Posted on February 5, 2021 by Wesley Ronalds

American Kratom Association

Popularly known as the AKA, the American Kratom Association is a body established in 2014 with a view of upholding safe Kratom use in the United States. The ultimate goal of the AKA is to protect the consumer against threats from the government and corporations. In this light, the body lobbies against irrational policies and sub-standard manufacturing processes to preserve a pure community.

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This post seeks to briefly highlight the role of the American Kratom Association in the use of this popular substance.


The AKA came up with quality standards that are enforced as Good Manufacturing Practices. Kratom vendors are required to adhere to these rules.

The GMP Standards Program enhances the safety and credibility of all products that are distributed in the entire US region.

In the past, erratic manufacturing practices and poor standards allowed the entry of contaminated Kratom varieties into the market. This led to the perception of Kratom as a harmful product.

If the public is exposed to contaminated products, and these harmful substances occupy a large section of the industry, it only makes sense that a ban should be imposed.

The basic reason for this would be: there is no way to restrict quality, the only solution is to scrap the whole industry.

For the purpose of shielding consumers from the effects of contaminated products and ensuring that high-quality Kratom continues to be legal, the AKA decided to create this program.

To qualify under the GMP Standards program, manufacturers need to adhere to some regulations and guidelines, and then get a permit after an official audit.


There exists an element of worry among Kratom consumers that the Food and Drug Administration will one day direct the Drug Enforcement Administration to ban its use. The misconceptions that surround Kratom make it look like an extremely dangerous substance.

The AKA is keen on changing this narrative through its research studies, outreach and website. They work tirelessly to teach the public about every aspect of the substance.

Their main focus is availing research-backed findings of Kratom and their impact on the industry as a whole.

AKA operates on principles such as honesty, facts, and true information. When a society gets curious about a particular consumable product such as Kratom, the AKA takes up the role of nourishing that inquisitiveness in a safe way.

The association understands that it is important for the general public to gain access to and understand the facts about the substance. When such information is digested, people are able to make informed decisions about whether Kratom is good or bad for them.

For these and other reasons, the AKA won’t stop releasing informative tools to consumers, suppliers, government agencies, lawmakers, and vendors. They will also continue advocating that Kratom is a safe substance that should considered as legal.