Posted on June 21, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Thai vs Red Bali

There’s a reason why red kratom is so popular. Soothing, calming, and subduing, this range of kratom products provides users exactly what they need — an escape from the troubles and drudgery of everyday life.

Throughout the red kratom landscape, numerous strains have stood out as the cream of the crop. And while hot debates continue to explore which one truly tops the category, red Thai and red Bali are neck and neck at securing the coveted red kratom crown.


What is Thai Kratom?

image of red thai kratom

Obviously, Thai kratom originally comes from Thailand. For a while, however, Thailand banned the cultivation, use, sale, and export of kratom products, which forced farmers to take Thai kratom plants and cultivate them elsewhere.

However, the Thai kratom strain is making a big comeback. With the government easing up on kratom restrictions, farmers are now free to take their slice of the kratom industry cake. As of 2021, Thailand has legalized kratom. So, US buyers can expect incoming shipments to represent Thai’s true chemistry.

Inherently, Thai kratom’s effects focus on cognition. The strain’s head-centric effects improve motivation, disposition, and demeanor. The red variety in particular can calm the mind and introduce its user to a higher level of mental acuity and cognitive clarity.


Effects of Red Thai Kratom

The blissful cognitive effects that come with a dose of Thai kratom can feel spiritual to some extent. As the user is lifted out of the grasp of lower propensities, they unlock congenial feelings, higher cognitive sensitivity, and overall, elevated mental capacity and performance.

image of red thai kratom effects

Just for the record, however, the effects of red Thai aren’t consistent across the board. That’s simply because alkaloid expression is never the same, and people can have varied responses to kratom compounds. More or less, however, you might expect some of these benefits to come into full bloom after a red Thai dose:

  • Cognitive clarity and elevation – Most kratom strains stop at just clearing out the user’s mental bandwidth, but red Thai takes it further. Aside from the cognitive clarity, the strain elevates the mind to a spiritual state perception. The sensitive mental state enhances how you process incoming thoughts.
  • Discomfort relief – Aching muscles and tired bones don’t stand a chance against the profound, deep-reaching effects of red Thai. The strain powerfully relieves discomfort in all of its forms so you can kick back and truly relax after a long, dismal day.
  • Creative stimulation – Thai kratom in general tends to improve motivation and productivity. But the red variety, being that it places the body in a pseudo-tranquilized state, stimulates just the mind. As you lay in perfect stillness, red Thai inspires the mind for unprecedented creative activity.
  • Mood boost – Feeling blue? Red Thai probably won’t bring out the social butterfly from within. But its impressive chemistry can nurse your tired spirits and make you feel mildly upbeat and smiley — ideal for a night of relaxation and calm.


What is Bali Kratom?

image of red bali kratom

Off the southern coast of the Indonesian mainland lies the tiny isle of Bali. This minuscule landmass is home to a thriving tourist trade, but also proudly takes shape as one of the hotspots for kratom cultivation.

The island’s rich soil and humid climate provide the ideal conditions for kratom to grow. And because speciosa stretches across the island without restrictions, farmers and cultivators are free to harvest wild Bali kratom that’s true to its original chemistry.

Red Bali in general gets the most mentions as one of the ultimate reds on the market. Calming, soothing, and sedating, the strain’s effects lean more towards the physical benefits of kratom versus red Thai’s head-centric profile.


Effects of Red Bali Kratom

Again, it’s important to mention that you probably won’t get the exact same experience as what other kratom users indicate on the web. But that doesn’t mean your red Bali encounter will be entirely unique.

There are a few effects that you’re almost guaranteed to develop. So, to help you prepare yourself for the red Bali experience, here’s what you can expect:

  • Sleep support – Sleep can be elusive, no matter how tired you might feel. So, for people struggling to doze off in the evening (or any other time of day for that matter), red Bali can be a major help. The strain slows the body down, weighing heavily on the eyelids and instilling profound sleepiness.
  • Full body relaxation – As red Bali’s alkaloids rush through your bloodstream, the strain numbs out the extremities and slows down your body. As a result, users feel the need to take a load off and just relax, eliminating any sort of desire to move around.

image of red bali kratom effects

  • Discomfort relief – It wouldn’t really be red Bali without any benefits against discomfort. Whether you’re coming from a long day of manual labor or calling it quits after an intense session at the gym, red Bali’s discomfort relief benefits have you covered.
  • Mood lift – Here’s where you might find some similarities between red Thai and red Bali. Both strains uplift its user from a possibly downbeat disposition. Again, you’re not going to feel inspired to attend any parties. But the red Bali mood lift can be more than enough to keep you feeling carefree.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

Variations in sun exposure, watering consistency, soil quality, cultivation techniques, humidity levels, and more can produce changes in speciosa’s alkaloid expression. That’s why kratom strains exist — because no two places ever have exactly the same conditions.

More than that, however, it’s also worth considering the maturity of the leaves when they’re harvested, dried, and processed. The youngest leaves manifest white veins underneath. These white-veined kratom varieties are the most stimulating of all.

As the leaves reach peak maturity, right before they fall off of the stems, the veins turn red. Called red vein kratom, these varieties are more subduing, calming, and relaxing.


Then, in the middle, when the leaves are neither young nor fully mature, they take on a greenish tinge. As you might expect, green vein leaves to balance out both ends of the effects spectrum, combining some stimulating effects with some subduing benefits.