Posted on June 13, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Green Borneo vs Green Maeng Da

Both remarkable greens, green Borneo and green Maeng Da impart stimulating yet balanced effects to energize your system. However, despite their striking similarities, these strains provide distinct experiences that could affect your satisfaction. So, it pays to know how they differ so you can make the right choice.

While one focuses on discomfort relief, the other inspires an energetic buzz that can keep you on the go for hours. So, depending on the kind of awakening experience you’re hankering for, these two options provide starkly different benefits and effects.


What is Green Borneo Kratom?

image of green borneo kratom

Cultivated in and harvested from the gargantuan island of Borneo, Borneo kratom often gets major recognition for its properties that combat discomfort. The strain offers profound relief that impacts both mind and body. So, anyone hoping to enjoy a peaceful, easy moment would do well to take a Borneo dose.

The green Borneo variety, in particular, offers a slightly energetic experience that’s highlighted by a calm, collected energy boost that’s perfect for everyday use. Its steady effects come with a set of long, long legs, so a single dose may be sufficient to see you through the day.

Green Borneo has earned a rightful place as a go-to across most kratom users’ rotating stashes. Lasting, fast-acting, and controlled, green Borneo won’t overwhelm your system with bold, in-your-face effects.

Effects of Green Borneo

When it comes to green Borneo or any kratom for that matter, effects fluctuate from person to person. Numerous factors impact the experience and change the way the body responds to a specific strain.

image of green borneo kratom effects

Despite the variations, however, kratom strains may produce certain effects more commonly than others. So, when you take a dose of green Borneo, you’re more likely to experience these benefits as reported by its users:

  • Discomfort relief – Borneo as a strain typically holds a reputation as a remarkably powerful agent against discomfort. The variety works rapidly to relieve physical aches and muscular tension. For this reason, it has found favor in the eyes of blue-collar workers and gym buffs who need the relief.
  • Energy boost – Considered an effective solution against drowsy, sleepy, laziness, green Borneo awakens your system with a sharp dose of energy. The powerful effects inspire productivity and may even elevate your peak physical capabilities.
  • Cognitive stimulation – If mental clouding and confusion keep getting in the way of work, then you might want to consider a dose of green Borneo. Stimulating cognitive activity, the strain elevates mental powers and strengthens acuity and sharpness for more efficient thought processing.
  • Stress and apprehension relief – We all get that looming feeling of gloom and doom now and again — sometimes for no apparent reason. Green Borneo effectively banishes stress and clears the mind of jittery feelings of worry and apprehension so you can enjoy true peace and quiet.


What is Green Maeng Da?

image of green maeng da

In an effort to develop the world’s strongest kratom, farmers from went around Southeast Asia, taking samples from existing landraces. They then took these cuttings and grafted them together. The resulting conglomeration would come to be known as Maeng Da.

Literally translated, Maeng Da means ‘pimp grade’, and sheds light on the extravagantly powerful effects of the Franken strain. Combining the chemistry of all the different kratom landraces, Maeng Da delivers profound effects that may rub off as overwhelming for less experienced users.

Maeng Da has earned such significant recognition in today’s kratom market that many vendors classify the variety as an entirely separate line of kratom. The green variety, in particular, has become a favorite for users interested in an upbeat, elevated, energetic experience.


Effects of Green Maeng Da

Uplifting and energizing, green Maeng Da typically comes with slightly more profound effects than green Borneo. And that’s understandable considering the diverse roots of this special variety.

Keep in mind though that just like any other form of kratom, Maeng Da’s effects change from person to person. But in general, you might expect a combination of any of these benefits to showcase their power after a dose of green Maeng Da:

image of green maeng da effects

  • Invigorating and energizing – Although green Maeng Da also provides an energy boost like green Borneo, the strain’s effects are far more powerful. Its surge of strength and motivation charges through the system at full force and may make you feel jittery if left without a sufficient outlet.
  • Mood lift – The upbeat effects of green Maeng Da can elevate your mood and make you feel more extroverted and sociable. The strong upward charge of carefree bliss can get you talking more than you usually do, making a dose of green MD suitable for social gatherings.
  • Discomfort relief – Here’s where green Borneo might be slightly more effective. Green Maeng Da also offers benefits against physical discomfort, soothing aching muscles, and joints. But these properties might not be quite as profound as those delivered by a dose of green Borneo.
  • Mental clarity – The cognitive effects of the green Maeng Da strain effectively relieve tension and clouding. It opens up the mind and allows users to reach deeper and farther to conjure up thoughts and ideas that would otherwise escape the consciousness.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

Some kratom skeptics think that strains are nothing but a marketing ploy. But it pays to consider the science. Even the slightest changes in soil composition, humidity levels, water quality, cultivation techniques, and sun exposure can have an impact on plant chemistry.

So, it goes without saying that kratom that grows in Malaysia could present distinctions versus kratom that’s cultivated in Indonesia. Heck, even kratom that’s cultivated on the same farm will come with variations in alkaloid profile — it’s all the result of changes in farming methods and environments.

Then we also have to consider plant maturity. The colors of the veins underneath the leaves shift as the plant matures. Immature leaves showcase white veins. These are the most stimulating of any color vein. As they approach maturity, they turn green and develop a balanced blend of benefits that combine relaxation with energy. Then, right before the fully mature leaves fall off of the stems, the veins turn red. These red vein leaves deliver soothing benefits that support sleep, relaxation, calm, and relief in all of their forms.