Posted on May 15, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds

Elephant Kratom Review – Starlight Kratom

Most kratom strains get their name from the region where they grow. But of course, that logic might raise a few questions in the case of the Elephant kratom variety. No, the stuff doesn’t grow on the backs of the tusked behemoths. Instead, this specific variety gets its name from its unique leaves.

Elusive and ever-changing, it’s always fun to see what effects a new batch of this strain might inspire. And so to borrow the quote — Elephant kratom is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get.


What is Elephant Kratom?

image of elephant kratom

Time and research have taught us that even the slightest differences in the cultivation and processing of kratom plants can have an impact on their effects. And that’s essentially the principal foundation of the concept behind the Elephant kratom strain.

The variety gets its name from the fact that it uses the largest leaves on the lot. Essentially, ‘Elephant’ pertains to the appearance of the kratom leaves used for the particular strain — big, floppy, and fully matured.

According to cultivators, harvesting just the biggest leaves allows for a higher alkaloid content, which might be true to some extent. But that also means that they pay no regard to where the specific elephantine leaves are harvested from.

Essentially, when you buy Elephant kratom, it could be Thai, Vietnam, Indo, or even of the Maeng Da variety. That’s because as long as it has the right-sized leaves, it all gets processed together to produce the Elephant strain.

For this reason, you’ll probably find that people all over the web describe widely varied experiences when using Elephant. While some kratom customers claim that the strain provides a more subdued range of effects, others assert that the variety offers lively, punchy, energetic benefits.


Benefits and Effects of Elephant Kratom

It’s important to remember with any kratom strain that the effects are rarely ever the same for each user. In fact, you could buy Elephant kratom from your go-to vendor and still get a different experience if you purchase different batches.

image of elephant kratom benefits and effects

Even with all the work that goes into the cultivation of these products, there’s no way that farmers can replicate the exact same alkaloid profile every time. So as a result, you get kratom that’s always at least slightly different than the last time you used it.

With Elephant kratom, that’s especially true. Since the variety is produced by harvesting leaves that meet specific size requirements, they could come from any place. So you might be surprised to find that Elephant could produce a different experience with each new batch.

Here are some effects that you might expect:

  • Increased energy levels

    Most stimulating kratom strains invigorate the body with a sense of energy and vitality. In most cases, elephants may produce the same response.

It’s larger, more mature leaves tend to have a higher alkaloid content that produces more hard-hitting effects. As a result, Elephant kratom gives a blast of zeal and vigor that transforms into a sense of motivation and productivity.

  • Mental acuity

    A commonly reported effect of Elephant kratom is that it helps its users feel more cognitively capable. The variety bolsters a person for mental acrobatics, allowing for better decision-making and problem-solving skills.

For this reason, many of those who enjoy elephants find it to be a great daytime choice. Ideal for work and school, this variety may help you improve your performance in the office.

  • Discomfort relief

    Back in Southeast Asia, kratom has long been leveraged for its effects that target physical discomfort. In folk medicine, locals would often incorporate kratom for its ability to soothe tired, aching muscles.

It’s so well recognized for these properties in fact, that locals would typically pluck off and chew raw leaves to ease away discomfort after a long day of fishing or tilling the fields. Elephant shines through with powerful discomfort-relieving properties.

  • Mood lifting

    As Elephant’s effects take over your system, you’ll feel that it brings with it an elevated mood. The stuff gets loads of patronage for its pleasant mood lift that can take you from feeling tired and unhappy, to just all together upbeat and giddy.

For most users, Elephant might bring out a bit of that chatterbox tendency, so it works great for social situations. The mood lift might also help you get away from stress and apprehension that could cloud your cognition and keep you from feeling 100%.


Dosage for Elephant Kratom

Getting the right dose is pivotal to maximizing the kratom experience. Too little and you might not feel any effects at all. Too much and you might find yourself with a whirlwind of unpleasant bodily reactions.

image of elephant kratom dosages

So as a general rule, you’re going to want to start with a trial dose. According to experts, this plays between 1g and 2g. If you’re a regular kratom user, you might not feel any effects with such a small dose. But this starting dose gives you the opportunity to see how your body takes to the new variety.

After the dose, consider how you feel. Are there any negative reactions that could magnify with a larger amount? Are you getting any allergic responses? If not, then you can proceed with a higher dose.

You’re going to want to increase the amount you take gradually. Adding 1g to 2g for every new dose can help you reach your therapeutic threshold at a controlled and safe pace.

If you want to experience Elephant’s more stimulating effects, you can go ahead and stick to your lower limit. But for those moments when you feel like you might want to wind down and doze off, taking a dose closer to your ceiling might get you what you’re looking for.


Similar Strains

Because it is so versatile, Elephant kratom combines a lot of the different effects that other strains have. So in a lot of ways, this variety bears some striking similarities to various other kratom strains you might find.

That said if you enjoy Elephant and want to try something a little different but still in the same sphere, here are some strains that resonate with the Elephant variety:

Maeng Da

image of maeng da kratom

Maeng Da is a Laotian term that literally translates to ‘pimp grade. It was called such because it combines the properties of different kratom varieties to produce a single, powerful strain. And because of its mixed ethnicity, Maeng Da behaves like its Elephant cousin.

The dynamic Maeng Da variety is upbeat, energetic, and sociable. This strain works wonders for daytime use and touts a pair of impressively long legs. The only difference is that, unlike Elephant, Maeng Da is generally consistently active and invigorating.

Hulu Kapuas

Another lively daytime strain, Hulu Kapuas, or simply Hulu, comes from the riverbanks of the famous Kapuas River on Borneo Island. The mineral-rich soil surrounding the river makes the perfect fertile conditions for the growth of kratom, which is what makes this particular variety so popular.

Hulu Kapuas is incredibly sociable and mood-enhancing. It also comes with effects that increase mental awareness and clarity, which may be slightly more clearheaded than the Elephant’s effects.

Borneo Kratom

image of borneo kratom

Borneo lends its users the same benefits of productivity, acuity, and mental alertness, however at a more relaxed resonance. The staff brings you to a higher level of motivation and productivity without making you feel too jittery, upbeat, or talkative.

While it works well as a daytime strain, Borneo doesn’t overwhelm the system with fast-paced zeal. So while it might work similarly to Elephant, the variety will still keep you calm, cool, and collected despite the surge in energy.