Posted on August 15, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Maeng Da vs Green Maeng Da

The name ‘Maeng Da’ has become almost synonymous with ‘the ultimate kratom strain’, and for good reasons. Developed by kratom farmers in the hopes of developing the strongest strain known to man, Maeng Da doesn’t fall short of expectations with its powerful effects.

Just like any other strain, however, Maeng Da comes in an array of color veins. Affecting its overall profile, these color veins might dictate just how satisfied you might be with your Maeng Da experience. So, to help you choose the right option here’s a quick comparison of red and green Maeng Da.


What is Green Maeng Da?

image of green maeng da

First off — it’s important to discuss Maeng Da as a strain. This variety never actually existed in the wild and was developed as the result of human curiosity. Southeast Asian farmers hoping to produce the most potent kratom strain grafted together different varieties. The resulting speciosa was rightly called Maeng Da.

Translated literally, Maeng Da means ‘pimp grade.’ This potent variety inherently showcases energetic effects. But depending on the color vein, you could get an interesting mix of different benefits. The green vein in particular provides what users describe as a more balanced experience.

Neither excessively energetic nor particularly soothing, green Maeng Da offers a controlled blend of effects that bring the best of both worlds. Although in some cases, users claim that green MD encourages a slightly more stimulating response, its relaxing benefits are rarely ever lost.

Effects of Green Maeng Da

It’s hard to encapsulate the general experience that you would get out of a green Maeng Da dose. Some users who have tried to detail their encounter with the strain have claimed that it simply works to bring out your best self.

image of green maeng da effects

As though rebooting your system, green Maeng Da inspires a sense of calm, collected motivation, and a pleasant buzz that should have you zooming through your day without a fuss. Keep in mind though that the experience will likely change from user to user. But here are some effects you might expect:

  • Stress relief – When it comes to red-leaning effects, green Maeng Da’s benefits against stress are its most prominent relaxation benefit. The strain eliminates cognitive distress, paving the way for a sense of contentment and ease that should elevate your mental performance.
  • Mood boost – Feeling down in the dumps? An unpleasant mood can get in the way of productivity. Fortunately, green Maeng Da elevates its user’s mood to resolve a nasty disposition and make you feel more inclined to get things done.
  • Increased productivity – One of the biggest benefits of taking a dose of green Maeng Da would have to be its effects on productivity. The strain’s chemistry inspires its user to get up and get going. With increased energy, a clear mind, and a desire to move, the strain makes work feel like play.
  • Enhanced physical performance – Feeling like you’re not giving a hundred percent at the gym? Green Maeng Da can bring out the beast from within. Somehow elevating physical capacity and strength, this strain can improve your exercise performance or support manual labor required at work.


What is Red Maeng Da?

image of red maeng da

Harvesting green Maeng Da entails waiting for the leaves to mature slightly after they bud. The color designation actually refers to the appearance of the veins underneath the leaves. These partially matured leaves produce balanced effects across the board regardless of the actual kratom strain used.

Wait for a little longer after the veins turn green, and you’ll notice that they’ll shift in color and will turn slightly reddish towards the end of the leaf’s viable lifespan. Right before they fall off the branches, these red-veined leaves are harvested, processed, dried, and pulverized to produce red Maeng Da.

Generally speaking, red-veined kratom offers subduing, tranquilizing effects. Typically reserved for nighttime use, these varieties also find purpose among users hoping to relieve their minds and bodies of tension, stress, and discomfort.

Effects of Red Maeng Da

Versus green Maeng Da, red Maeng Da drops most of its energetic benefits and replaces them with soothing, calming effects that impact both mind and body. Compared to other reds, however, red Maeng Da can be described as slightly more tranquilizing.

image of red maeng da effects

Remember though that the effects of each strain might differ from person to person. Depending on how your body responds, you might encounter effects that aren’t usually associated with red Maeng Da. Nevertheless, here are the benefits that users most commonly report:

  • Sleep support – Users who struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep often find that red Maeng Da provides the perfect solution. The fast-acting strain slows down your breathing, calms the mind, and numbs the body to weight down the eyelids and induce profound drowsiness.
  • Full body relaxation – There’s a solution to that restlessness you’re feeling. Red Maeng Da numbs out the extremities and seems to slow down all bodily functions so you can lie down and just stay that way. The pseudo-coma is the peak of relaxation and allows complete surrender to rest.
  • Cognitive fluff – It’s hard to really put a pin on what this particular effect feels like. But some users have attempted to describe the feeling, which is like having your thoughts up in the clouds. Calm, soothing, and seemingly without direction, the pointless thought process is both blissful and relaxing.
  • Discomfort relief – If a red doesn’t relieve your physical aches and tension, is it really a red? Well, fortunately, red Maeng Da doesn’t fall short of expectations. The strain’s powerful effects of discomfort work almost instantly and help to achieve a true sense of physical freedom.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

Kratom plants need pretty much the same things that other plants need to thrive and survive. Sunlight, water, soil, and care all go into the cultivation of speciosa. However, because these variables are never consistent, it’s only natural that kratom plants manifest distinct alkaloid expressions as a result of these variations.

We also have to consider that farmers don’t all use the same techniques. In fact, even kratom that comes from the same farm might showcase distinctions between batches. So, it’s not hard to see why kratom strains exist. But there’s more to it than just the strain or the location of kratom’s growth.

As demonstrated here, the age of the leaves at harvest may have an impact on how your body responds to the variety. While reds provide soothing effects and greens offer a balance, white vein kratom is strictly energetic and boosts its user’s motivation, vigor, and mood in more elevated, stimulating ways.

image of kratom leaves and capsules