Posted on July 8, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Green Malay vs Red Bali

Any self-respecting kratom vendor would do itself a favor to keep green Malay and red Bali constantly in stock. Considered two of the most highly sought kratom varieties, these picks stand as the go-to for numerous kratom users across the nation.

But despite being equally popular and in demand, green Malay and red Bali possess striking differences that make them completely different from one another. Now, depending on your own unique needs and preferences, you might have to consider the nuances to identify the ideal choice between these two hot commodities.


What is Green Malay?

image of green malay kratom

Malay kratom in general makes up a large chunk of the kratom market. But while you might think it comes from Malaysia — its namesake — most of the Malay you’ll find on the market today actually comes from Indonesia.

In 1952, the Malaysian government outlawed the use, sale, and cultivation of kratom within their borders. So, in an effort to keep the Malay landrace alive, cultivators brought cuttings of the plant to Indonesia. Since then, all the Malay kratom that’s imported into and sold in the United States actually comes from Indonesia.

Today, Malay kratom remains one of the most popular varieties on kratom store shelves. Green Malay in particular has earned significant recognition for its balanced effects and controlled energy that make it suitable for everyday use.


Effects of Green Malay

Keep in mind that kratom effects are never the same for everyone. There are loads of variables that could change the experience. Body chemistry, tolerance, product quality, dose, and alkaloid profile are just some of the factors that bring about distinctions.

image of green malay effects

That said, however, users most commonly report a few effects that they associate with green Malay. These include:

  • Mood enhancement – Aside from helping its user crawl out of a bout of the blues, green Malay also encourages a slightly more extroverted aura to shine through.
  • Creativity and sharp cognition – Green Malay has been reported to improve mental clarity and provide creative stimulation that proves helpful for those stuck in a cognitive rut.
  • Stress relief – In enhancing your mood and boosting your cognitive functions, green Malay also works to relieve mental stress.
  • Increased energy – One of the things that kratom users particularly appreciate about green Malay is its effects on energy levels. The landrace awakens the system with a powerful dose of the vigor that can have you pushing through your day at maximum capacity.


What is Red Bali?

This landrace grows without restrictions throughout the Indonesian island province of Bali. The wild growth of Bali kratom allows cultivators to harvest a supply with minimal intervention from humans, making the kratom truer to its original chemistry.

The fact that this variety grows within the borders of Indonesia means that it’s never in short supply. For that reason, buyers who choose Bali as their go-to should never have any problems finding the product in stock.

Generally, Bali kratom has earned a reputation as the ultimate kratom variety for relaxation. And since red vein tends to bring out those properties even further, red Bali has become a stand-out favorite for those with a penchant for the Bali variety.

image of red bali kratom

Effects of Red Bali

Just like green Malay, red Bali’s effects are never fixed, especially when you consider the many different variables that impact the experience. Nevertheless, here are the most commonly reported benefits that people enjoy after a dose of red Bali:

  • Relaxation – The instant foreground experience you’ll get after using red Bali is a deep, profound sense of relaxation. The variety seems to wipe away any remnants of stress and static so you can unwind without care.
  • Discomfort relief – Versus green Malay, red Bali provides more powerful effects against discomfort. The strain effortlessly relieves physical aches and muscular tension, which also explains its popularity among hardworking Bali locals in need of relief after a physically demanding day at work.
  • Mental clarity – Although the cognitive effects of red Bali aren’t as active or stimulating as green Malay, the variety does provide a sense of cognitive clarity that makes its user more sensitive to stimulation. This may also support a deeper concentration.
  • Mood enhancement – For the record, red Bali doesn’t encourage extrovertedness or socialization the same way that green Malay does. Instead, its effects on mood simply help its user dig their way out of a sour, unhappy state to a more relaxed, carefree headspace.

image of red bali effects

What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

After all, these varieties come from exactly the same plant — right? Well, although that might be correct, it’s important to remember that there’s no way to standardize the cultivation of all kratom across the globe. So, differences in the environments where they grow can change their chemistry.

For instance, some experts claim that leaves growing closer to the top of the tree have more powerful properties than low-hanging leaves that receive little sunlight. In fact, kratom farmers developed an entirely separate family of kratom varieties — called the Super strains — based on that principle alone.

That said, variations in soil quality, watering frequency, humidity, sunlight conditions, and even harvesting schedules can ultimately change the herb’s chemistry, and thus its effects. This also explains why kratom effects aren’t consistent, despite being the same variety coming from the same farm.

That is — a red Bali batch you buy today might have different effects from the red Bali batch you purchased months ago. But more than that, you also have to consider color veins.

The color of the veins under the leaves changes depending on the maturity of the leaves at harvest. Red veins appear as the leaves get much older. Early on, however, they start out white and change to green as they approach aturity.

According to experts, kratom effects go from stimulating to sedative as the leaves move through to maturity. That said, white vein kratom tends to be more energetic, while red vein offers a more subdued, relaxing experience. Green vein combines both ends of the spectrum to provide its user with more balanced effects.

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