Posted on June 9, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

White Borneo vs Red Maeng Da

Interested in exploring the wide and wonderful world of kratom? There’s really no better way to do it than by testing out the two extremes of the kratom spectrum. Whites and reds produce immensely different experiences, allowing users to fully appreciate the encompassing benefits of the miracle herb.

If you’re looking to really see how these effects can vary so widely, it pays to try white Borneo and Red Maeng Da. The perfect representations of the color veins they stand for, these two options showcase just how different the kratom experience can be depending on the strain and vein you choose.


What is Borneo Kratom?

image of white borneo kratom

The island of Borneo is a massive landmass, in fact, the biggest of all the islands of the Malay archipelago. Across the world, Borneo gets recognition as the third largest island on the face of the earth.

So, it comes as no surprise that the titanic territory is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. One of the plants you’re likely to find growing without restraints all over the island would be kratom.

On the Indonesian front of Borneo Island, farmers are free to cultivate and harvest kratom to bring to western countries awaiting their Borneo kratom supply.

Borneo kratom, in particular, gets patronage for its stable, controlled, and balanced effects. However, its white variety showcases distinctly electrifying benefits that make it the perfect choice for people hoping to make the most of every minute at work or at the gym.


Effects of White Borneo Kratom

White Borneo works faster than most other strains. The powerful variety effectively soothes tired muscles and unravels a stronger, fitter, happier version of you that’s ready to take on the day’s challenges.

image of white borneo kratom effects

Generally, white Borneo would be recommended for users with slightly more experience.

But even then, beginners can enjoy its effects by measuring the proper dose. Remember though that even with most users reporting similar experiences, it’s still possible for you to encounter unique benefits and effects after a dose of white Borneo.

  • Improved physical performance – Most of those who enjoy white Borneo kratom claim that the variety may help improve physical performance. The strain’s effects on the body increase strength and vitality. For you, that means improved results at the gym or better endurance at work.
  • Energy lift – Aside from making you feel subjectively stronger, white Borneo also helps to uplift your energy levels. The strain’s effects increase vigor and extend your grit so you can keep going for longer. Without direction, the added energy boost might feel a little jittery.
  • Mood boost – We all know how a sour disposition can get in the way of work and relationships. That’s why white Borneo makes a suitable solution against angst and distress. Working to uplift your mood, the strain imbues the body with a sense of gladness that shines through to the outside.
  • Discomfort relief – It’s not common among whites, so the discomfort relief properties of white Borneo are quite noteworthy. Aside from improving your physical output and capacity, the strain also helps to relieve physical distress in whatever form so you can max out your potential.


What is Red Maeng Da?

image of red maeng da kratom

Perhaps the most popular strain on the market, Maeng Da proudly parades as the standard-bearer for all kratom strains.

The variety came to existence after Southeast Asian kratom farmers sought to produce the one strain to rule them all. They did this by grafting together various landraces, resulting in Maeng Da.

Literally translated, Maeng Da means ‘pimp grade’, which essentially describes the quality of its effects. This OG kratom variety holds a special place on the store shelves of kratom vendors who often place the cultivar in a category of its own.

Like any other strain, Maeng Da comes in a range of color veins. Red Maeng Da in particular provides soothing, calming, and relaxing benefits that incorporate MD’s signature outcomes into the mix.


Effects of Red Maeng Da

The tranquilizing effects of red Maeng Da work to calm and relax the body in ways that are unique to the strain. Unlike other reds, red Maeng Da tosses in a few distinct benefits that make it uniquely ‘Maeng Da’. So, expect dreamy, comforting effects that soothe both mind and body.

image of red maeng da effects

As a reminder, it’s worth mentioning that you might not get the exact same experience as described here. Nonetheless, it’s more likely that you’ll encounter these benefits as they’re more usually reported by users who have tried red Maeng Da.

  • Dreamy mental state – Red Maeng Da, unlike other reds, imposes blissful dreamy wellness as it penetrates the mind. The soothing effect can be described as soft, fuzzy, and colorful, conjuring up memories and fresh new ideas into the foreground of your consciousness.
  • Mood enhancement – As the strain pierces through the stress and drudgery of everyday life, red Maeng Da forces its user into a pleasant, dreamy mental state. This inevitably affects mood, making you feel easy, slow, and happy for the duration of its effects.
  • Discomfort relief – Just like any other red, red Maeng Da’s effects on discomfort prove to be some of the most effective. The strain’s red vein properties shine through as it soothes the body of aches and tension that could take away from your relaxation.
  • Sleep support – Tired but just can’t fall asleep? Red Maeng Da might help. This strain effectively calms both mind and body to induce a sleepy stupor. Users can enjoy a peaceful, calm, and dreamless sleep that extends for hours for a truly refreshed and well-rested experience.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering the chemistry of a kratom strain. All of the different variables that contribute to the plant’s growth ultimately change from location to location.

Had there been a way for farmers to make sure that every single kratom plant would get the exact same sun exposure and water quality, then perhaps it would be easier to standardize kratom’s effects.

But with so many different variables changing across the kratom farming landscape, it’s impossible to produce all of the same alkaloid profiles. Plus, we also have to consider how color veins play a role in kratom’s effects.

Younger kratom which is essentially a white vein showcases stimulating effects. But as the leaves age, the profiles change and become much more soothing. And that’s exactly the case with mature red vein leaves, as you might have seen in this comparison.

If you’re looking for a balance of stimulation and relaxation, you can always mix strains or you could go for green vein varieties that bring together the best of both worlds.

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