasize its benefits the best.


Benefits and Effects of Horned Kratom

Before we get into it, keep in mind that kratom’s effects tend to change from person to person. And not only that, even the same variety of kratom can produce different effects. Variations in alkaloid content are inevitable even for kratom that comes from the same farm.

So all of that said, your experience using Horned kratom may differ significantly from the reviews you’ve read online. However, across the entire kratom landscape, there are some reported Horn kratom effects that get mentioned more often and more consistently.

image of benefits and effects of horned kratom

These include:

  • Heightened energy levels – Horn kratom behaves a lot like Maeng Da. Thus, it’s more of a daytime strain. People call it that because it gives its user an added dose of energy that can be beneficial for powering through a busy day.

But aside from simply helping you get your work done, the heightened energy can also make you feel more powerful and physically capable than you usually do. So a dose of Horned kratom might help you improve your gains in the gym.

  • Mental relaxation – Unlike other strains that make users feel sharper and more alert than ever before, Horned kratom takes a different route. The relaxing effects on cognition might make you feel like you’re drifting without care on cloud nine.

The carefree disposition might very well banish any stress and apprehension. But since it’s a little cloudier than the usual effects of kratom on mental state, Horned kratom might not be the best idea if you need to stay alert and prepared for mental acrobatics.

  • Bodily comfort – In Southeast Asia, kratom has been used for centuries as a mainstay in folk medicine. According to locals, the working class would typically chew raw leaves to ease away physical discomfort and release tension and soreness.

Today, kratom comes in handy as a quick, effective, and natural way to soothe the body. Horned kratom provides a particularly profound experience in this department, ideal for kicking back and relaxing at the end of a tiring day.

  • Social enthusiasm – Maybe you’re not the type to want to go to parties or spend time outside the comfort of home. We’ve all been there. But just in case your boss invites you to a get-together that you can’t refuse, Horned kratom should help you get around.

Users praise the variety for its ability to conjure a more social version of themselves. The cool, relaxed, yet friendly and approachable demeanor can make it much easier to enjoy social gatherings that would otherwise sap your energy.


Dosage of Horned Kratom

The amount of kratom you take plays a major role in the entire experience. While there are no numbers to demonstrate it, vendors express that a large chunk of ‘negative reviews’ online stem from poor dosing methods instead of being the result of poor quality products.

If you’re taking Horned kratom for the first time, it’s imperative that you consider your body’s unique response to the variety. This stands regardless of whether you’ve had your fair share of kratom in the past, or whether you’re trying the herb for the first time.

image of horn kratom dosages

To start, take 1g to 2g of the product and see how your body reacts. This should also serve as a test to see if you are allergic to the product. If all goes well, then you can start cranking up your dose.

Although it might be tempting to dial it up all the way on the second dose, experts recommend gradually increasing your succeeding doses in increments of 1g to 2g. You should keep adding to your dose until you reach your therapeutic threshold.

Generally, sticking to the lower limit of your tolerance reveals the variety’s stimulating benefits. But if you’re in the mood to relax and unwind, then you can go ahead and increase your dose for a more subduing experience.


Similar Strains

Kratom strains demonstrate that slight changes in growing conditions and production procedures can cause changes in the chemistry and effects of a strain. But because all of these varieties ultimately come from the same plant, you really can’t deny that some of them can mirror one another.

If Horned kratom is right up your alley and you’re enjoying its overall effects, then you might want to consider these strains that resemble the Horn experience:

Maeng Da

image of maeng da kratom

Of course, you can’t really deny the similarities between Horn and Maeng Da. According to old-school kratom veterans, the two strains are actually entirely the same — except for the fact that the Horned variety uses the leaves of the plant with jagged leaves.

Maeng Da is equally energetic and sociable, but unlike Horned kratom, Maeng Da doesn’t slow cognition. Instead, the strain delivers a shot of mental clarity and alertness that improves cognitive acuity.

Hulu Kapuas

Hulu Kapuas is a well-known daytime strain that’s effective for staying productive and alert. Its effects mainly focus on mental clarity and alertness, which is why most of those who enjoy it use it in support of work or study. Of course, Horned kratom might not be quite the same since it provides a more relaxed cognitive disposition.

Nonetheless, the two varieties are almost identical in every other aspect. Energy-boosting, mood-enhancing, and discomfort relieving, these two varieties can help you beat any sour disposition and keep you powering through demanding tasks.

Bali Kratom

image of bali kratom

Bali kratom is best known as a powerfully soothing kratom variety that’s ideal for nighttime dosing. The specific strain is relaxing and soothing, which might make you wonder why it’s even on this list.

Well, aside from its calming effects, Bali kratom has the same mental slowing benefit that makes it an ideal substitute for Horn kratom if that’s the effect you’re looking for. Of course, you probably won’t be zipping through the office after a dose of Bali, but it will clear out your stress and apprehension