Posted on June 20, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

White Borneo vs White Bali Kratom

Feeling tired, down, and just plain unproductive? Don’t sweat it — a dose of white vein kratom might be all you need. Energetic and electrifying, this subgroup of kratom goodness has earned serious attention for its ability to awaken sleepy, worn-out souls.

But finding the perfect white isn’t as easy as just grabbing one off of the shelf and hoping for the best. Strains have a lot to do with the experience you get out of your white vein dose. So to help you choose the perfect variety for your situation, here’s a quick comparison of two popular whites — white Borneo and white Bali.


What is Borneo Kratom?

image of borneo kratom

As the largest island of the entire Malay archipelago, it comes as no surprise that Borneo is also home to the widest array of flora and fauna across the entire region. The lush, humid environment creates an expansive greenhouse effect that encourages wild plant growth.

On the island, kratom grows with zero restrictions and limitations. However, farmers are only legally allowed to cultivate and harvest kratom on the Indonesian front of the gargantuan island.

Known as a balanced, controlled, and clear strain, Borneo provides its users with a level of cognitive depth and presence. The white variety in particular has been known to be a wonderful strain for boosting physical performance, strength, and motivation.


Effects of White Borneo Kratom

For the record, everyone gets a different experience. The reason for that is because individuals have distinct body chemistry and tolerance which means their bodies might respond uniquely to a specific strain.

image of white borneo kratom effects

Generally, white Borneo offers lively benefits that awaken the user and rouses their physical capacity. Remember though that while these listed effects are the most common that people experience, it’s possible for you to encounter benefits that aren’t listed here, depending on how your body reacts to white Borneo.

  • Mood boost – Sometimes, an unpleasant mood can get in the way of productivity and motivation. That’s why to kick off the experience, white Borneo works hard to lift your spirits and make you feel more driven to head out the door and do something with your time.
  • Increased physical strength – Not too satisfied with your gym gains? Maybe a dose of white Borneo will help. The staff can elevate your strength and make you feel like you take on bigger challenges. This makes it ideal for blue-collar workers and for gym rats hoping to make the most of every session.
  • Energy elevation – Aside from making you feel stronger, the stuff also enhances endurance. White Borneo can make it seem as though you have more vigor and energy to power through double the work. For office employees, the energy boost can have you breezing through over time.
  • Discomfort relief – White Borneo won’t push you over your limit only to leave you with an aching frame. Working quickly to relieve physical aches and tension, white Borneo’s benefits against discomfort last well after the energy and strength subside, so you can kick back and revel in your success.


What is Bali Kratom?

image of white bali kratom

Just south of Borneo is a tiny landmass by the name of Bali Island. Something of a microcosm of Borneo Island, Bali has almost exactly the same biodiversity. The difference however is that the inland is much closer to the open salt water. The island also doesn’t have a lively river coursing through its entire diameter, unlike Borneo.

These differences, although seemingly minor, actually change the conditions on the island. More humid and moist, Bali island’s qualities lead to distinctions in the effects of the island’s kratom versus those of Borneo’s.

Despite being relatively small, Bali island still gets major props from kratom consumers in the US simply because Bali kratom is so well supplied. While the red variety may be the most popular of the Bali line, white Bali deserves equal recognition for its vigorous effects.


Effects of White Bali Kratom


Unlike Borneo kratom with effects that focus on the body, white Bali delivers a blend of benefits that mainly impact the mind. Clear and concentrated, this option sharpens mental acuity and increases brain power at least for a little while.

image of white bali kratom effects

Users who find themselves stuck in a rut due to constant confusion and distractions might find white Bali to be especially helpful. However, just like white Borneo, your experience with white Bali might be slightly different from what you read here.

  • Increased concentration and clarity – With a sudden pang of clarity, white Bali silences all mental static and noise to help you zero in on the task at hand. The variety powerfully calms and cleans out the mind so you can use all of your brain power towards a singular goal.
  • Stress relief – Bali itself has earned much popularity for its ability to relieve stress. The red variety often receives recognition for its powerfully soothing effects. White Bali on the other hand, retains some of those comforting benefits, especially when it comes to relaxing and clearing the mind of stress.
  • Discomfort relief – Another powerful property of the Bali variety, the strain’s alkaloid profile perfectly targets every ache and discomfort to help you settle into a clearer head space and disposition. Fast-acting and lasting, these effects can carry over well into the next day.
  • Mood enhancement – As a white strain, white Bali reportedly lifts up the mood much beyond just a gentle, giggly buzz. Instead, the variety shoots up happy hormones so you end up in a jolly mood that’s ideal for socialization. Without an outlet though, the mood enhancement might feel a little jittery.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

It’s all about growing conditions. When kratom is exposed to more sun, more humidity, good quality air, more fresh water and rain, and better soil, its alkaloid profile shines through. And while both Bali and Borneo Island possess good qualities, we can’t deny that they’re not exactly the same.


Fluctuations in these conditions inevitably result in changes in the alkaloid profile of kratom. In fact, because farmers can’t standardize sun, rain, and soil, even batches that come from the same farm aren’t likely to demonstrate the exact same chemistry.

Then, of course, there’s plant maturity. Kratom plants that are harvested sooner after the leaves sprout will produce energetic effects. That’s why they’re called white veins — because the leaves are so young, that they possess a whitish vein color.

Approaching maturity, these veins go from white to green, to red. Green vein kratom provides more balanced effects while red vein pushes the limit of relaxation and sedation. So depending on when the leaves are harvested, you might experience a completely different set of benefits.