Trainwreck Kratom Capsules

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25 Capsules
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60 Capsules
Relatively new and rare in the Kratom industry, the Train Wreck Kratom variety is derived from various strains of Kratom of red-, green-, and white-veined leaves from various locations in the Southeast Asian region. Specifically crafted and formulated to create the best possible combination of variants to create the most potent alkaloid profile and most effective combination of compounds the strong and long-lasting effects in every capsule.

Finely Crafted Kratom: a powerful combination of pure mature authentic Kratom leaves of various strains to create the perfect balance of alkaloids for maximum potency and effects.

Maximum health benefits. Considered the full spectrum Kratom, the potent blend of 11 strains maximizes the overall health benefits of Kratom.

Powerful stimulant. Kick starts the day with a burst of energy and mental focus, clarity, and stimulation without the adverse and addictive effects of other stimulants, such as caffeine and pharmaceutical substances.

Stringent production process. Ethically, sustainably, and meticulously wildcrafted and handcrafted from procurement to processing to packaging.

Product Description:  Containing 11 strains of powerful Kratom leaves, the Train Wreck Kratom is considered as the full-spectrum Kratom that delivers a wide range of effects through its balanced alkaloid profile and potent active compounds.

It combines the strong effects of Maeng Da Kratom with the long-lasting impacts of the White Sumatra while having all the stimulant, sedative, mood-enhancing, and pain relief properties of the white, green, and red Kratom varieties.

All strains that are contained in this masterful blend are ethically sourced directly from various regions of Southeast Asia, such as the lush rainforests of Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa, vegan capsule (fermented tapioca starch and purified water)

Each capsule contains 0.50 grams (1/2 a gram).

Cultivation and Production Process: Mature red, white, and green vein Kratom whole leaves are handpicked and ethically harvested from various regions of Southeast Asia. Leaves are naturally dried using sunlight and hand-milled to minimize industrial processing to preserve the potency and alkaloid content.

The Train Wreck Kratom capsules are handcrafted using the most reliable and purest Kratom powder from various sources and encapsulated using vegan capsules made of fermented tapioca starch and purified water. In-house and third-party labs perform regular checks and tests throughout the stages of the production process.

Storage: Store the bottle in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight to preserve the freshness and quality of every capsule.

Please note: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We advise consumers to use botanical supplements according to their physician’s advice.