Posted on July 1, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Samarinda Kratom Review

Indo, Borneo, Thai, Vietnam, Maeng Da — we’ve heard them all before. And although we all love them as the reliable go-to’s we can always turn to, they can get pretty boring. That’s why names like Samarinda kratom can capture the interest of kratom users looking to explore their horizons.

Incredibly rare and hard-to-find, Samarinda kratom charges at your system with effects that awaken, electrify, and galvanize. The effects are so strong in fact, that the strain has often been compared to queen mother Maeng Da herself.


What is Samardina Kratom?

At close to 750,000 square kilometers in size, Borneo Island’s expanse provides ample room for kratom to thrive. Thus it comes as no surprise that numerous strains call the Island home — and not just its namesake variety, Borneo kratom.


The Samarinda Forest of East Kalimantan, on the Island of Borneo, grows a distinct variety of kratom. Samarinda itself is the capital city of East Kalimantan, which means much of the area is occupied by infrastructure and bustling city landscapes.

Although shrouded in the embrace of the warm, wet forest, Samarinda kratom doesn’t have quite as much room and fresh air as other common kratom names like Bali or Indo.

For that reason, growing the unique variety proves a challenge for those who farm and cultivate it. Limited land area in the Samarinda forest also means that cultivators work with small areas of land that make it a hurdle to producing enough Samarinda to supply the entire US market’s demand.

Nevertheless, the strain has earned the attention of avid kratom consumers interested in particularly potent products. The variety delivers vigorous, fast-acting, long-lasting effects which are best described as the opposite of a nighttime strain.


Benefits and Effects of Samarinda Kratom

Before we get right into it, it’s important to point out that not everyone gets the same experience out of kratom. Everyone has a unique tolerance and body chemistry that changes the way their bodies respond to the alkaloids in a specific strain.

Moreover, kratom products fluctuate in quality, which also indicates changes in their alkaloid profiles. So the experience that one person gets out of their Samarinda stock might be different from what you get out of your own.

image of samarinda kratom benefits and effects

With that out of the way, it’s equally vital to mention that despite all of the fluctuations, Samarinda shines through with some stable effects. Users report these benefits more frequently and are thus more likely to come about after a Samarinda dose versus the many others.

  • Energy boost – Likeable to Maeng Da, Samarinda delivers quite a powerful energy boost that doesn’t only keep you awake all day, but also helps improve productivity. The directional force begs for an outlet, so make sure you have something to do lest the effect morphs into jitters.
  • Improved physical performance – Many of those who have tried Samarinda claim that it works well as a pre-workout support strain. The variety elevates your physical capabilities, letting you take on challenging workout routines without breaking a sweat.
  • Cognitive stimulation – Users hoping to get their creative juices flowing would do well with a dose of Samarinda. Colorful, fresh, and dynamic ideas effortlessly come front and center as your mind conjures up thoughts from the recesses of your brain.
  • Mood lift – Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Samarinda lifts its user out of the mucky drudgery of everyday life and elevates them into a sense of well-being and purpose. The lively, upbeat mood works great even when you’re all alone, but truly shines through in the company of friends and peers.


Dosage for Samarinda Kratom

Samarina has often been compared to Maeng Da. And because MD usually gets recognition as a strain for more experienced users, individuals with limited exposure to high potency kratom strains might do well to practice some caution.

image of samarinda kratom dosages

When dosing Samarinda, see to it that you start off with a trial dose. An amount of 1g to 2g should be more than enough to acclimate your body to the new strain and to give you an idea of your system’s response to the strain.

Most of the time, the trial dose passes without event, allowing users to gradually increase their intake with succeeding doses. As you elevate your dose, add 1g to 2g of Samarinda until you reach your therapeutic threshold.

This is essentially the amount of kratom your body needs in order to feel the effects of the strain without developing any side effects. As you reach this ideal amount, make sure you stick to it and avoid increasing future doses.

Including Samarinda in a rotation of strains and incorporating a few off-days from kratom usage should help you keep your tolerance low.


Similar Strains

Samarinda definitely offers a unique, worthy experience that any self-proclaimed kratom enthusiast should try at least once. But if your trusted vendor still doesn’t have any Samarinda in stock, then these potential alternatives might help you get a similar experience while you wait.

Maeng Da Kratom

image of maeng da kratomRecognized as the queen of all kratom strains, Maeng Da didn’t actually exist in the wild. The brainchild of a couple of creative, experimentative kratom farmers, Maeng Da came as the result of a grafting project that involved every landrace in the book.

Today, Maeng Da stands as the ultimate energy-giver, allowing users to charge through dreary, monotonous mountains of work and responsibilities with a spring in their step and grin from cheek to cheek.

Hulu Kapuas Kratom

Bubbly and awakening, Hulu Kapuas takes the shape of yet another daytime variety. Grown close to the life-giving flow of the Kapuas River, Hulu kratom enjoys exposure to uniquely mineral-rich soil that allows intense alkaloid expression to shine through its leaves.

After a dose, Hulu may make you feel upbeat, sociable, and generally well. Although it might lack the physical performance enhancement that Samarinda delivers, it pretty much ticks all the boxes in the other areas.

Elephant Kratom

image of elephant kratom

This one isn’t a particular strain. Instead, it pertains to the size of the leaves used for the specific product. Essentially, elephant kratom takes only the largest leaves on the tree — and they have to meet specific size requirements to be qualified as large enough.

The idea behind elephant kratom is that larger leaves possess more potent chemistry. When leaves grow to a certain size, they achieve a level of alkaloid expression that makes them more energetic, potent, and lasting — similar to the effects of Samarinda.