Posted on May 20, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Thai Kratom Review – Uses, Side effects and More

The powerfully stimulating Thai kratom variety has been a solid fixture across the western kratom landscape. Bringing its users profound feelings of motivation and elation, Thai kratom brings with each dose a wealth of energy and power that can get you moving.

For the longest time, Thai kratom was banned in its native country. But with their government legalizing the sale and possession of kratom across the nation, Thai kratom demand and popularity have inevitably started to soar.


What is Thai Kratom?

image of thai kratom

Grown in the forests of Thailand, Thai kratom is one of the more popular and prominent kratom varieties on the market. For most vendors, it’s a mainstay, permanently filling up a spot on their shelves.

Back in the day, kratom was considered illegal in Thailand. So, the Thai variety had to be grown elsewhere. What farmers did is they took the Thai kratom plant and cultivated it in Indonesia where kratom laws were more relaxed.

In 2021 however, Thailand officially raised the ban on kratom, allowing farmers to cultivate kratom on local soil so as to preserve the unique properties of the Thai variety.

Today, most of the Thai kratom that you’ll find in the US comes from the Ban Na San District in the province of Surat Thani. In fact, the industry has grown so significantly since the change in the legislature that farmers in the area consider kratom a cash crop — easy to grow, and in high demand.


Benefits and Effects of Thai Kratom

When using any kratom strain, it’s important to remember that the effects aren’t always the same. In truth, you could be using the same kratom from a single vendor, and still not get the same experience.

That’s because variations across batches can change the way that a specific strain acts.  Then of course there’s your specific body chemistry, your threshold, tolerance, and the quality of the product you’re using.

image of thai kratom benefits and effects

Suffice it to say that we can’t really say definitively what you might experience after a dose of Thai kratom. Nevertheless, across the reported effects of the specific strain, these are the most commonly mentioned by those who have tried Thai in the past:

  • Cognitive stimulation – One of the biggest reasons why kratom users turn to Thai is because of its powerful effects on cognition. The variety is one of the few that can awaken the mind from whatever stupor and bring you to a more awakened mental state.

Thai kratom’s cognitive stimulation can help get creative juices flowing. So if you’re stuck in a rut and you’re not quite sure what to do next, a dose of Thai might do you some good.

  • Enhanced energy levels – Feeling tired and worn out? That’s not something a dose of Thai can’t fix. Users report feeling more energized and invigorated after a low dose of Thai. And that’s not something unique to the variety.

Kratom in general has long been recognized as a powerful agent for vigor and strength. According to anecdotal reports from Southeast Asian locals, kratom can even help improve performance to assist in physically demanding jobs.

  • Discomfort relief – Tired, tense, and sore muscles make it tough to relax at the end of a long day. Fortunately, Thai offers significantly profound properties that can help ease the discomfort that comes from physical exertion.

In Thailand, kratom has a colorful history as an alternative herb in folk medicine. Locals would chew on fresh, raw leaves to soothe the body from tension and stress. Today, Thai kratom serves the same purpose for its US-based users.

  • Motivation and productivity – Thai might not be the best choice if you’re looking to relax at the end of the day. Typically considered a daytime strain, Thai works better for those who want to stay on their feet and work through a variety of tasks.

Anyone hoping to charge through a mountain of responsibilities would be doing themselves a favor by taking a dose of Thai. Not only will it give you the energy to power through the day, but it should also help you feel more motivated in the face of tedious tasks.


Dosage for Thai Kratom

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Let it be known that the proper dose for Thai kratom — or any kratom for that matter — isn’t set in stone. Everyone responds to kratom differently, so when measuring out the proper dose, it’s important that you consider your body’s distinct response to the variety.

Experts recommend taking a starting dose of just 1g to 2g whenever trying a new strain for the first time. This lets you register any possible negative reactions, and serves the purpose of an allergy test.

If the initial dose goes smoothly, you can gradually increase your succeeding doses. Never increase your dose by more than 2g at a time. And with each new dose, see to it that you get a feel of your body’s response.

Once you reach your threshold, you’re going to want to stay there to prevent increasing your tolerance. According to experts, however, taking slightly more than your lowest limit may produce more sedative effects.


Similar Strains

Liking Thai kratom so far? If Thai’s profile just hits all the right buttons, then you might want to consider a few of its cousin strains with similar effects. These include:

Maeng Da

image of maeng da kratom

Considered one of the most powerful standard kratom strains around, Maeng Da is in a league of its own. And that’s proven by the fact that most vendors keep their Maeng Da products in a separate category altogether.

Much like Thai, Maeng Da is a highly stimulating strain. Powerful, energizing, and upbeat, the thing that sets Maeng Da apart from its Thai cousin is the fact that the former provides a more hard-hitting response even in smaller doses.

Borneo Kratom

According to individuals who particularly enjoy Borneo kratom, the variety holds strong properties that impact energy levels and cognition the same way that Thai does. That said, the strain often gets patronage from kratom heads who need the extra help to power through work or a trip to the gym.

If there’s anything that sets Borneo apart from Thai however is that it has much more relaxed undertones. Unlike Thai which tends to resonate at a more upbeat and almost jittery wavelength, Borneo keeps things calm and easy with a deep sense of relaxation and stress relief.

Bali Kratom

image of bali kratom

Kratom users looking for something more collected and calm might find what they need with the Bali strain. Similar to Thai, this variety provides mood-boosting effects as well as benefits against discomfort and cognitive clouding.

However, in Bali, the whole experience tends to be much more laidback. Often, kratom users tag Bali as one of the most relaxed strains on the market. So while it might mimic some of Thai’s effects, it sits at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of its overall profile.