Posted on May 27, 2022 by Wesley Ronalds


Most kratom strains get their names from where they’re grown. And while the same might appear to be true with Brunei kratom, it’s actually not. The combination of two different varieties, Brunei kratom delivers energy, feelings of well-being, and sociability all rolled into one long-lasting blend.

Since it’s made up of two pretty rare strains, Brunei kratom itself is hard to come by. Nonetheless, the variety has seen some exposure on the shelves of more reputable kratom vendors, further enhancing its reputation as a must-try.


What is Brunei Kratom?

image of brunei kratom

Situated along the northern coast of Borneo Island, Brunei is an equatorial country with a remarkably small land area. And while it would make sense for Brunei kratom to come from this geographical location, the Brunei variety actually comes from blending two completely different strains.

Combining Sunda and Jongkong, Brunei kratom touts an energetic profile that has become increasingly popular among those looking for a controlled mood boost and profound physical relief. To be exact, Brunei kratom is about 80% Sunda and 20% Jongkong, but the ratios change depending on each vendor.

However because both Sunda and Jongkong are hard to come by, Brunei kratom isn’t something you’re likely to find on your usual vendor’s shelves. This elusive pick remains difficult to get a hold of, mainly because of the limited availability of the varieties that produce it.

Color veins for Brunei depend exclusively on the colors of the strains used in the blend. But according to those who have tried the stuff, green vein Brunei tends to shine through with the best, most balanced effects for energy.

Nonetheless, both the reds and whites receive their rightful praise, especially if the vendor understands the ideal ratios for both Sumatra and Jongkong to bring out the best of the Brunei blend.


Benefits and Effects of Brunei Kratom

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When discussing kratom benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that the experience is different for everyone. Fluctuations in alkaloid content can make for variations in the effects that a strain provides.

Then there are the differences in each user’s tolerance and body chemistry. Not everyone responds the same way to kratom, so one user’s experience might not reflect your own.

Nonetheless, people who have tried Brunei kratom in the past report certain effects and benefits more frequently. Thus, even if your experience might be unique to yourself, Brunei kratom may likely produce one or a combination of these commonly reported effects:

  • Increased energy levels – Always feeling sluggish and slow? Brunei kratom might be able to help. This particular variety has been known to produce increased energy levels that wipe away tiredness and a lack of motivation. Many of its users claim that the strain serves its purpose to increase productivity.
  • General sense of well-being – At the right dose, Brunei kratom can make you feel generally well and upbeat. The strain’s effects uplift its user to resolve any negative sensations and emotions, bringing forward a cheery disposition to make everyday life a little more pleasant.
  • Discomfort relief and management – Individuals with chronic discomfort and aches find Brunei kratom to be especially helpful. The variety doesn’t only provide profound relief, but also offers fast-acting and long-lasting relief that wipes away physical tension and muscular aches.
  • Mood lift – If you feel like your usual disposition just repels all the people around you, then a dose of Brunei might help. This variety takes away negative emotions and stress, uplifting your mood and even teetering you over the edge into a more extroverted yet calm and collected state.


Dosage of Brunei Kratom

The thing about kratom is that doses change from person to person. There’s no magic formula that you can use to calculate the right amount for your body weight. That’s because, with so many factors affecting the experience, the proper kratom dose relies exclusively on your own subjective measure.

image of brunei kratom dosages

Whether you’ve been using kratom for years or if you’re trying out a dose for the first time, it’s imperative that you begin with a trial dose. Allergic reactions and side effects do happen, and a trial dose just makes sure that your body doesn’t respond negatively to the specific strain you’re using.

This starting dose also gives you a feel of the product quality. Usually, users should be able to detect a poor quality product with just that first, small dose. And this in turn gives you the chance to plot out your next move in case you did manage to get your hands on bunk.

A trial dose typically shouldn’t exceed 2g. Once you complete the dose and its effects wane, you can start increasing your succeeding doses on your way to finding your therapeutic threshold. To do that safely, you’re going to want to move along with increments of 1g to 2g per dose.

A word to the wise though — once you reach your threshold, you’re going to want to keep it there as much as possible. Increasing your dose can cause you to develop a tolerance, which may in turn require larger and larger doses down the line.

Try rotating your strains and taking breaks every few weeks to keep your tolerance low. For a more energetic and stimulating experience, lower doses work best. But for those occasional situations where you feel like you might benefit from more sedative effects, you can try a slightly larger dose.


Similar Strains

Although it is true that strains vary in their effects, the truth stands — all of these varieties still come from the same plant. So there are bound to be overlaps in their effects.

That said, if you’re having trouble getting your hands on Brunei kratom, then it might be time you considered copping one of these alternative strains that elicit almost the same response:

Horned Kratom

image of horn kratom

The Horned kratom variety definitely sets itself apart not only by its effects but also by the mere appearance of its leaves. This strain comes from kratom leaves that grow to have jagged ‘horns’ along their edges and is thus said to be slightly more potent than others.

Similar to Brunei kratom, Horned kratom is upbeat, energetic, and sociable. The distinction though is that Horned kratom tends to cloud the mind to make its user feel giddy, careless, and free.

Thai Kratom

The buzzing effects of Thai kratom can have you moving and hustling like nobody’s business. This upbeat, energetic variety awakens its user and inspires a sense of well-being — just like its Brunei counterpart.


So what makes them different? Well, while Brunei might have you chatting up a storm, Thai takes the practical route to inspire a feeling of productivity. The strain’s energy boost is generally more motivating and may help with work and other tasks.

Indo Kratom

image of indo kratom

Maybe you enjoy Brunei’s extroverted, carefree effects, but also want something a little less energetic. Indo’s the right strain for you. This variety elicits all the good and blissful feelings that Brunei does, but minus the energetic boost.

Sure, Indo may provide slight upbeat energy especially if you choose the white or green vein varieties. But generally speaking, Indo tends to be more mellow and controlled versus Brunei’s upbeat, energetic vibe.