Posted on June 14, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Green Indo vs Green Maeng Da

In the green kratom department, strains battle it out for supremacy, especially since effects can be so widely varied. There’s no one way to combine relaxation and stimulation. So strains end up demonstrating particularly distinct profiles.

On your quest for the best green, it’s impossible not to consider green Indo vs green Maeng Da. Often recognized as two of the best in the green arena, these strains provide unique experiences that could change the way you enjoy your kratom.


What is Indo Kratom?

image of green indo kratom

The popular Indo landrace enjoys a presence unlike any other. That’s because, across Southeast Asia, Indonesia boasts the least restrictions when it comes to the cultivation, sale, and export of kratom products.

Thus kratom that grows in the country gets freely handled and shipped to other areas around the world. That said, it’s not too much of a challenge for kratom vendors to keep a steady supply of this specific strain.

Indo kratom grows on the Indonesian mainland and provides well-rounded effects that can keep you powered through the day. The green-veined variety provides just enough stimulation to improve motivation but also plays a role in helping you relax and stay calm.


Effects of Green Indo Kratom

The well-balanced green Indo profile easily earned the respect of kratom users hoping to get their hands on a reliable go-to. The strain helps users put their best foot forward, and simply works to showcase their best selves.

image of green indo kratom effects

On the topic of effects, however, it’s important to remember that not everyone gets exactly the same experience out of a kratom strain. Your body may respond differently to green Indo kratom, which means you may or may not get this full range of effects:

  • Stress relief – The effects of green Indo happen all at once. After the toss and wash, you might not feel much. But the rapid crescendo brings you to the fullness of stress relief in the blink of an eye so you can enjoy relative wellness and calm.
  • Mood lift – Since it is a green variety, green Indo doesn’t extrovert its user. Instead, it gives a very manageable mood boost that simply makes it easier to interact and stay active throughout the day. The uplifted mood also helps bolster your resistance to everyday stress and frustration.
  • Discomfort relief – Tired of aching muscles and full body soreness? Green Indo has you covered. The strain works almost instantly to relieve bodily discomfort so you can move freely and maximize your physical output and exertion.
  • General well-being – After a dose of green Indo, it’s hard not to feel just overall happy and well. The alkaloids within the leaves inspire a feeling of generalized fitness and heartiness that makes it easier to power through the day and all it entails.


What is Maeng Da Kratom?

image of green maeng da kratom

Indo kratom is a naturally occurring variety. That basically means that even before humans knew kratom existed, Indo had already been available in the wild. The same can’t be said however for Maeng Da.

Despite being recognized as the standard-bearer for high-quality and potent kratom, Maeng Da never actually existed prior to being grafted by farmers. This cultivar is thus essentially the result of farmers’ effort to produce a high-quality strain.

They did this by grafting parts of various kratom strains together to produce what they would call the OG strain. Translated, Maeng Da actually means ‘pimp grade’, which says a lot about its effects and benefits.

Green Maeng Da kratom sits right in the middle of the effect spectrum. Slightly more lively and energetic than green Indo, the strain also activates brain power to encourage users to exercise the fullness of their mental capacity.


Effects of Green Maeng Da Kratom

Electrifying and dynamic, green Maeng Da teeters a little closer over the edge into stimulating territory. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have a few relaxing benefits of its own. But, the strain’s profile ultimately showcases a powerful inclination to energy which is a signature of the MD variety.

image of green maeng da kratom effects

Once again, it pays to recall that your body’s reaction to green MD might not perfectly fit the description below. It still depends on your body chemistry, tolerance, dosage, and the quality of the product you’re using.

  • Stimulation – Green Maeng Da sends a rumbling sensation through your feet, empowering you to get up and move. The stimulated state of being can make users feel the need to occupy their time with productive activity, so sitting still really isn’t an option after a green MD dose.
  • Mood elevation – Slightly more extroverted than green Indo, green Maeng Da awakens a sense of socialization that shines through for the duration of the dose. Users often feel more comfortable and capable during social interactions, but still probably won’t seek out social contact.
  • Mental clarity and creativity – Green Maeng Da clears the mind of static, clutter, and noise that could get in the way of productivity and motivation. The strain sweeps the mind clean of any unnecessary thoughts so you can conjure up fresh new ideas with a clear perspective.
  • Discomfort relief – In true Maeng Da fashion, green Maeng Da offers to make users feel more comfortable than ever before. The powerful effects against discomfort banish any feelings of soreness or tiredness, improving physical performance along the way.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

Notice how head shops can effectively standardize the effects of their kratom, but sacrifice purity to reach that end. That’s because, by nature, kratom can’t be standardized. So to achieve homogeneous effects across the board, some manufacturers throw additives into the mix.

The reason for the ever-changing alkaloid profiles between strains and batches is that naturally grown and cultivated kratom requires elements that are outside of a farmer’s control.

For instance, there’s no way to dictate sun exposure or rain patterns. We also can’t entirely control soil quality, although there are a few things we can do to make these elements better. However, in the end, it’s all up to mother nature.

Consider how these variables change from farm to farm, region to region, country to country, and it’s plain to see why strains are an inevitable kratom reality. We also have to consider the age of the leaves at harvest.

Depending on how young or how mature the kratom leaves are when they’re plucked off of the plant, the effects may vary significantly. White vein kratom offers stimulating benefits, red vein kratom delivers soothing benefits. And then green vein kratom combines both to produce a balanced, controlled experience.

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