Posted on July 9, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Bentuangie Kratom Review

Kratom varieties come about as a result of differences in the conditions where they’re grown. And while that might be true to some extent for Bentuangie kratom, this specific variety gets an added edge by the way that it’s processed after harvest.

Thanks to the unique methods used to prepare Bentuangie kratom, the strain offers profoundly distinct benefits when compared to its other kratom counterparts. So if you were hoping for a brand new experience that’s focused on relief, Bentuangie might be a strain for you.


What is Bentuangie Kratom?

image of bentuangie kratom

This particular variety gets its name from the small area of the island of Borneo where it grows. Leaves used for Bentuangie come from farms that grow near the borders of a long river that courses through the island. This provides the kratom with mineral-rich, fertile soil that enhances its alkaloid profile.

After selecting the leaves for harvest, farmers process Bentuangie by putting it through an extra step — fermentation. The fermented leaves are left to age in humid conditions, after which they’re powdered and processed. The end product touts a slightly more yellow undertone than other varieties.

This fermentation process works to enhance the leaves’ chemical profile. So the resulting product comes with more profound, lasting effects versus other forms and strains of kratom.

Similar to other varieties, Bentuangie comes in red, white, and green varieties. These don’t actually indicate the color of the powder or the leaves, but of the veins that course through the underside of the leaves.

These color veins indicate the maturity of the leaves, with red being the most mature, green being slightly less mature, and the white vein being the youngest and least mature of all. According to experts, reds provide relaxation, whites stimulation, and greens somewhere in between.

Across all of the varieties of Bentuangie, the reds prove to be the most popular. That’s because Bentuangie itself induces a more relaxed response. So the red vein option typically helps to highlight the strain’s natural effect.


Benefits and Effects of Bentuangie Kratom

We all know by now that kratom produces slightly different effects for every person. That’s because no two batches of kratom are ever the same since farmers and cultivators can’t really standardize their strains.

Changes in the weather, soil conditions, and water quality will inevitably affect alkaloid content, leading to minor changes in the end product. It’s also important to consider the differences between individual users, their tolerance, and their body chemistry.

image of bentuangie kratom

So what does all of that amount to? Simply that what one person experiences with Bentuangie might not exactly mirror your own response to the strain. However despite the inevitable differences, there are also some more commonly reported effects that are associated with Bentuangie, and these include:

  • Discomfort relief – Diehard fans of the Bentuangie variety often mention discomfort relief as its number one benefit. The strain delivers profound effects against physical aches and tension. For that reason, Bentuangie has earned a solid following among users with chronic issues requiring relief.
  • Relaxation and calm – If you’re feeling on edge, then Bentuangie might help. The variety provides its users with fast-acting relief that relieves cognitive stress and apprehension. While it might not be a dreamy, drowsy type of comfort, it’s definitely sufficient for clarifying a tired, tense mind.
  • Controlled mood – Most strain uplift and elevate the mood, making its user feel more chatty and extroverted than usual. But the Bentuangie’s effects impose a different experience.

The controlled mood shift that comes with a dose of Bentuangie might have you feeling perfectly balanced. Neither elevated nor numb, the Bentuangie mood change can be described as professional and collected, perfect for everyday use.

  • General sense of well-being  – All together, Bentuangie’s effects work to help its user feel ‘well’. By erasing stress and discomfort, and normalizing its users’ mood, this variety stands tall as an ideal choice for daily kratom use thanks to its subdued yet profound benefits that cover all the bases.


Dosage for Bentuangie

Regardless of how much or how often you use kratom, it’s important that you take caution when dosing a new strain. Experts recommend a trial dose to allow your body to adjust to the change and to give you some time to assess how your system might respond to the variety.

image of dosages for bentuangie kratom

A starting dose of 1g to 2g opens up the opportunity for you to determine your body’s reaction to Bentuangie. This also gives you the chance to get a feel for the quality of the product you’re using.

If you feel that everything’s fine with your trial dose, then you can start gradually increasing your intake for your succeeding doses. An incremental increase of 1g to 2g for each new dose should be the safest way to reach your therapeutic threshold.

Experts recommend sticking to your lowest dose and rotating strains to avoid increasing your tolerance. But if you want a slightly more sedative response, the occasional higher dose might help you doze off into a dreamless, peaceful sleep.


Similar Strains

Changes in growing conditions and processing can have a significant impact on mitragynine levels. That’s why there are so many different varieties of kratom — simply growing the plant in a different region can change its profile entirely.

However, when it comes right down to it, all of these choices come from the same Mitragyna speciosa plant. So there are some overlaps in terms of effects. That said if you enjoy Bentuangie and want to try something that’s different but similar, here are some choices worth exploring:

Bali Kratom

image of bali kratom

If there were ever such a thing as the perfect kratom strain for relaxation, Bali kratom might just take the crown. Many kratom users hail this particular variety as the OG of all calming, soothing kratom varieties.

Bali’s effects blanket both mind and body. The powerful strain often gets tagged as the ideal nighttime strain because of its easy, effortless calm that lays the foundation for a perfect night’s sleep.

Borneo Kratom

Another leader in the discomfort relief department, Borneo may be slightly more like Bentuangie if you’re looking for something to soothe away a tired, aching back. The variety’s fast-acting chemistry almost instantly resolves discomfort and keeps you feeling flexible and fine throughout the day.

The main difference between Bentuangie and Borneo however is that the latter is slightly more upbeat and energetic. So if Bentuangie’s moderate mood boost might not be enough for your satisfaction, Borneo might be right on the money.

Maeng Da

image of maeng da kratom

We can’t really talk about Bentuangie without comparing it to Maeng Da. The name itself means ‘pimp grade’, which identifies the strain as one of the most powerful (and thus among the most popular) varieties on the market. This particular choice comes with all of the effects you would expect from kratom — just at a higher potency.

In terms of discomfort relief, you really can’t beat Maeng Da. Of course, the trade-off is that aside from delivering a high dose of comfort and management for aches and tension, it also serves a strong punch of energy, elation, and motivation.