Posted on June 15, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Super Green Malay vs Green Maeng Da

Both Super green Malay and green Maeng Da have received major props for their profound, stimulating benefits. Recognized as two of the most powerful greens on the market, kratom vendors who want to draw in the crowds often find it necessary to keep these kratom picks in stock.

However, despite both of these strains being strong, stimulating greens, there remain a lot of differences between them. So, if you thought you could use one or the other without noticing much of a change, this quick comparison should tell you otherwise.


What is Super Green Malay?

image of super green malay kratom

The ‘super’ line of kratom strains came about after some cultivators discovered that leaves growing closer to the top of the tree could potentially contain more potent chemistry. Exposed to more sun and fresh air, it’s believed that the heads of the kratom plant grow leaves with more pronounced alkaloid profiles.

That said, super kratom pertains to a specialized batch of kratom that uses only the top growing leaves. So, it’s not exclusive to any one kratom strain. That’s why you’ll find super Malay, super Bali, and super Indo, to name a few.

The specific effects of super kratom depend on the strain that it uses. In this case, super green Malay offers a balanced blend of stimulating and soothing effects that also emphasize and encourage creativity and mental clarity.


Effects of Super Green Malay

To be clear, the kratom experience is rarely ever consistent. You’ll notice that even samples of the same strain from two different batches might produce slightly varied effects. And that’s because of the many variables that produce fluctuations in a kratom product’s chemical profile.

image of super green malay effects

That said, it’s impossible to truly pinpoint a specific roster of effects that you’ll get after a dose of super green Malay. But just to give you some perspective, here’s what most of SGM’s users claim to experience:

  • Mental clarity and creative boost – If you’re struggling with work or if you feel like you need to up the ante with a creative project, SGM should be good for you. The stuff clears your head space and provides a powerful dose of cognitive stimulation to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Energy boost – Feeling slow and sluggish? Super Green Malay can help with that. This strain has been known to provide its user with a fast-acting dose of added energy so you can power through your day. The zest for productivity also helps improve work output and physical performance.
  • Stress relief – A dose of SGM might be all you need to help get rid of that nagging feeling at the back of your head. Able to clear away negative vibrations and unpleasant energy, super green Malay works wonders to help you adopt a more carefree disposition.
  • Mood enhancement – While it won’t make you feel overwhelmingly extroverted, super green Malay can help encourage a slightly more sociable demeanor. This works great for those moments when sitting in a corner and ignoring acquaintances just wouldn’t work in your favor.


What is Green Maeng Da?

image of green maeng da

It’s been long believed and accepted that Maeng Da is the ultimate kratom strain. Bringing together the chemistry of some of the most popular landraces, Maeng Da gets its name from the Laotian slang term for ‘pimp grade.’

Way back when the kratom industry just started gaining wind, cultivators thought to produce a Franken-strain of sorts. This grafted kratom plant combined various other strains and hoped to represent the best of each one’s chemistry. The resulting strain went on to become the standard-bearer for all kratom strains across the industry.

Today, Maeng Da has become a fixture across the shelves of any self-respecting kratom vendor. The green variety has earned significant popularity, serving a role as the standard go-to for a large majority of kratom users for its balanced, long-lasting effects.


Effects of Maeng Da

There are loads of factors that affect the general effects of Maeng Da kratom. But just like SGM, there stand a few benefits that typically get mentioned throughout Maeng Da discussions. So, to give you an idea of what you can expect after an MD dose, here are some effects commonly associated with the strain:

image of maeng da effects

  • Increased energy – And we’re not just talking about productivity and motivation. Aside from helping you move through mountains of work, green Maeng Da also provides a palpable lift in physical performance. Lots of people use the strain as a pre-workout support substance to up their gym gains.
  • Mood enhancement – A lot like SGM, green Maeng Da also has effects on a person’s mood. But contrary to the SGM effect profile, Maeng Da produces a more extroverted, in-your-face mood lift that may feel overwhelming to the uninitiated.
  • Mental clarity – When confusion and cognitive clouding get the best of you, green Maeng Da should be a sound solution. This stuff gives its user a clear head space and improved concentration so you can focus on your tasks and save yourself from distractions.
  • Discomfort relief – While most of the effects of green Maeng Da lean towards the stimulating end of the spectrum, it offers one hard-hitting, profoundly soothing effect that’s closer to the reds. This strain offers unrivaled discomfort relief that eases away physical aches and tension in a snap.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

What exactly happened between super green Malay and green Maeng Da that made them so different? They’re from the same tree after all — right?

Well, although that might seem like a logical argument, it’s important to consider environmental factors. Changes in sunlight cycles, sun exposure, air, soil, and water quality, cultivation techniques, and humidity to name a few all produce variations in alkaloid profiles.

In fact, you’ll notice differences even between batches of the same strain. That’s because farmers can never standardize environmental variables, especially since cultivators place a high value on natural techniques.

On top of that, there’s the color vein. Mature red vein kratom that showcases reddish, bright-colored veins underneath the leaves provide more soothing effects. On the other hand, white veins — characteristic of younger, immature leaves — offer stimulating benefits.

Green vein leaves fall right in the middle. Neither young nor mature, these leaves blend together stimulation and sedation to provide a balanced, controlled experience ideal for everyday use.