Posted on June 25, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

White Maeng Da vs Green Maeng Da

Easily recognized as one of the strongest choices on kratom store shelves, Maeng Da’s influence as a kratom strain knows no limits. Kratom buyers often flock to stores to sweep inventories clean of this hard-hitting variety. And that’s why vendors make sure to keep a steady inflow of Maeng Da supply.

Because of its stronger effects, Maeng Da’s stimulating varieties have captured the hearts of most kratom users. But between green and white MD, various distinctions exist that could impact your overall experience. So here’s how to choose the right one for you.


What is White Maeng Da Kratom?

image of white maeng da

All across Southeast Asia, kratom grows freely along with other shrubs and trees. The evergreen plant flourishes and thrives in all seasons, and grows best in the hot, humid climate of the region.

Naturally occurring varieties of kratom — called landraces — vary across different Southeast Asian countries. And because of the distinctions that exist between these strains, some kratom farmers thought to combine them to produce the strongest variety.

After grafting together different kratom strains, farmers developed what they ended up calling Maeng Da. Literally translating to ‘pimp grade’, Maeng Da showcases the chemistry of more than a handful of naturally occurring strains.

The white vein variety in particular demonstrates how energetic and electrifying the strain can be. Powerful, uplifting, and invigorating, this particular choice works best for those who want to power through a busy day.


Effects of White Maeng Da

Because of its powerful profile, white Maeng Da often finds its place in the stash of more experienced kratom users. The variety’s intrusive effects may prove overwhelming for those with limited kratom exposure, so beginners might find it a little much.

image of white maeng da effects

But that doesn’t mean first-timers can’t give the variety a try. Everyone has a different response to kratom. Depending on your tolerance and body chemistry, it may be possible to enjoy the strain without experiencing its overpowering signature.

  • Enhanced mood – An unpleasant, sour mood can get the best of most of us. Fortunately, white Maeng Da offers to resolve all of that. Lifting up its users’ mood and imbuing the body with a sense of wellness, white Maeng Da helps to reduce stress and worry to allow a carefree, giggly disposition to shine through.
  • Improved physical performance – Both blue-collar workers and gym buffs find perfect purpose in a dose of white Maeng Da. The stuff somehow improves physical performance, allowing users to exert themselves with greater force to accomplish more at work or at the gym.
  • Energy enhancement – If you often find your body battery running low at noontime, a dose of white Maeng Da might be what you need. Elevating your energy levels, the variety prevents the sluggish, slow, and lazy feeling that might creep up on you by midday.
  • Discomfort relief – Fast-acting and long-lasting, white Maeng Da’s effects extend into comfort territory by eliminating discomfort and bodily stress. The strain banishes any sense of tension or soreness so you can move and act with freedom from physical shackles.


What is Green Maeng Da?

image of green maeng da

With any kratom plant, vein colors change depending on the age of the leaf. Newly sprouted leaves showcase whitish veins underneath, thus the ‘white vein’ indicator. As they age, the veins change color, and so do the plant’s effects.

Middle-aged leaves reveal green-toned veins that course through the entirety of the leaves underside. This is why they’re called green vein kratom. Specific to this type of leaf is a mix of relaxing and stimulating effects that provide a balanced experience.

So unlike white Maeng Da which tends to be almost entirely stimulating and energetic, green Maeng Da tosses in a few soothing effects that round off the encounter. For this reason, green vein Maeng Da finds its purpose as an everyday go-to for people who want to put their best foot forward.


Effects of Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da resembles its white counterpart in many ways. But ultimately, green Maeng Da offers a more relaxed encounter compared to its white vein brother.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that every person might have a different response to green vein MD depending on their own tolerance and body chemistry. Of course, product quality and doses also play a role.

image of green maeng da effects

However, just to give you a rough idea of what you might expect after a green MD dose, here’s what users  most commonly report:

  • Invigorating – Energizing and electrifying, green Maeng Da can also improve your energy levels. But the stimulation that comes hand in hand with this power boost might feel a little more productive and directional versus the white MD experience.
  • Mood lift – Again, a toned-down version of the white MD mood effect, green Maeng Da’s impact on mood improves the user’s tolerance for social interaction. Allowing a more amiable disposition to shine through, makes it possible for kratom heads to collaborate more effectively with others.
  • Mental clarity and creativity – As though silencing all static and clutter with a single resounding gong, green Maeng Da gives users a brand new perspective of their present situation. This allows new creative ideas to flow freely, especially for productive work.
  • Discomfort relief – It’s the Maeng Da signature to banish all sense of physical discomfort. Similar to white MD, green Maeng Da also provides users the comfort of ache-reducing effects. Although the benefit might not be as profound, it’s definitely palpable enough.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Varieties?

It’s impossible for kratom farmers to standardize the conditions in which kratom grows. However sun conditions, water quality, and soil composition change from farm to farm. And because these variables impact alkaloid expression, it’s only natural for farmed kratom to demonstrate differences between batches.

And that ultimately explains why we have kratom strains. But aside from that, this comparison also proves that the maturity of the leaves at harvest plays a major role in how the kratom works for your body.

Younger white-veined leaves showcase energetic, lively effects best for elevating your grit and motivation. As the leaves mature, they take on a slightly more relaxed profile which you’ll notice with greens.

At full maturity, red-veined kratom leaves drop the energizing effects entirely, and focus solely on soothing, calming, and relaxing its user.

image of different kratom strains