Posted on May 17, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Batak Kratom Review – Starlight Kratom

The rare Batak strain makes occasional appearances on kratom vendors’ shelves, but rarely ever sits as a fixture. The enigmatic variety comes in short supply. But the limited import of Batak kratom and the mounting curiosity that customers have for its effects fuels its popularity.

Elevating, uplifting, and energizing, Batak kratom restructures your mood and clears your headspace for enhanced positivity. And because the strain works well against unpleasant, gloomy, grouchy moods, the variety has often been recognized as a solid solution against introverted negativity.


What is Batak Kratom?

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Kratom farmers name their strains based on location. While Batak doesn’t necessarily point to a specific place in Indonesia, it does refer to a specific group of people. The Suku Batak or simply Batak group is an ethnic group that’s found in North Sumatra.

The Batak variety, therefore, grows in a specific area in this region. Cultivated by local kratom farmers, the Batak strain comes in limited supply. That’s mainly because kratom farms in the area aren’t as wide and expansive as those in other places in Indonesia.

For that reason, you’re not likely to find too many vendors that offer Batak kratom on their shelves as a fixture. Instead, Batak kratom’s availability fluctuates throughout the year, with just a handful of vendors able to offer Batak to their eager buyers.

Similar to any other kratom variety, Batak comes in a number of color veins. This indicates the maturity of the leaves when they were plucked and harvested. The younger the leaves, the more energetic the effects. As they near maturity, the kratom leaves provide a more relaxed, calming experience.

White veins under the leaves indicate immature leaves. Green veins are the marker of young however slightly more mature leaves, while red veins are a tell-tale sign of leaves that have reached maturity. Some farmers extend that further by waiting for the veins to change from red to yellow.

Generally, all of the different Batak kratom colors get equal attention on the market. But if you were hoping to try something that truly brings out the variety’s natural properties, going for the white or green vein options might help you enjoy the fullness of the herb.


Benefits of Batak Kratom

Kratom effects change fr person to person. The simple explanation for that is that everyone has a unique tolerance and body chemistry that ultimately impacts the way kratom’s alkaloids are processed by their system.

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Then, of course, there are differences in dosage, product quality, and alkaloid content. So when you factor in all of the variables, the odds of two people having exactly the same experience become pretty slim.

On the other hand, discussions about Batak often report specific effects that users most commonly feel after a dose. And while it stands that your experience might be different, the odds of developing these specific benefits might be slightly higher.

  • Increased energy

    Batak is an energizing strain, first and foremost. This powerful variety delivers a profound sense of vigor and zeal that seems to resonate from the chest. The energy increase also influences physical performance, allowing its user to double the effort for labor-intensive tasks.

  • Mood boost

    ‘Good mood’ is an understatement. Batak’s effects draw out your inner extrovert and inspire its user to feel upbeat, energetic, sociable, and positive. For some, Batak’s mood enhancement might feel a little overwhelming, so keeping an eye on your dose is vital.

  • Discomfort relief

    Muscular aches and tension are no match for the benefits of Batak. This variety banishes physical discomfort to help you feel generally well and carefree. Some users claim to use Batak even against chronic aches, with the strain delivering fast-acting relief.

  • Productivity and motivation

    If you’re caught in a rut and work is starting to pile up, then you can take a dose of Batak. The variety’s overall effects can make it easier to muster up the motivation to get things done. In some cases, the variety can also boost creative performance.


Dosage of Batak Kratom

Batak kratom has frequently been described as powerful and forceful. So although its effects might improve your disposition and mood, overdoing it could result in overwhelming effects that might be beyond your comfort zone.

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In any case, it’s important to make sure that you use just the right amount of kratom, especially if you’re trying a strain for the first time. That’s why it’s ideal that you start off with a trial dose to see how your body might respond to the strain you’re hoping to use.

Most experts agree that a trial dose should amount to no more than 2g. Once you take the dose, it’s encouraged that you get a feel of the product you’re using. Most of the time, this small starting dose should be more than enough to tell you about the quality of your kratom and the effects you can expect from the strain.

Gradually increase your succeeding doses by increments of 1g to 2g until you attain your therapeutic threshold. This is essentially the point by which you feel the effects of the kratom without developing any side effects.

To keep your tolerance low, experts recommend sticking to your threshold and rotating strains. You can also take breaks from kratom use every few weeks to keep your system from getting used to the constant intake.


Similar Strains

It’s not that easy to find Batak in stores. The ultra-rare variety comes in short supply, and not all vendors are capable of offering the strain to their customers. Fortunately, there are a few similar alternatives you can try in its place.

Given, that these choices don’t offer the exact same experience. But even then, the effects come pretty close to the Batak profile.

Maeng Da Kratom

image of maeng da kratom

Also called the OG standard kratom strain, Maeng Da kratom is a hard-hitting variety with a whirlwind of effects that lean towards the energetic side. The strain awakens the whole system and lends the user a powerful vigor that vibrates from within to elevate productivity and motivation.

Compared to Batak however, Maeng Da kratom’s effects are slightly more profound. That’s because the variety combines properties from various types of kratom, thus earning it star status as one of the strongest picks around.

Dragon Kratom

Although it might be just as rare as Batak, a dose of Dragon might provide you with a similar experience. Just like Batak kratom, this strain is energetic and uplifting, placing its user in a calm, cool, and collected state of mind coupled with smiles and giggles.

What’s unique about Dragon however is that the variety works wonders to clear the mind. In fact, many users who enjoy the strain claim that its clarifying benefits are its strongest suit.

Horned Kratom

image of horn kratom

Another elevating, energetic variety, Horned kratom isn’t specific to a type or strain of kratom. Instead, this particular pick comes from kratom leaves that develop jagged edges called horns, which allegedly indicates a more potent, more profound chemical profile.

In a lot of ways, Horned kratom does demonstrate slightly more increased energetic effects versus a lot of other choices. What makes it different from Batak however is that its cognitive effects aren’t quite as sharp or clear.