Posted on May 31, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Super Kratom Review

Super kratom often falls into a category of its own. Recognized as a more potent variety than other options on the market, this particular choice provides customers with a more profound experience that’s ideal for those veteran users.

Generally, Super kratom also touts slightly steeper prices. But for the added cost, the strain promises to provide a more immersive experience that requires lower doses. However, a word of caution — Super kratom is not lightweight. So, for users with little experience using potent varieties, this choice might overwhelm them.


What is Super Kratom?

image of super kratom

Most kratom strains get their name from the specific areas of the world where they’re grown. However, with Super kratom, that naming rule doesn’t apply.

Farmers produce Super kratom by choosing only the largest, mature leaves that grow at the top of the kratom plant. According to experts, these leaves boast tweaked plant chemistry that makes them slightly more potent.

Another thing about Super kratom is that they can come from anywhere. That’s why you’ll find Super Indo kratom, Super Bali kratom, and Super Borneo kratom, just to name a few. Essentially, a kratom sample being tagged ‘Super’ has nothing to do with where it’s grown and has everything to do with the leaves used for the batch.

Just like any other kratom variety, Super kratom comes in a number of color veins. These include white, green, red, and the occasional yellow. The color of the veins of the leaves indicates their maturity at harvest. When a kratom leaf is immature, its veins appear white or pale. Slightly older leaves showcase green veins.

As the leaves mature even further, the veins turn red and then finally yellow. The effects of the batch depend strongly on the color of the veins. The younger the leaves, the more energetic the effects. Older, mature leaves provide a more sedating experience.


Benefits and Effects of Super Kratom

image of super kratom benefits and effects

It’s hard to put on a finger on the effects of Super kratom for a number of reasons. For starters, it comes from essentially any strain. So, depending on the strain of the specific batch you’re using, you could experience different effects.

And then, of course, you’d have to account for color veins, body chemistry, tolerance, dosage, product quality, and so many other variables that directly affect the experience.

Nonetheless, there are a few benefits that are more typically associated with the Super kratom variety. And while your specific experience might still be different, it’s more likely that you’ll develop any cocktail of the following effects:

  • Energy boost – Kratom is known for its ability to increase energy levels and make its user feel elevated and awake. Super kratom more commonly provides this effect and may have you feeling motivated so you can power through your day without losing productivity.
  • Mood lift – For most people suffering from the blues, kratom works as a viable solution. This particular variety delivers a powerful mood lift that can make you feel uplifted and elevated, taking you out of a sour slump and encouraging a slightly social mood.
  • Discomfort relief – One of the main reasons why kratom has earned such significant popularity in Southeast Asia is because of its benefits against discomfort. Super kratom particularly can help soothe aching, tired, and tense muscles to help bring relief and true relaxation.
  • Mental clarity and focus – Is your mind feeling cluttered and clouded? A dose of Super kratom might be the solution. This variety eliminates cognitive clogging and paves the way for seamless thought processes. With a dose of Super, you might even find yourself feeling more creative than ever before.


Dosage of Super Kratom

No two people will ever have the exact same dose. The simple for that is different people have different tolerances. So, the amount of kratom that works for someone else might not necessarily work for you.

image of super kratom dosages

Whether you’ve been using kratom for a long time or if you’re trying Super kratom for the first time ever, it’s important that you start with a trial dose. This initial test dose serves two purposes. The first is that it tells you how your body might respond to the new strain. The second is that it gives you an opportunity to assess product quality.

An initial dose should measure no more than 2g. If you don’t suspect any issues with the purity of the product and if your body responds well to this first dose, then you can start hiking up the dosage until you reach your therapeutic threshold.

A therapeutic threshold is essentially the amount of kratom your body needs to experience the effects of the strain without developing any side effects. The threshold is different for everyone, so you’re going to want to increase your doses gradually by 1g to 2g until you reach yours.

Sticking to your threshold should help you maintain your tolerance low and prevent the need for increasing your doses too much. You can also try rotating strains and taking weekly kratom breaks to maintain a low tolerance.

As a general rule though, if you want more sedative effects, you can take a dose that’s slightly above your threshold. But if you see yourself doing this too often, then it might be better to just opt for a strain and color vein that’s known for soothing, sedative effects.


Similar Strains

Super kratom is an effective, potent, and energetic variety more often than not. And that’s why a lot of kratom customers gravitate toward this specific choice. But since it can be a little more expensive than other kratom products, some buyers prefer going with Super kratom alternatives instead.

These similar strains might not provide an experience that’s exactly the same as Super’s, but they come pretty darn close. So, if you want to get your hands on something like Super kratom, here are your best bets.

Maeng Da Kratom

image of maeng da kratom

When translated, Maeng Da means pimp grade, and that’s just a preview of how powerful this variety can be. A cross between a number of kratom strains, Maeng Da was grafted together by expert farmers in the hopes of producing the most powerful kratom variety on earth.

Today, Maeng Da is hailed for its profound effects on the body that often lean towards stimulation. So, in a lot of ways, it does replicate the Super kratom experience.

Dragon Kratom

Another similar choice would be Dragon kratom. Just like Super, it doesn’t get its name from a specific location. Instead, this variety earns its moniker from the powerful effects that come from its lineage. A combination of Maeng Da and Elephant, Dragon kratom is yet another energetic variety to keep you awake.

But aside from its alert, mentally clarifying benefits, Dragon kratom also provides a more emphatic mood boost. And by that, we mean the variety might be a little more extroverted than your Super kratom dose.

Trainwreck Kratom

image of trainwreck kratom

The thing about Trainwreck kratom is that there’s no single recipe that dictates how it’s made. Any vendor gets to choose which strains to mix together to produce this hard-hitting variety. And while technically isn’t a strain, most buyers agree that it definitely seems that way.

Trainwreck kratom varies in its effects depending on which strains comprise the blend. More commonly, however, Trainwreck tends to be a little more on the energetic side, however, its effects typically get tagged as more profound and immersive. So, first-time users — beware.