Posted on August 3, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Bentuangie vs Red Bali

Red Bentuangie and red Bali both enjoy recognition as two of the best red kratom strains for people hoping to kick back and relax. Rich with alkaloids that focus on relief and tranquility, these strains aim for the same results — calm and rest.

But the means by which they achieve that end may differ. While one soothes its user to a blissful dreamy sleep, the other imbues the body with a lasting sense of wakeful wellness. So which one’s right for you? Here’s a quick comparison.


What is Bentuangie Kratom?

image of red bentuangie kratom

Two distinct factors distinguish Bentuangie as a strain. The first, much like many others, is that it comes to form a designated locale. On the Island of Borneo, a vigorous, enchanting river passes through the near center of the landmass.

Along this river, farmers cultivate Bentuangie kratom to imbue the plants with the rich minerals and natural compounds that the river generously supplies. This allows the variety to demonstrate unique alkaloid expression.

Aside from location, Bentuangie kratom also passes through another step in the preparation process. To elevate the strain’s effects, farmers ferment the leaves by keeping them in a warm humid room after harvest.

This is said to strengthen the alkaloid profile and enhance and lengthen the kratom strain’s effects. By appearance, it also gives Bentuangie a slightly yellower tinge compared to other kratom varieties.

Effects of Red Bentuangie Kratom

So, what can you expect after tossing and washing red Bentuangie speciosa? Well, the experience may change from person to person. Things like body chemistry, tolerance, and product quality inevitably get in the way of a standardized encounter.

Nevertheless, the majority of accounts from users describing their experience with red Bentuangie claim that the strain offers a mainly wakeful encounter that’s easy on the body and soothing for the mind.

image of red bentuangie kratom effects

  • Discomfort relief – With strong properties that fight off discomfort and various forms of aches and soreness, red Bentuangie earns major popularity for its fast-acting relief against physical tension. At the end of a tiring work day, a dose of red Bentuangie might be all you need to soothe your aching self.
  • Mood improvement– While it doesn’t elevate your mood, it definitely improves your present disposition and demeanor. The variety eases away cognitive stress by clearing up your mental bandwidth so you can do away with the problems and enjoy the now.
  • Mental clarity – Of course, with the strain clearing out your mind, there’s lots of room left for rumination and aimless cognitive exercise. The mental clarity can convert into creativity, but most of it will feel like a blissful, dreamy nothingness and ultimately cognitive peace.
  • General sense of well-being– As you sit there and marinate in the effects of red Bentuangie, you’ll feel a wave of wellness just washing over you. Consistent use of this particular strain may have you feeling particularly upbeat amid the dreamy silence.


What is Bali Kratom?

One of the most prolific strains on the market, Bali enjoys a seat as a constant across kratom stashes across the nation. Vendors have access to a virtually unlimited supply of Bali because of its widespread availability and the simplified logistics that serve the tiny island along the southern border of Indonesia.

Bali kratom in particular is regarded as a calming, soothing strain regardless of the color vein. Its effects penetrate deep into the barriers of the mind and produce sedative effects even at low doses.

Ideally a nighttime strain, red Bali kratom offers effects that are slightly more incapacitating than those of red Bentuangie. So users hoping to conk out quickly and easily at the end of a long day might find purpose in a dose of red Bali.

image of red bali kratom

Effects of Red Bali Kratom

A dose of red Bali might put you in a daze. The powerful alkaloid profile impacts sensibilities and the motivation to stand up and move. Individuals struggling with sleep issues might find a dose of red Bali to be an easy solution.

Remember though that as with any other kratom strain, the effects of this variety are not set in stone. So while these effects get the most mentions during red Bali discussions, you may or may not experience the whole lot of them.

  • Sleep support – Heavy eyelids and slowed breathing are just some of the effects of red Bali that might lead you to feel like lying down. The strain’s alkaloids place the user into a state of full relaxation that inevitably results in a sleepy disposition.
  • Dreamy mental state – While red Bentuangie might have you feeling creative, red Bali makes no time for functional cognitive activity. Instead, the strain inspires colorful, meaningless images to come to your mental foreground purely for the purpose of dreamy entertainment.
  • Discomfort relief – As a red variety, it’s no surprise that red Bali works effectively to reduce any form of physical discomfort. The rapid effects grip the body almost instantly, soothing tired muscles and placing the extremities and core in a state of floppy pseudo-numbness.
  • Giggly, upbeat mood – Red Bali’s effects on mood might be a little more giggly than red Bentuangie’s. Happy and smiley, yet calm and collected, the mood effects that come with a dose of red Bali probably won’t encourage social interaction, but it’s always pleasant to feel good just for yourself.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

image of different kratom strains

Good environmental conditions lead to high-quality kratom. Sun exposure, water quality, and soil conditions all contribute to alkaloid expression within the leaves. But because kratom is naturally cultivated and farmed, farmers have no way of standardizing all of these elements.

Thus kratom may present distinct profiles depending on where they were grown. In fact, these elements can vary so widely that even kratom that comes from the same farm might not be exactly the same.

This ultimately explains the reason why we have strains in the first place. Another thing that causes differences in kratom products is the maturity of the leaves when they’re taken from the plant.

Younger leaves with white veins often produce energetic, lively effects in their users. Give the leaves a little more time to grow, and you’ve got green vein leaves with balanced effects that incorporate both relaxing and stimulating effects.

And then fully mature red vein leaves, as described in this comparison guide, provide entirely soothing benefits that make them ideal for use at the end of a long, tiring day.