Posted on June 27, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Java Kratom Review

Culturally diverse and rich with natural resources, Java, Indonesia takes the place of a political and economic CenterPoint throughout the entire country. Considered one of the most densely populated areas across the world, Java maintains more than half of its land area as untouched rainforests.

These pockets of natural growth thrive under the country’s hot, humid weather. And in such conditions — as we all know — kratom grows without limitations. Java kratom, rare as it might be, has been found to possess calm, collected, and balanced effects that make it an ideal everyday strain to help you push through stress.


What is Java Kratom?

image of java kratom

Like most other kratom strains, Java kratom gets its name from where it grows. This variety is cultivated by local Indonesian farmers in the unspoiled forests of Java Island. With their farms located great distances from commercial centers, Java kratom grows without the influence of contamination and man-generated pollution.

Instead, this particular variety grows in mineral-rich soil that covers the forest floor. Conditions in the Java rainforests are heavily influenced by the volcanic presence, and elements that emanate from the active Mount Semeru imbue the soil with nutrients and natural compounds that fatten the island’s vegetation.

Throughout the island are various tributaries and waterways that course through the untouched jungles. This water provides moisture and humidity that optimizes the conditions in which the Java kratom variety grows.

Just like other kratom strains, Java kratom comes in various color veins. Depending on the maturity of the leaves at harvest, the color of the veins underneath the leaves may change. This explains the white (immature leaves), green (young leaves), and red (mature leaves) strain color varieties.

While all of these colors bring something unique to the table, most customers seem to enjoy white Java kratom the most. That’s because Java’s balanced effects plus white vein’s properties that provide energy and clarity blend together to create perfect homeostasis.


Benefits and Effects of Java Kratom

When considering the effects of a kratom strain, it’s imperative to keep in mind that not everyone responds the same way. Differences in body chemistry and tolerance play a role in how your body experiences a strain.

Add in the variations in dosages, kratom quality, and alkaloid content, and it’s not hard to see why your experience might be entirely different from someone else’s. On a side note, however, there are certain effects that are more commonly mentioned during Java kratom discussions.

image of benefits and effects of java kratom

And while there’s no guarantee that you’ll get to experience all of them, it’s more likely that you’ll feel a cocktail of these more common benefits:

  • Full body relaxation – Throughout Southeast Asia, kratom is celebrated for its beneficial effects against stress. This particular variety works well to relax the body and relieve tension and discomfort. Taking a dose of Java after a long, laborious, physically taxing day may help to ease the aches.
  • Cognitive relief – Lots on your mind? Java might help with that. The variety clears out cognitive stress on top of physical discomfort. As the strain’s chemistry courses through your system, it wipes away cognitive distress for a clearer, problem-free headspace.
  • Energy boost – Unlike other strains that tend to increase energy levels beyond comfort and practicality, Java kratom lends its user a controlled energy boost that’s easy to manage. The vigor and extra strength also trickle into physical performance to support demanding tasks.
  • Mood enhancement – A dose of Java might just lift you out of that little rut you’ve been wallowing in. This variety offers with its benefits a controlled mood lift that can make you feel upbeat and energetic. Sure, it won’t bring out your inner extrovert, but it should help you feel a little less glum.


Dosage of Java Kratom

When taking a kratom dosage, it’s important that you consider your body’s own needs. Too much kratom could cause the development of side effects. Too little on the other hand, might not produce any results at all.

Most of the time, negative experiences with kratom can all be traced back to poor dosing. So before you run to the web to write a scathing review about a product you just tried, ask yourself — did I take the right amount?

image of kratom powder and capsules

As a general rule, experts recommend that kratom users take a trial dose of between 1g to 2g. Although this small amount might not be enough to let you feel the real effects of the strain, it gives you an opportunity to detect any potentially unpleasant reactions your body might have to the strain.

Once your trial dose is over with and you’re still up for the challenge, then you can go ahead and increase your next doses by up to 2g. Keep making incremental increases until you reach your therapeutic threshold.

To avoid developing a tolerance, it’s recommended that you avoid exceeding your threshold dose. You can also try rotating two or three strains, and taking breaks every few weeks.


Similar Strains

It’s not all that easy to find quality Java kratom through your favorite vendor. So if it just doesn’t happen to be in stock, or if you want to try something new that isn’t too different from Java, here are some alternatives you can try:

Borneo Kratom

image of borneo kratom

The ever-balanced Borneo kratom teeters ever so slightly to the calming end of the effects spectrum. Nonetheless, it does bring with it some energy and mood-boosting effects that resemble those of Java kratom.

The biggest difference however would have to be the discomfort-relieving benefits of Borneo. This strain offers more profound relief versus aches and muscle tension. So it’s a better choice for those who want to soothe their body after a long, physically demanding day.

Malay Kratom

Slightly more upbeat and energetic than Java, Malay kratom offers a similar blend of effects. The energizer relieves stress and enhances mood to help you feel a little less down in the dumps, and slightly more willing to socialize.

Compared to Java, however, Malay kratom also encourages creativity and productivity. So aside from clearing your mind of stress, the variety might also encourage your creative juices to get your projects going.

Medan Kratom

Almost an exact replica of the Java kratoms train, Medan helps improve energy, cognitive disposition, and mood with its balanced chemistry. People who use Medan enjoy its benefits during high-stress moments, or when they just feel a little less productive and friendly than they usually are.

It’s tough to tell apart the effects of Medan and Java especially when you buy both from a reputable source. But as some users have expressed, Medan tends to be slightly more laid back and relaxed versus the Java kratom strain.