Posted on June 10, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Thai vs Red Borneo

Looking for the perfect red to add to your kratom strain rotation? It might be one of these two. Red Thai and red Borneo have both established themselves as relevant options on the red kratom scene, and for good reasons. These two strains possess unique qualities that add a distinct twist to the red experience.

Although both strains attempt to soothe and relax their users, they do so through completely different means. So, depending on the kind of experience you’re looking to achieve, it’s important that you fully understand what each individual strain brings to the table.


What is Thai Kratom?

image of red thai kratom

As you might glean from its name, Thai kratom comes from the country of Thailand. For a while, however, Thai kratom supplies came from parts of Indonesia because of strict laws that prohibited the use, sale, possession, and cultivation of kratom within Thailand’s borders.

But just in 2021, Thailand decided to lift its ban, allowing farmers to continue cultivating their beloved landrace on native soil. So today, Thai kratom has made a comeback, piquing the interest of kratom consumers in the US because of the promise of a more authentic Thai kratom experience.

Versus other kratom strains, Thai’s effects tend to occur mainly in the mind. The cognitively stimulating strain restructures thought processes and content for a calm, easy disposition that’s slow and trouble-free. The red variety tosses in a few other relaxing benefits into the mix but maintains its focus on mental state.


Effects of Red Thai Kratom

Before you go ahead and fix your expectations — a word of advice. Users can experience variations in effects even when using the exact same kratom strain. The reason for that is that there are loads of variables that come into play to determine the effects of a specific batch.

image of red thai kratom effects

That basically means that the accounts of red Thai kratom users you read online might be more or less different than your own. Nonetheless, just to give you a rough idea of what you might expect, here are some effects that they report most commonly after a dose of red Thai:

  • Cognitive fuzz – Thai in general tends to clear the mind and inspire stronger mental powers and a higher level of acuity. However, the red variety does quite the opposite. Instead, the red Thai strain enshrouds the mind in a fuzzy cloud that masks stress and thought processes for max mental relaxation.
  • Creative cognition – With your head up in the clouds, red Thai encourages creative thought content to flow freely from the recesses of your mind. The colorful cognitive state might bring creative new ideas to the foreground, allowing you to lightly toy with fresh concepts as they come to view.
  • Discomfort relief – If you take a red that doesn’t relieve physical discomfort, is it actually a red? Red Thai kratom provides a profoundly powerful escape from the discomforts of everyday life. Whether it’s an aching back or a tired frame, red Thai extinguishes all forms of physical tension and stress.
  • Mood lift – Mild and almost unnoticeable, the mood lift that comes with a red Thai dose could pass you by if you’re not paying attention. The smiley, happy effect just douses out negative feelings to give rise to a jolly disposition that’s untroubled and carefree.


What is Borneo Kratom?

image of red borneo kratom

Considered the third largest island mass across the entire globe, Borneo Island is home to rich biodiversity that makes it the perfect breeding ground for kratom. The island itself is home to more than a handful of kratom varieties, with the Borneo kratom landrace being the most popular.

Grown on the Indonesian side of Borneo Island, Borneo kratom is inherently calm, controlled, and collected. The variety’s balanced effects have earned it significant popularity among users hoping to achieve the perfect equilibrium necessary to power through a day’s worth of responsibilities.

What’s especially noteworthy about the red Borneo strain is that it maintains much of this calm collected clarity. The only difference however is that it also helps to relax and soothe the body on top of clearing out the mind.


Effects of Red Borneo

Just like red Thai — and any other kratom strain for that matter — red Borneo’s effects change from person to person. These benefits depend on an assortment of variables that are out of anyone’s control. So, it helps to manage your expectations before you take a dose.

image of red borneo kratom effects

Most people who enjoy red Borneo however tend to describe similar experiences. To give you a basic understanding of what the strain might be able to do for you, here are the effects they most commonly mention:

  • Stress relief – Whether you’re battling with real-life problems or if you’re feeling apprehensive about possible issues in the future, red Borneo can help calm the mind and relieve cognitive stress. This elevates your mind beyond your current perspective and may help you overcome the stress even after the dose is done.
  • Discomfort relief – Again, it’s basically part of red kratom territory to clear out discomfort. The strain’s effects on physical tension, aches, and soreness are about as potent as that of red Thai. Both options are equally fast-acting, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy a discomfort-free disposition.
  • Balanced mood – Neither elevated nor low, the mood changes that come with a dose of red Borneo are best described as balanced. Users report feeling controlled and cool, and usually claim feeling more empowered to control strong emotions.
  • Mental clarity – It’s Borneo’s signature to lend its user a strong sense of mental clarity that’s beyond the usual experience. The strain’s effects elevate thought processes and help users see beyond what’s in front of them. The clear headspace also works well to improve problem-solving skills.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

Naturally cultivated kratom will always present differences. That’s because there are too many factors that are outside of the control of farmers and cultivators. Sun exposure, water quality, soil composition, and farming techniques all contribute to the final alkaloid expression.

And because many of these factors occur relative to the environment in which kratom grows, we have what’s called kratom strains. Simply put, kratom that grows on the island of Borneo will be exposed to different variables versus kratom that grows in Thailand.

The age of the leaves at harvest also plays an equally important role in how the kratom will impact the user’s system. Younger leaves tend to be more stimulating. But as they reach maturity, they produce more soothing, relaxing benefits, which we see with most red vein varieties.

image of different kratom strains