Posted on June 29, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Medan Kratom Review

Unlike most kratom strains that come from rural, far-flung areas around Southeast Asia, Medan kratom ships straight from the capital city of North Sumatra. Dense with infrastructure and people, this particular locale might not be what you have in mind when you think about kratom.

Interestingly, however, clever Indonesian farmers have found ways to cultivate kratom in this bustling locality. Littered across the vast expanse of urban cityscapes lie pockets of rainforest where farmers work round the clock to cultivate and harvest Medan kratom.


What is Medan Kratom?


One of the few varieties of kratom that comes from the city, Medan bears many similarities with Sumatra. The reason may be because of the strains’ proximity in terms of where they grow.

It’s not entirely clear what urged farmers to cultivate kratom in such a progressive part of the Indonesian country. This is especially puzzling when you consider how much of the country remains untouched and thus ideal for kratom cultivation.

What we can assume however is that farmers chose the Medan area for its accessibility to certain services. Obviously farming kratom in the city makes the product easier to ship out since logistics services are well within reach.

What they didn’t expect however is the difficulty of farming in the cities in the first place. Strict permit requirements, limited areas for cultivation, and the sheer proximity to the byproducts of the city present unique challenges for kratom farmers in the area.

The result? Well, let’s just say you probably won’t find any Medan kratom saturating the market in the United States. Nevertheless, lots of those who have tried it claim that its effects and benefits make the variety one to look out for.


Benefits and Effects of Medan Kratom

Kratom alkaloid content is never set in stone and minor changes in environmental conditions can affect potency and content. Factor in how each individual person’s body reacts to kratom, and it’s plain to see why someone else’s experience might not perfectly reflect your own. So there’s no definite list of effects that you can expect.

image of medan kratom benefits and effects

Instead of delivering the exact same benefits every time, kratom strains tend to offer a more dynamic experience. This means you may or may not feel some of the effects that are commonly associated with that specific variety. In the case of Medan, these benefits are most frequently reported by its users:

  • Discomfort relief – It’s always nice to take a load off at the end of the day. Medan proves to be particularly effective in that respect, with lots of its users claiming that the variety works wonders to lift away physical tension and muscular aches after a physically demanding day.
  • Balanced mood – Medan isn’t the kind of strain you’d want to take if you were hoping to take your place as the life of the party. But that’s not to say it doesn’t affect mood. In fact, the variety offers a balanced mood boost that takes away unpleasant feelings without pushing you over the talkative edge.
  • Stress relief – Feeling tense and overwhelmed? Medan can help. This variety offers to ease away cognitive distress to help you feel more relaxed and clear. The stress-relieving properties may also imbue your mind with a sense of wellness to help you cope with daily duties and tasks.
  • Mild energy boost – Kratom has often been known to give its user a sense of vigor and zeal. Throughout Southeast Asia, locals would often use kratom before a laborious day ahead to give their system that extra oomph. Medan works to provide the same benefit, albeit at a mild level.


Dosage of Medan Kratom

The dosage that works for one person might not work for you. Everyone is different, and that reality is most prominent in the context of kratom dosages. So if you’re trying Medan kratom for the first time, it’s important that you practice caution in measuring the proper dose.


It doesn’t really matter how much experience you’ve had with kratom in the past — always start with a trial dose of up to 2g. This initial amount should let you get a feel of the variety and the quality of the specific product you purchased.

If the first dose doesn’t present any potential problems, then you can gradually increase your succeeding doses. Remember that your incremental increase should amount to no more than 2g at a time.

Keep increasing your dose until you feel the fullness of the strain’s effects without any unpleasant reactions. This dose is what you would call your therapeutic threshold. Stick to it for the duration of your Medan use to avoid developing your tolerance.

According to experts, staying with a lower dose encourages more energetic, stimulating effects. But if you want to knock yourself out and enjoy a deep, peaceful, dreamless sleep, then a slight dosage increase might be in order. Just remember to avoid increasing your doses by too much and too often.


Similar Strains

Medan provides some pretty sweet benefits, but it’s not that easy to find. So if you were hoping to experience its effects but just can’t seem to get your hands on any through your favorite local vendors, here are some strains that come pretty close:

Sumatra Kratom

image of sumatra kratom

The reason why Sumatra and Medan are so common is that they come from generally the same place. Medan City is in North Sumatra, so the conditions where they grow don’t really vary too much.

The biggest distinction between the two however is that Sumatra tends to work best for nighttime use. That’s because the variety brings with it drowsiness that, at the right dose, trails off into a deep sleep.

Bali Kratom

Another calm, relaxing strain, Bali kratom tops most ‘best-of’ lists hoping to put a name on the ultimate kratom strain for relaxation. This particular choice offers to soothe its user and uplift sour moods with its effects that focus on calm.

The difference though is that Bali also has effects on cognition. The strain brings its user to an elevated state of mental acuity that may increase cognitive activity and even encourage mental gymnastics.

Kali Kratom

The mood lift and physical relief that come with a dose of Kali may be comparable to the effects of Medan. This equally relaxing strain often finds purpose as a midday pick-me-up for users hoping to relax in the middle of a stressful hustle.

Keep in mind though that Kali’s effects might be slightly more clouded, especially in the cognitive department. So if you’re expected to stay alert and aware, Kali might not be the specific strain for your needs.

image of kali kratom