Posted on June 8, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

White Maeng Da vs Green Malay

Looking for something to lift you out of the daily drudgery? One of these kratom bets might provide exactly what you’re looking for. Both respected for their effects that revitalize and invigorate, white Maeng Da and Green Malay deliver stimulating benefits that awaken mind, body, and soul.

But they’re not entirely the same. Dynamic and multidimensional, these kratom strains inspire entirely different experiences despite a few similarities in between. So, if you’re caught in the middle and not sure which to choose, this quick comparison should lead you in the right direction.


What is White Maeng Da?

Recognized as the OG kratom strain, Maeng Da is a Franken strain of sorts. The powerful variety came about as the result of a pseudo-experiment performed by local farmers. It was their goal to produce the ultimate kratom strain that possessed all of the most powerful properties of their favorite varieties.

image of white maeng da

After grafting together several landraces, the farmers developed what they called Maeng Da, a Laotian slang term that meant ‘pimp grade.’ In the United States, Maeng Da holds a reputation as one of the most highly sought-after kratom varieties. Its white vein variant in particular has captured the interest of experienced users.

White Maeng Da is energetic, lively, and hard-hitting. The strain packs a powerful, invigorating punch that awakens its user to the very core. Ideal for those with slightly more experience using kratom, white Maeng Da may be slightly overwhelming for the uninitiated.


Effects of White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is a sneaky rattlesnake that could catch you off guard. The powerful strain’s effects rapidly rise to a glorious crescendo with all of its benefits hitting you all at once. That said, it’s important to make sure you measure out the perfect dose and avoid taking more than your system can handle.

image of white maeng da effects

Keep in mind though that as with any other kratom strain, white Maeng Da’s effects fluctuate depending on a range of factors. But just to give you a general idea of what you can expect, here’s what most kratom users report after a dose of white MD:

  • Energy boost – While some kratom strains deliver about the same dose of energy as would a cup of coffee, white Maeng Da takes it up several notches. The strong strain hits its user with a sudden surge in vigor which may reach over into physical performance territory.
  • Enhanced mood – White Maeng Da’s effects on mood are no less than remarkable. The strain can turn any introvert into a social butterfly, prying wallflowers off of the sidelines and shoving them straight under the limelight. Be prepared for a hypercharged episode of socialization and chatter.
  • Mental clarity – In a snap, white Maeng Da can banish any sense of confusion and clouding, letting you get in touch with your deeper thoughts and emotions. The powerful effect may feel spiritual, allowing you to experience a transcendent clarity that reaches into the soul.
  • Stimulation – It’s hard to put a finger on this last effect. As though tickling every corner of your innermost being, white Maeng Da might make you feel a rumbling desire to just get up and go. For some people, that means indulging desires, while others find physical exercise to be a better outlet.


What is Green Malay?

image of green malay kratom

Although green Malay originally came from Malaysia as its name suggests, present-day Malay kratom comes from Indonesia. That’s because, in 1952, the Malaysian government officially banned the production, use, and sale of kratom. Thus, farmers were forced to cultivate the Malay landrace elsewhere to keep the variety alive.

Presently, numerous farms throughout Southeast Asia produce and export Malay kratom to US vendors. Many of them however are based in Indonesia, where kratom farming remains a profitable venture.

Green Malay in general possesses strong properties that awaken the system and energize its user. Contrary to white Maeng Da, however, green Malay proves to be milder, more controlled, and thus a better choice for beginners and casual users who want a more balanced experience.


Effects of Green Malay Kratom

Stimulating and revitalizing, green Malay kratom possesses enlivening effects that can wake up your sleepy system and make you feel upbeat and carefree. Just like white Maeng Da, however, its effects aren’t set in stone.

image of green malay effects

Nevertheless, green Malay typically gets associated with a handful of benefits that users claim to experience more commonly with a dose of the kratom strain. So, to give you an idea of what you can expect here’s what green Malay might do for you:

  • Increased energy – As a green strain, green Malay lends its user a lasting dose of added energy so you can power through your day. Unlike white Maeng Da, however, the elevated energy feels more controlled and consistent, ideal for plowing through desk work.
  • Mood enhancement – Compared to white Maeng Da, Green Malay’s effects on mood are milder and more balanced. While it might help an introvert feel more comfortable and in control in a social setting, the mood elevation might not feel as overwhelming or in-your-face.
  • Stress relief – Considered one of the strengths of the green Malay variety, the strain works wonders to banish stress and apprehension. The kratom strain helps to relieve cognitive clutter and static, allowing users to temporarily overcome worries and stresses to achieve a carefree disposition.
  • Cognitive clarity – Feeling confused and uncertain? A dose of green Malay might help. The variety silences distress and problematic thoughts so you can enjoy a clear head space. For some users, green Malay might also inspire sharper thought processes that could help with problem-solving.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

The whole point of kratom is to provide customers with all-natural wellness solutions that use zero chemicals, pesticides, hormones, and adulterants. But in advocating for all-natural cultivation techniques, farmers also accept the reality of product inconsistency.

Changes in sun exposure, water, and soil quality, watering schedules, cultivation techniques, humidity, and various other elements that farmers have zero control over mean that no two batches of kratom will ever be the same. That said, kratom that grows in different places also presents different chemical profiles.

Aside from that, it’s also worth mentioning that leaf maturity plays a role in the effects of a specific kratom product. White vein kratom (like white Maeng Da) gets harvested before the leaves mature. These are the most stimulating of all kratom vein colors.

Towards the end stage of a leaf’s life, right before it falls off the stalks, the veins turn into a reddish color. These mature red vein kratom leaves provide more soothing, relaxing effects. Right in the middle, the green vein (which is neither young nor fully mature) offers a balance of effects and what some users call the best of both worlds.

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