Posted on June 17, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Green Borneo vs Green Malay

It’s not hard to find stock of green Borneo or green Malay through your favorite kratom vendors. These prolific strains hardly ever run out, and that’s not because nobody buys them. On the contrary, these strains are so highly sought after that vendors need to make sure they’re constantly on hand.

Considered staples throughout various kratom user stash across the nation, green Borneo and green Malay both provide the perfect balance of stimulation and relaxation. But while there may be similarities between the two, they can provide remarkably distinct experiences for their users.


What is Green Borneo Kratom?

image of green borneo kratom

As the third-largest island across the entire globe, Borneo provides a vast expanse of lush, untouched rainforest for kratom to thrive. The massive land is divided between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. But because of legal restrictions, any kratom that comes from the island is grown under its Indonesian jurisdiction.

Borneo kratom itself has earned major props for its profound effects. Ideal for discomfort relief, Borneo finds a place in the stashes of the majority of kratom users nationwide, thanks to its practical use that makes it something of an everyday necessity.

Green Borneo is a particularly balanced choice that combines stimulation with relaxation for a controlled experience. Its focused effects veer closer to motivation and stress relief, giving the variety reasonable use in daily life.


Effects of Green Borneo Kratom

To set things straight, it’s important to mention first that kratom effects can vary depending on the person using the product. Things like body chemistry and tolerance can get in the way of a consistent experience.

image of white borneo kratom effects

On top of that, inherent variables like product quality, alkaloid profile, and dosing can also impact the experience. So, to put it simply, you can’t expect to get the exact same effects out of a green Borneo does than the reviews you’ve read online.

But even then, there are a few benefits that most commonly get mentioned during green Borneo discussions, and these include:

  • Discomfort relief – Considered green Borneo’s strongest suit, the variety offers major comfort against physical aches and tension. The strain works quickly to relieve bodily discomfort, which makes it particularly popular among users with chronic issues resulting in physical stress.
  • Cognitive stimulation – It’s not just clarity that comes with a dose of green Borneo. This stuff increases brain power and stirs up thought processes so you can get to work on tasks that require efficient mind performance and mental acrobatics.
  • Increased energy – As the strain relieves physical discomfort, it also enhances energy levels. The variety may help you feel more empowered and motivated. In some cases, the energy boost might also help improve physical performance, making the strain a worthy pre-workout choice.
  • Stress relief – It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re empowered with extra energy and brain power. Green Borneo easily and effortlessly wisps away stress so you feel upbeat and cheery throughout the day. Plus, the carefree disposition can last for hours to give you solid relief that lasts.


What is Green Malay?

image of green malay kratom

Despite the gorgeous, lush forests and humid weather embracing Malaysia, the country has no power to produce kratom products. That’s because, in 1952, the Malaysian government saw it fit to outlaw kratom entirely, so the Southeast Asian nation hasn’t had the chance to take its slice of the kratom cake in present times.

However, to preserve the Malaysian kratom landrace, farmers did well to take cuttings of the Malay kratom plant so they could grow it elsewhere. That said, any Malay kratom you buy these days likely grew in Indonesia where kratom cultivation, sale, and use remains legal.

Balancing effects from both ends of the spectrum, green Malay bears a few similarities with its green Borneo cousin. But of course, the variety offers several distinct effects that make it an entirely different experience.


Effects of Green Malay Kratom

Just like any other kratom strain, green Malay’s effects aren’t set in stone. But there are numerous accounts online that talk about the strain and the experience that users have had after using it. According to those anecdotal reports, these effects most commonly come with a dose of green Malay:

image of green malay kratom effects

  • Increased energy – Most green kratom strains provide a boost in energy to relieve drowsiness and bouts of laziness. With a dose of green Malay, the boost is much more pronounced and may be slightly overwhelming for the average kratom user, depending on the dose.
  • Enhanced mood – Green Malay kratom works wonders to coax introverts out of their shells. The profound effect can banish the most unpleasant of moods, making its user feel upbeat, calm, and outgoing for the duration of the variety’s effects.
  • Stress relief – Just like green Borneo, green Malay banishes even the most elaborate feelings of stress. Its effects work best on cognitive stress, allowing users to enjoy a clear headspace that’s free from the troubles and problems of their daily life.
  • Mental clarity – Green Malay’s effects on cognition make it the perfect pick for everyday use. The clarifying experience may stop at just a simple sense of pleasant emptiness. But some users claim that Malay’s effects reach over into creative territory and mental acuity.


What Causes Differences in Kratom Strains?

There’s no way to standardize the conditions in which kratom grows. Naturally cultivated kratom will always undergo shifts in sun exposure, humidity levels, watering schedules, and soil quality. And thus, there’s no way to produce the same alkaloid profile every time.

The reason why kratom strains differ from one another is because of the distinct conditions in which they grow. So, in essence, the variations in the properties of kratom come as the direct result of the distinct qualities of its growing environment and the cultivation techniques that go into farming it.

On top of that, there are color veins. As a kratom leaf matures, the veins underneath its surface change colors. White, immature leaves provide a more stimulating experience, while red vein leaves deliver soothing, relaxing benefits.

Between these two ends, green vein leaves (which are neither entirely young nor fully mature) offer a balance of effects, blending together relaxing properties with stimulating benefits for a controlled experience.