Posted on July 21, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Maeng Da vs White Maeng Da

Interested in experiencing the full extent of kratom’s power? Maeng Da would be perfect for you. Typically recognized as the one strain to rule them all, Maeng Da possesses power and chemistry that comes from a combination of every landrace known to man.

But as you might already know, there’s more to Maeng Da than just its inherent strain-attributed chemistry. Color veins play a major role in the kratom encounter. So, if you were hoping to get the best out of your Maeng Da experience, here’s how to choose between red and white.


What is Red Maeng Da Kratom?

image of red maeng da kratom

Let’s first consider the origins of the Maeng Da strain. Considered the most potent variety on the market, Maeng Da rose through the ranks because of its once mysterious roots. Up until recently, users had no idea where the strain came from. But the unmasking of its origins proved to further enhance the strain’s exotic appeal.

Versus any other kratom strain, Maeng Da stands as one of the few (or the only) cultivars. That means it was developed as the result of human intervention when farmers grafted together different kratom strains to produce the ultimate kratom superpower. The name even literally translates to ‘pimp grade.’

Red vein Maeng Da comes from harvesting the most mature leaves on the plant — the ones showcasing reddish veins underneath their leaves. According to experts, red vein kratom produces more soothing, relaxing benefits than any other color.

Effects of Red Maeng Da Kratom

While red Maeng Da’s effects are definitely leaning towards the side of soothing calm, it’s nothing like the experience you would get from a basic red landrace. The cultivar’s benefits shine through with Maeng Da’s signature effects that make the whole encounter distinct from many others.

Do note however that the benefits you get out of a red Maeng Da dose might not perfectly mirror those of other users. But just to give you a heads up, most of those who enjoy red Maeng Da claim to develop the following effects:

  • Sleep support – Maeng Da’s deep-reaching effects seem to pierce through the core and resonate outward with a sense of overpowering calm. As the body is assisted out of its cares and woes, the user feels relaxed, breathing is slowed, and the eyelids weigh down for a peaceful sleep.
  • Dreamy cognition – At lower doses, you’ll notice that red Maeng Da may lift your head up into the clouds. Its chemistry elicits a dream-like response that can help users distance themselves from the drudgery of everyday life. Calm, easy, and creative, the dream-like state can have you giggling and smiling for hours.
  • Discomfort relief – Looking for a way to soothe that tired, tense body of yours? Red Maeng Da’s effects work wonders to relieve physical discomfort in all of its forms. The strong alkaloid profile eliminates aches, tension, stress, and stiffness so you can flop on your bed without a care.

image of discomfort relief effect of red maeng da

  • Full body calm – With colorful dreams and images fluttering through your head and your body in a state of absolute calm, the strain embraces its user in total restful peace. While some users might not feel the need to nod off after a red Maeng Da does, it’s definitely enough to glue you to your seat.


What is White Maeng Da Kratom?

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s white Maeng Da kratom. Another variety of the Maeng Da strain, this particular choice isn’t something we can recommend for the uninitiated. Strong, hard-hitting, in-your-face, and at times overwhelming, white Maeng Da finds its place in the stashes of veteran users.

While red Maeng Da leaves get harvested right before the mature leaves fall off the stems, white Maeng Da leaves get plucked off of the plant almost immediately after they sprout. These immature leaves are the youngest in the bunch and showcase pale whitish veins underneath, which explains the color designation.

Lively, energetic, stimulating, and awakening, white vein Maeng Da can zap you out of a tired, dreary existence and turn you into the life of the party. The powerful color vein works best for social gatherings or for those instances when you want a cheery mood boost and strong willpower to charge your way through a busy day.

image of white maeng da kratom

Effects of White Maeng Da Kratom

Again, this variety doesn’t joke around. As one of the strongest kratom strains you’ll find on the market, white Maeng Da captures its user and banishes any sense of slow, calm relaxation. Although it might also help with some body discomfort issues, its main objective remains to awaken your system.

Remember though that the experience might be different for everyone. Buying quality products and measuring out the proper dose should help you better enjoy the strain’s effects without overwhelming your system.

  • Energy boost – And we’re not just talking about a moderate lift. White Maeng Da’s energy increase is an experience in and of itself, lifting the user out of their everyday disposition and lifting them to a higher level of pure vigor and zeal. Without direction, this effect might have you feeling jittery.
  • Improved physical performance – Feel like you’re always cutting corners at the gym? White Maeng Da can help. This stuff improves physical performance, allowing you to maximize your gains during a workout. With increasing strength and willpower, you might find yourself doing double the work.
  • Discomfort relief – Along with the powerful boost of energy and zeal, white Maeng Da also lends its user an encompassing sense of body comfort. The variety lifts away all forms of physical aches, soreness, and tiredness, further magnifying its effects in the energy department.
  • Mood enhancement – Whether it’s a small get-together with a few friends from work or a major event, white Maeng Da has you covered. The mood boost brings out your hidden extrovert, allowing you to glide gracefully through any gathering without coming off as too forward or annoying.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

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Kratom alkaloid expression changes depending on the different variables affecting its growth. For instance, more sunlight, more water, more humidity, and better soil all allow for a more profound, richer alkaloid content. And because these variables change across areas where kratom grows, then alkaloid expression changes as well.

That ultimately explains the reason behind kratom strains. But as demonstrated here, color veins also have a role to play. Depending on when a leaf is harvested (relative to its maturity), you might get a different experience altogether.

Younger leaves start off as more stimulating but become more relaxing as they reach the end stage of their viable life span.