Posted on July 4, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Riau Kratom Review

Not a lot of vendors have the capacity to offer Riau kratom, and for understandable reasons. This particularly elusive strain grows native to the Riau province of Indonesia and proves to be fairly difficult to supply to the United States.

All of that said, it’s easy to see why Riau kratom information remains scarce. Nonetheless, users who have had the privilege of using this rarity attest to its balanced effects that work wonders to sustain productivity and relieve a tired, sour mood.


What is Riau Kratom?

image of riau kratom

The Riau province of Indonesia consists of over 1,700 islands that litter the spaces between Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, and Borneo. This area boasts a wealth of natural resources, including rich mineral and aquatic resources that remain untouched after centuries on the Indonesian map.

Due to the geographical qualities of the Riau province, infrastructural progression has been slow. Thus a lot of the natural forests and waters that fall within the province’s jurisdiction thrive under the care of Mother Nature’s watch.

Needless to say, the dense forests and hot, humid climates in the area provide the perfect conditions for wild kratom to grow. Throughout the islands, locals have unrestricted access to naturally occurring kratom that’s native to the islands’ rich soil.

Unfortunately, the same geographical properties that have preserved the province’s natural state also prove to be an issue for logistics. While kratom growth remains lush and wild in the province of Riau, its separate islands and the stretches of open water in between them make it difficult to export kratom out of the area.

For this reason, very few shipments come from Riau, explaining the variety’s limited supply throughout the US market. Nonetheless, some suppliers manage to deliver small amounts of Riau to the States, which in turn has made it possible for kratom users to familiarize themselves with the strain’s distinct effects.


Benefits and Effects of Riau Kratom

To be clear, no one ever really gets the same experience out of a kratom dose, even if they’re using the same strain. Different factors come into play to steer the kratom experience. Things like your own tolerance and body chemistry, as well as the quality of the product and its alkaloid content, can alter the effects.

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The result? A different experience for every user. Nonetheless, several effects typically get reported more frequently in association with specific strains. In the case of Riau, these particular benefits get the most mentions:

  • Mood lift – Riau’s effects on mood might not be as prominent or profound as those of other kratom strains. Instead of hitting you hard with uplifting effects that encourage chatter and socialization, Riau’s mood lift is more like a gentle buzz that tickles the system into a happy yet silent state of being.
  • Full body buzz – You know kratom’s good when it sends a gentle electrical current coursing throughout your body. Riau resonates from the center and vibrates through to the limbs and extremities to achieve a relaxing whole-body tingle that’s sure to get you feeling calm.
  • Mental clarity – While other strains provide a certain sharpness and acuity, Riau’s mental clarity takes on a more relaxed tone. The variety can definitely work well to clear your mind of any stress but still keeps you in a calm, slow headspace that’s perfect for kicking back and taking things easy.
  • Discomfort relief – The kratom plant remains relevant in Southeast Asia for its effects on physical aches and discomfort. Long used against the usual muscular tiredness and tension locals would experience after a day of hard labor, Riau’s benefits against discomfort help to seal the relaxation.


Dosage of Riau Kratom

Kratom dosage isn’t set in stone. There’s no magic formula that you can use to measure out the proper amount for your specific needs. And that’s because kratom’s properties change and fluctuate depending on its alkaloid profile. So a batch of Riau you buy today might not be the same as a batch you buy a month from now.

As a general rule, any kratom user trying a new strain for the first time is advised to stick to what’s called a starting dose. That means taking just 1g to 2g as a trial to see how your body responds to the Riau strain. This also gives you an opportunity to gauge the quality and to see if your body has any potentially unpleasant reactions.


For users who pass through that initial dosage without a hitch, experts advise increasing succeeding doses until you gradually meet your therapeutic threshold. That is — the specific point where the Riau strain elicits the benefits and effects that you want, and at the right potency.

Increase your doses in increments of 1g to 2g at a time and work your way up to your threshold. As much as possible, you’re going to want to stick to as low a dose as possible to prevent increasing your tolerance. You may also want to try rotating different strains for the same reasons.

According to experts, taking slightly more than your threshold dose may elicit a more subduing, sedating response. And while you might be able to enjoy a more profound, numbing experience with a slightly higher dose, it’s not recommended that you do it all the time.


Similar Strains

Riau is rare, and that’s no secret. If you like how Riau looks on paper but you just can’t seem to find any in stock, you can try an alternative strain. These choices might not be exactly like Riau’s. But with striking similarities to the evasive Riau variety, these picks make viable substitutes until you find a Riau vendor.

Papua Kratom

Across the whole kratom landscape, Papua comes closest to the Riau kratom experience. Both strains provide relaxation, calm, and clarity that places the body in a state of blissful wellness that extends for hours.

The main difference is that Papua’s effects tend to feel a little deeper. In that way, Papua may teeter over to the side of drowsiness, making it more of a sleep support strain, versus Riau which tends to be more for stress relief.

Bali Kratom

image of bali kratom

You can’t really talk about relaxing strains without bringing up Bali kratom. Considered the OG of all relaxation kratom varieties, this particular choice soothes both mind and body for a problem-free respite.

The distinction? Well, Bali’s effects on the mind tend to keep the experience wakeful and even alert to some extent. So as the cognitive clarity creeps in, the strain also encourages some mental exercise which may be slightly more active than the Riau experience.

Indo Kratom

Since they both come from the country of Indonesia, it comes as no surprise that Riau and Indo bear a few striking similarities. Both calming, soothing, and relaxing, Indo and Riau both offer moderate discomfort relief that eases away aches and tension.

With Indo however, the experience may be slightly more energetic and sociable. Unlike Riau which doesn’t necessarily come with a socialization boost, Indo may have you feeling a little more extroverted than you usually are.