Posted on July 15, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Malay vs Red Maeng Da

Anyone hoping to relax and unwind would do well to take a dose of red vein kratom. Universally recognized as the ultimate solution against both physical and mental stress, red vein kratom strains imbue the body with a blissful blend of subduing effects that stops discomfort right in its tracks.

There are lots of different kinds of reds on the market. But in this particular guide, we’re comparing two of the most popular. How exactly does the red Malay experience stand up to red Maeng Da? Here’s everything you need to know.


What is Malay Kratom?

image of red malay kratom

As the name suggests, Malay kratom originally came from Malaysia. For a long time now, however, farmers have had to cultivate Malay elsewhere due to strict regulations and laws that banned kratom farming, possession, use, and sale throughout the country of Malaysia.

That said, any Malay kratom you might get your hands on would have likely been cultivated on Indonesian soil. Nonetheless, the plant retains much of its original chemistry, which provides users a kratom experience that’s unlike any other.

Uplifting and upbeat, Malay kratom has often received attention from users who just want to bring out the best in themselves. The red variety however tosses in a few unique elements that could change the way you enjoy the overall experience.

Effects of Red Malay Kratom

Malay’s inherent effects showcase a stimulating blend of effects that simply elevate your present disposition. Users who want to put their best foot forward often turn to the strain for its controlled effects that plainly improve your usual, everyday status.

The red variety still holds on to most of those effects, with the distinction that it just might feel a little sleepier and dreamier than other Malay color veins. Do keep in mind however that your own personal experience with red Malay might still be different from what others describe. That’s just the way that kratom works.

image of red malay kratom effects

  • Discomfort relief – What’s unique about red Malay’s effects on physical discomfort is that it doesn’t only relieve various forms of bodily stress, tension, and aches, but that it also reaches throughout your system with a numbing static feeling that tingles the extremities with soothing calm.
  • Sleep support – Maybe you’re struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep. Whatever the case, red Malay might be what you’re looking for. The strain’s profoundly penetrating effects pierce through the mind and body with a deep sense of relaxation that induces a peaceful lasting sleep.
  • General sense of well-being – When was the last time you felt truly happy, contented, and well? Red Malay may help to relieve any and all bodily and mental discomfort so you can feel truly well and satisfied. The strain leaves no room for want and may have you feeling like your best self.


What is Maeng Da Kratom?

image of red maeng da kratom

Unlike Malay which is essentially a landrace, Maeng Da is actually a cultivar. Now, what does that mean? Well, landraces are kratom strains that exist in the wild without the need for human intervention. Maeng Da on the other hand never actually existed in nature, until it was cultivated by farmers.

Hoping to combine all of the wonderful effects of their favorite kratom landraces, farmers grafted together various kratom strains to produce what they believed would be the ultimate kratom variety. The resulting Maeng Da kratom gets its name from Laotian slang that means ‘pimp grade.’

Today, most vendors keep their Maeng Da kratom in a completely separate category, which already tells you how potent and respected the variety actually is. Red vein Maeng Da, although equally relaxing, tosses in a few interesting effects that make it different from any other red you’re likely to try.

Effects of Red Maeng Da Kratom

Soothing and relaxing, but with a slight electrifying buzz, red Maeng Da offers nighttime effects that could have your head up in the clouds. The experience is still best reserved for those with slightly more experience. But the uninitiated might still enjoy the encounter with just the right dose.

Before you set your expectations though, remember that the kratom experience is different for everyone. So, while you might encounter some of these effects, the overall experience might still be slightly tweaked versus what others describe.

  • Sleep support – It’s hard to resist the sleep-centric effects of the red Maeng Da strain. Overpowering and profound, the sleepy stupor induced by a dose can have you rocking back and forth into a deep sleep within just a few minutes of the alkaloids taking effect.
  • Full body relaxation – As your body calms, your breathing slows, and your mind comes to a full halt, the strain embraces your entire being with the deep-reaching effects of full body relaxation. The strain’s hard-hitting effects leave no room for discomfort and keep the body in perfect stillness.
  • Discomfort relief – What’s a red without effects of physical discomfort? Red Maeng Da makes sure to banish all forms of aches, tension, stress, and soreness so you can fully enjoy its relaxing benefits. Working quickly to relieve discomfort, the strain also works wonders as an after-work pick-me-up.
  • Dreamy mental state – Putting its user in a blissful, carefree mental state, red Maeng Da may conjure up creative thoughts and images to keep you entertained as you lay in bed. The colorful cognitive activity can have you giggling and smiling for the duration of the strain’s pleasant effects.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

image of different kratom strains

No two kratom farms are ever the same. And no two geographical locations ever offer exactly the same growing conditions. Changes in sun exposure, water quality, soil composition, and farming techniques also sprout changes in alkaloid profiles. So, it’s only natural for various kratom strains to exist.

Another thing to consider is a color vein. As the leaves mature, they change their general effects. While younger leaves tend to be more energetic and stimulating, older leaves that have reached the end of their viable lifespan tend to produce more relaxing benefits — as in the case of red vein kratom.