Posted on July 13, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Indo vs Bali Kratom Review

Indonesia plays a key role in the US kratom market. With the most relaxed kratom cultivation and export laws, Indonesia stands as the most active supplier of all kratom vendors across the United States — and other countries that sell it.

Needless to say, the Southeast Asian nation has developed numerous kratom strains that grow on their rich, fertile soil. Among their most popular are Indo and Bali kratom which, despite their similarities, exist as completely separate and distinct varieties of speciosa.


What is Indo Kratom?

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Grown on the Indonesian mainland, Indo kratom is the easiest to export to other countries because of the accessibility of logistics services. This Indonesian strain grows in dense forests and thrives best in the hot, humid weather of the Southeast Asian locale.

Always in abundant supply, Indo kratom has become one of the most recognizable favorites across the shelves of US-based kratom vendors. And because the strain is always regularly available, many kratom users turn to it as their standard, go-to variety.

In terms of effects, Indo kratom delivers a balance of both energizing and soothing benefits that work to inspire a sense of wellness. Of course, effects vary depending on the color vein. But most users agree that Indo offers a controlled experience ideal for beginners and casual kratom users.

Effects of Indo Kratom

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Lifting away negative thoughts and emotions, Indo kratom effectively lays the groundwork to support a happy, healthy mood. The strain also works well to soothe tiredness and soreness, which may help individuals struggling with physical aches.

As you take a dose, however, you might notice that your experience doesn’t exactly mirror what you read about Indo online. That’s totally okay. Every user has a different tolerance and body chemistry that impacts the response their body has to kratom.

  • Stress relief – The first noticeable effect that Indo kratom leaves in its wake is a sense of stress relief. The variety uplifts low spirits and eliminates distress that could cause apprehension. It also clears your head space to give you a better, brighter perspective of your present situation.
  • Relaxation and calm – It’s hard to keep feeling on edge when kratom already works to lift away your stress. You’ll notice that with the feeling of contentment and control, Indo also imbues the body with a physical sense of release and calm that lets you unclench and sink into tranquility.
  • Discomfort relief – With your body relieved of tension and your mind free from stress, Indo then gets to work on aches and discomforts that could water down the soothing experience. Alleviating soreness and tension in your muscles and joints, Indo effectively relieves the body of any irritation.
  • Mood lift – Indo doesn’t really act like high-energy strains that release an extroverted version of you. But then again, the strain works to uplift your mood and take you out of the dumps. The pleasant disposition can benefit your mental wellness and definitely trickles out for others to behold.


What is Bali Kratom?

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While Indo kratom grows near Indonesia’s commercial center for easy transport, Bali kratom thrives on the tiny island of Bali. Located along the southern edge of the Indonesian archipelago, Bali island’s tiny landmass is home to pristine beaches and dense, lush forests.

As a tourist destination, Bali Island receives much attention and care from the Indonesian government. So in an effort to preserve its natural beauty, the local government imposes strict rules and regulations that aim to protect Bali island from adulteration.

This in effect doesn’t only maintain the island’s beauty but also conserves its natural forests which helps kratom to thrive. On the tiny landmass, acres of lush, unspoiled rainforests provide kratom with the perfect conditions for growth.

Bali kratom in particular leans ever more closely to the relaxation end of the kratom effect spectrum. For this reason, the red variety gets the most attention and patronage from users across the kratom field.

Effects of Bali Kratom

Relaxing and soothing, Bali kratom makes the ideal go-to for users hoping to get away from it all. The laid-back variety offers a flurry of pacifying effects that can appease an aching body and weary mind.

Again, just like Indo kratom, Bali’s effects may change depending on how your body responds to the alkaloids in the strain. Most people get relaxing effects from a dose of Bali. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your system will react the same way to Bali’s chemistry.

image of bali kratom effects

  • Discomfort relief – In many ways, Bali kratom has earned a reputation as a reliable solution against bodily discomfort. Locals across Bali island chew the leaves raw to leverage its benefits that help relax the muscles and lift away soreness and tension after a long, laborious day.
  • General sense of well-being – What’s that feeling settling in? Like a sense of contentment that’s rooted in your core. Well, Bali kratom effectively works to imbue the whole person with a sense of wellness. This can impact both your mood and your demeanor by making you feel free from distress.
  • Sleep support – Red Bali in particular works wonders to support a healthy, proper sleeping pattern. The variety relieves the mind and body, bringing the respiratory rate down to a minimum. As this happens, the strain weighs down on your eyelids and induces an uninterrupted sleep.
  • Mood regulation – While you won’t feel upbeat, energetic, or extroverted, the strain may improve your overall disposition. The effect is mainly self-serving in that you’re probably the only one to experience its pleasantry, but it works well to uplift a tired, weary spirit.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

There’s a reason why so many kratom strains exist. Consider all of the different factors necessary to grow healthy, mature kratom plants. These include things like sunlight, water, and soil.

Then, think about how all of these elements may change across Southeast Asia. For instance, the water quality on the island of Bali likely differs from the water available anywhere else in Indonesia.

Sun and rain patterns also vary from location to location. And then, of course, soil composition is the most difficult to standardize. So in effect, we get kratom plants that are exposed to distinct conditions across different parts of the region. This results in differences in their chemistry.

Harvest schedules also play a role. Effects of kratom can change depending on when they’re plucked and processed. Younger white vein leaves produce energizing effects, mature red vein leaves produce relaxing effects. And then in the middle, you have green vein kratom leaves that balance out both ends of the spectrum.

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