Posted on June 3, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

White Thai vs White Borneo

Kratom enthusiasts hoping to experience the fullness of stimulation would do well to try white Thai or white Borneo. Both leaving their users feeling stimulated and energetic, these strains awaken mind and body — but in their own distinct ways.

While the varieties aim for the same end goal, they achieve this through different means. Thus, depending on the kind of stirring experience you’re hoping to attain, it’s important that you fully understand what each choice brings to the table.


What is White Thai Kratom?

image of white thai kratom

For the longest time, Thai kratom supplies that made their way to the United States were grown and cultivated on Indonesian soil. The reason? Laws and regulations, of course. Thailand outright banned kratom within its borders, so farmers had to find a way to keep the Thai kratom landrace alive.

During the time that speciosa was outlawed, cultivators took Thai kratom that they grew and cultivated in Indonesia. But in 2021, Thailand lifted the ban on kratom seeing its success as an international wellness product. Thus, Thai kratom is making a strong comeback, with incoming supplies promising more authentic effects.

White Thai kratom, as you might have gleaned, is the most stimulating of all of its kinds. Energetic and touting a pair of long, long legs, white Thai makes the ideal companion for difficult days at work that requires loads of office tasks.


Effects of White Thai Kratom

The white Thai brand of stimulation mostly takes place in the mind. The stimulating effects awaken cognition and inspire a brand new sense of productivity and motivation. That’s why most of those who enjoy white Thai claim the strain as the ultimate efficiency buddy.

image of white thai kratom effects

All of that said, it’s important to highlight the fact that kratom strains change effects from person to person. So many variables contribute to the experience, and it’s near impossible to avoid changes to these factors. But even then, here are some effects you’re more likely to encounter:

  • Cognitive stimulation – White Thai’s effects occur mainly in the head. As the plant’s chemistry embraces your system, it leaves you feeling more cognitively capable of mental acrobatics. In fact, the strain might even make you seek out mental challenges to satisfy the stimulation.
  • Increased productivity and motivation – The reason why white Thai has become so popular among workers is because of how it improves productivity. Effectively improving your drive to make things happen, the strain finds purpose among office workers who feel unmotivated.
  • Enhanced energy levels – There’s a lot to gain out of an energy boost. While the variety helps to improve motivation and brain power, it also gives you a corresponding dose of energy so you have the vigor to put your inspired mind and body to use.
  • Discomfort relief – While it’s not common among whites, the white Thai variety impressively relieves physical discomfort in whatever form you might have it. Muscular aches, tension, stress, and soreness seem to simply fade away within minutes of taking a white Thai dose.


What is White Borneo Kratom?

image of white borneo kratom

The massive island of Borneo houses a diverse array of flora and fauna, with much of its land untouched by civilization and infrastructure. This natural safe-haven thus provides its rich biodiversity protection against man-made elements that could interfere with its growth.

Borneo kratom that gets shipped to the United States grows on the Indonesian area of the island. Inherently, Borneo kratom delivers balanced effects that simply bring out the best in its user.

White Borneo however might provide slightly more stimulation-leaning benefits. Contrary to white Thai, white Borneo’s benefits impact the body. Offering added strength and physical vigor, white Borneo makes the ideal companion for users hoping to push their bodies to the limit.


Effects of White Borneo Kratom

Unlike white Thai, white Borneo offers its users a more body-centric experience. This means that much of the energy boost and stimulation will impact the body rather than the mind. This has earned white Borneo significant popularity among blue-collar workers and gym rats.

image of white borneo kratom effects

Again though, it’s important to point out that the effects vary from person to person. However, for the sake of giving you an idea of what you can expect, these effects most commonly develop after a white Borneo dose:

  • Discomfort relief – The first effect you’re likely to get out of white Borneo would be discomfort relief. The strain seems to plow through the body with power and might, almost instantly relieving all forms of physical discomfort in the twinkling of an eye.
  • Increased physical capacity – White Borneo’s effects then move on into physical performance. Giving its user increased muscular power, the variety effectively improves physical output whether at work or in the gym.
  • Mood boost – There’s no room for the blues after a dose of white Borneo. Banishing any negative thoughts and feelings, the strain works hard to make sure you feel like your best self. Its mood effects also encourage more social interaction, so it helps to have a few friends around after a dose.
  • Energy elevation – White Borneo brings rumbling energy that charges through your system, making you feel like you want to do something. Without an outlet, the added energy might induce jitters. So, it helps to have a list of things to do before tossing and washing.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

Consider all of the different variables that go into growing a healthy kratom plant — sunlight, water, soil. Is there any way to standardize the quality of these elements? The short answer is no. Changes in these variables result in changes in plant chemistry. And that’s why we have kratom strains.

To put it simply, kratom that grows on the Island of Borneo will be exposed to different elements versus kratom that grows in Thailand. More than that, the maturity of the leaves at harvest is equally important.

As the leaves mature, they change from stimulating to relaxing. So white vein kratom tends to be more energetic, while red vein options allow more soothing effects to shine through.

image of different kratom strains