Posted on July 20, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Red Borneo vs Red Sumatra

Anyone hoping to escape the stress and monotony of everyday life would do themselves a favor by tossing and washing some red kratom. Beloved for its effects that combat distress, discomfort, and restlessness, red kratom strains make sure you get exactly the kind of comfort you’re looking for.

The extensive variety of red vein kratom strains can make it tough to choose just a single option to add to your rotation. So, in this guide, we’re hoping to direct your feet by comparing two reds that battle it out neck and neck. Here’s everything you need to know about the differences (and similarities) between red Borneo vs red Sumatra.


What is Red Borneo Kratom?

image of red borneo kratom

What’s nice about the name game on the kratom scene is that farmers and vendors usually make it as easy as possible. In the case of red Borneo, you can already kind of glean where it comes from based on the name itself. The island of Borneo is the largest in the Malay archipelago and is the third largest in the world.

This massive land mass is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna which thrive on its rich earth and untouched landscapes. One of its prolific inhabitants is kratom which grows wildly and freely throughout the island’s forests.

Red vein Borneo in particular has earned significant popularity in the US market. The variety tout’s impressive alkaloid expression imbues the user with relaxing, soothing, and calming effects that mainly take a hold of the mind.

Effects of Red Borneo Kratom

With benefits that envelope the mind in the blissful embrace of calm clarity, red Borneo finds its place as the go-to for people who just want to silence their mental state. The variety soothes and relaxes the deepest recesses of your cognition, and brings forth new clarity and creativity.

For the record though, this might not perfectly describe the experience you’ll get out of a red Borneo kratom dose. The thing about kratom is that it’s never consistent between users, simply because there are way too many variables in the mix. But if you manage to buy quality speciosa, here are some things you can expect:

  • Mood balancing – The perfect mood equilibrium is contained within the leaves of red Borneo kratom. Instead of teetering you into an extreme mood disposition, the variety balances everything out. This allows you to enjoy total control over your emotions and objective perception of stimulation.
  • Cognitive clarity – Part of the red Borneo package is its earnest, overpowering clarity. As the variety restructures your disposition and mood, it lifts away distractions, confusion, and mental clutter that could get in the way of a truly clear and lucid mental state.
  • Discomfort relief – What’s a red kratom without any discomfort relief? In true red vein fashion, red Borneo lifts away physical distress in whatever shape or form you might have it. It works away muscle tension, stress, and soreness, and makes users feel lighter and freer for its duration.

image of discomfort relief effect of red borneo

  • Stress relief – Feeling under pressure? That’s not something red Borneo can’t fix. As the strain’s chemistry courses through your system, it silences stress and apprehension, opening the doors to a zoomed-out perspective of your troubles so you can see them for what they really are — which is probably nothing.


What is Red Sumatra Kratom?

Another island on the Malay archipelago, Sumatra Island comes only second to Borneo in terms of size. This gargantuan landmass also proudly shelters rich biodiversity that works together to create the perfect homeostasis for kratom growth.

On the island, speciosa grows freely with little intervention from farmers. So, any Sumatra kratom that makes its way to your local vendor likely boasts naturally developed plant chemistry. But despite its alluring properties, Sumatra remains heavily undersupplied since logistics on the island can be tough.

Nevertheless, red Sumatra kratom that has managed to find its way to US store shelves has captivated the hearts and minds of red vein loyalists. Slow, easy, and effortless, this variety works wonders to instill a lasting sense of calm.

image of red sumatra kratomEffects of Red Sumatra Kratom

Unlike red Borneo kratom which still tends to be slightly on the active side (especially when it comes to cognition), red vein Sumatra is true to red vein form. The variety imposes a calm, collected, and drowsy disposition that makes users feel relaxed and carefree.

Keep in mind though that like any other strain, red Sumatra’s effects aren’t fixed. So, it’s still possible for users to experience a sundry of other benefits that might not be listed here. It all depends on your own tolerance and body chemistry, and the quality of the red Sumatra kratom you’re using.

  • Dreamy mood boost – As red Sumatra’s alkaloids course through your system, the strain induces a dreamy mood that can have you feeling giggly and happy. The effects may increase involuntary cognitive activity, conjuring up colorful images and pleasant memories that can keep you entertained for hours.
  • Discomfort relief – Of course, red Sumatra doesn’t lag behind other reds in the discomfort relief department. As a nighttime strain, this pick delivers a dose of full body relief that eliminates stress, tension, soreness, aches, and other forms of physical discomfort that could get in the way of relaxation.
  • Sleep support – With both your mind and body embraced in the arms of calm and tranquility, it’s only expected that you’ll soon feel sleepy. And that’s exactly what red Sumatra kratom does. The variety induces a sleepy stupor that’s impossible to resist. Make sure your schedule is free before taking a dose.
  • Lasting calm – Even after waking up from your dreamless sleep, red Sumatra trails off with a gentle calm and relaxation that doesn’t leave the body immediately. The blissful serenity sticks around for a long time, so you can get the most of the calming experience.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

Some people assert that kratom strains are nothing more than a marketing ploy. But there’s a perfectly logical science behind the concept. Remember that kratom relies on a number of factors to thrive and grow — just like any other plant. Sunlight, water, and soil quality all play a role in the alkaloids that develop within the leaves.

Changes in these variables ultimately change alkaloid expression. And because conditions on Borneo island are different from those on Sumatra island, it’s easy to see how these two islands might birth completely different strains.

We also have to consider how human intervention plays a role in the effects of the product. For instance, when farmers harvest kratom soon after the leaves sprout, they produce white vein kratom which is energetic and lively.

As they wait for the leaves to mature, they either produce green vein kratom (a balanced blend of effects), or red vein kratom which offers more soothing, relaxing benefits as detailed in this product comparison.

image of different kratom strains